Is California Chrome’s Owner Right?

ChromeThe Triple Crown is the be-all end-all for horse racing, there is NO defending your title, there is no rematches there is no anything after the Belmont. For the VAST majority of the people, the finish line for the Belmont might as well be over a cliff- since no one cares about these horses after they cross the line. Don’t believe me?

Quick, find me a two-time winner of the Derby. Find me the fastest 4 year old in the country. Find me ANY televised horse race after the Belmont. Exactly. Horse Racing for the majority of the population is down to 3 races, and after that we don’t care until next year.

This isn’t just horses either people, who won the curing championship this summer? Anyone seen the Vault on ESPN lately? Can you name me anyone outside of the NBA players who is going to be going to the 2016 Olympics?

So why all the lather about the Belmont? Because here is the life cycle of the Horse.Triple Crpwm

Step 1 Being Born

Step 2 Run

If you are good at Step 2, then you may be trained as a racing horse, or sold and then trained as a racing horse.

Step 3 Run some more.

Step 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 and try to win some races.

Step 5 Race the Majors- you have one year to do this.

Step 6. Depending on how you do- either you go into Stud meaning your bloodlines continue, or you don’t do that well, and well . . . lets not talk about that. Depending on your owner, you could end up like Boxer in Animal Farm- or like Boxer at the END OF ANIMAL FARM

Animal FarmSo why was the owner angry?

A Triple Crown can more than Triple a Horse’s Stud Fees. Winning two out of three is nice, but its like having a point that can’t play defense but does everything else great, so close, but no cigar. So with Racing being a money sport, and lets not forget that it IS. The loss in the Belmont cost him and his partners MILLIONS.

But does he have a point? Of Course. The Triple Crown is set up so only the BEST can win it. Having a long distance race at the end does make it the hardest race to win, and that is also by design- If a horse can win the Derby and the Belmont, than the Preakness is anti-climatic. Will it change anytime soon?

Nope. Keep in mind that California Chrome is the 12th Horse to win 2 but fail on the third in 36 years. Anyone care about the Belmont in those other 24 years?

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  1. I hated to see his owner backtrack and apologize. I honestly felt like he had a valid point.

    It would be equivalent to getting into a playoff and getting a second round bye while the favorite had to face a top contender in some physical type sport like the NFL.

    I think the field should be set for all three races as the beginning of the year. IF you run the Derby and wish to run the last leg of the triple crown then you must race in all three. IF you sit your horse out in the second leg, then you are disqualified from running the last and ruining another horse’s chance of winning the triple crown.

    But that won’t happen. And it will probably be another 36 years before we have another triple crown winner.

  2. He should apologize.. not for being wrong but for being a sore sport, rude and a cry baby.
    Now, does he have a case or a point? I didn’t think so until I heard Bob Costas, first, criticize him for the exact reasons I just did, and, then, say the guy had a valid point and proceed to logically and rationally explain why.

  3. Not sue who Secretariat ran against in the Belmont but sort makes what he did pretty impressive if there were some fresh legs in that race.

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