The best QB’s to never win a Super Bowl are….

Dan Marino1-Dan Marino.

Marino threw for 61,361 yards, 420 touchdowns and was 147-93 (61%) as a starting quarterback for the Dolphins. He also was 8-10 in the playoffs, but he never had an elite defense or an elite running game. Marino was expected to carry the offense, he never had enough help or a well-rounded offense that most QB’s need to win a SB. In his second season, he made it to the Big Game but the loaded 49ers blew out Miami, 38-16.

Marino was a nine-time Pro Bowler, he was the NFL’s Rookie of the Year in 1983, he was the first QB to ever throw for 5,000 yards in a season (1984), set an NFL-record with 48 TD passes in 1984, 1984 Offensive player of the year, 1984 Most Valuable Player, two-time UPI AFC player of the year, and has 31 Dolphins team records.

2-Warren Moon.Warren moon

Moon took a different road to the NFL as he started his career in the Canadian Football League from 1978-1983 with the Edmonton Eskimos after going undrafted after playing two seasons at the University of Washington. He led Edmonton to five straight Grey Cup wins (CFL’s version of the SB) before he decided to go to the NFL.

He had a remarkable career, throwing for 49,325 yards and 291 TD’s. He was barely .500 as a starter (102-101), but he played on some truly bad teams with the Houston Oilers. They were a a combined 12-33 his first three seasons, but he went 90-68 his next 14 seasons. The turning point in his career came when Jerry Glanville was hired by the Oilers in 1986 and Glanville was able to utilize Moon’s strengths, mainly his strong arm.

Moon was a nine-time Pro Bowler, two-time UPI First Team All-AFC, AP Offensive player of the year in 1990 and AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year (1990).

Jim Kelly3-Jim Kelly.

Kelly is currently fighting for his life in his battle with sinus cancer, he recently left the hospital after undergoing his radiation treatment. Like Moon, he started his career by going a different route in the United States Football League with the Houston Gamblers before joining the Bills when the USFL folded.

On the field, Kelly led the hard-luck Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances from 1990-1993, but they never managed to win one. Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Andre Reed led a prolific offense under head coach Marv Levy and they never managed to win the biggest game. Kelly seemed to struggle in the biggest games, he had just two TD’s to seven interceptions in his four SB appearances and threw 21 TD’s to 28 INT’s in his 17 career postseason games.

Kelly threw for 35,467 yards and 237 TD’s during his 11-year career. He led Buffalo to a 101-59 record (63%) and 9-8 in the playoffs.

He was a five-time Pro Bowler, AP First-team All-Pro and is the only QB to ever lead his team to four straight SB’s.

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  1. Can’t argue too much with these choices.
    Should do a top five worst QBs to win SB… I got two candidates off the top of my head Joe Willie and Jim Plunkett
    And, here’s a good argument starter where do you put Bradshaw on that worst list?

  2. Are you talking career, or just that game?

    By the way, Pick a Redskin QB not name Joe in the Gibbs era. Dilfer and Brad Johnson would be up there.

    Hate on Badly all you want, but he deserved some of the credit.

  3. Admittedly, Bradshaw was no Plunkett but take away that fist full of rings and does he make the Hall?
    And, I agree, he deserves some of the credit, but, damn, if that Steel Curtain didn’t bail his butt out more times than I can remember, or, count.
    Hell, I remember watching games… he’d throw an interception… Curtain almost immediately force a fumble. He’d fumble… Curtain would get it back with an interception.
    Nice having a dominant, and arguably best ever, defense to watch your sorry behind, ain’t it?

  4. Just for chuckels… who is better Romo or the other Manning aka Eli?
    Eli has 2 SB rings & MVPs and Tony has nada. But who has the decidely better overall stats? Especially when talking about those INTs.
    It’s the rings that peeps remember.

  5. There’s no real argument here. I’d have to agree with the guys who’ve commented earlier. A blog about the worst QB’s to win a Super Bowl is more informative than the three obvious choices for QB’s to not win one.

  6. I dunno Joe, the numbers dont really back up him being awful. 3 ProBowls and an All-Pro

    He’s only got a 5.4 INT%
    Bob Griese has a 5.0%
    Namath had a 5.8%
    Y.A. Tittle had a 5.6%

    He also threw 7 TDs against 1 pick in 3 of the Super Bowl wins (vs the Rams he threw 3 picks vs 2 TDs) We give Montana a lot of love for 0 picks in 4 games, but Terry didn’t do too bad in the first 3 games himself

  7. to be honest Griese and Namath are not exactly great QBs

    Also, I thought we were considering entire careers and not just SBs.

    And, stats don’t always tell the story.

    I’m too lazy to check my memory against the game logs of Bradshaw’s SBs.

    Finally, I did previously say he was not total drek but he was not exactly Hall material either, except for being on teams that had a very good to excellent running game; some damn good receivers and one of the best defenses ever and I think that had more to do with the Steelers SBs than Terry.

    I will give Bradshaw… and Griese… credit for being damn good game managers.

    AND… RIP Chuck Noll.

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