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joe1The Sunday NYDN was a wealth of articles that I found worth commenting upon….

1) First item: “A twice-convicted child molester got a beat-down after he tried to kidnap a young girl playing in a public park…”

A kid was playing with other children from her family when this puke by the name of Jesse Brisbin asked the her to take a walk with him.

She said… no.

He grabbed her arm and began to drag her away. Somehow… hopefully kicking and scratching and biting and screaming… the kid broke free from the would-be molester’s grasp and ran.

That’s not the end of the story however… I figure the kid runs towards her family and straight to her dad… in hysterics… dad isseattle park now hip to what went down and dad, dad’s buddies and some concerned strangers all give chase and run down Brisbin and proceed to give him a good old ass whomping. As the bastard probably lay on the ground, the dad then told the puke to call 911… on his own cell… and report his ass as a kidnapper and molester.

Cops came… busted the asshole. Charged him with kidnapping.

The sad part of this is that for whatever reason… he was free and out and about. I mean this is a twice convicted child abuser… In 1999, he was convicted of kidnapping, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment in New Jersey, and, in 2009, he was convicted in Washington of indecent exposure and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. I’m not sure what was being done to monitor his activity or if he was required to report to any authorities… or… even, if he was required to report to anyone for regular treatment or counseling… but, something tells me he sure as hell should have been required to do all three.

Generally, I subscribe to the principle that when a person does their time, plus any probationary time required, for whatever crime he… or she… has been found guilty, they should be given every chance to go out and live their life without any further constraints on how they accomplish that living. But, in the case of child molesters… or rapists… or any type of sexual atrocity and criminality… we are talking a much different animal. An animal that needs to be monitored on a regular basis because they are as trustworthy as a wounded and rabid wild dog. Which is… not very…

In addition, I also am not a big supporter of vigilante justice… most times no good comes of it. But this time, I think the peeps involved did the right thing and did it with uncommon commonsense… considering the circumstances. I mean they whomped on the lopwlife’s butt but had enough brains to stop the whomping before they did serious damage to the jerk’s body… like kill his ass.

Me? I don’t have children but knowing my emotions and how I can lose my temper I think if I were that dad… in his shoes… and… that were my daughter… I probably would have needed some folks to either drag my ass-kicking self off of the sumnbitch or the sumnbitch would be deceased.

But… after all was said and done and the crowd stopped whomping on the lowlife… the dad then applied the coup de grace… having the jerk rat himself out to the cops.

Hopefully, the three-time loser gets put into jail for a long time… permanently would not be long enough if ya’ll wanna know my druthers. And, if, he should ever be freed from incarceration, then, I would hope he will be restricted in the most severe manner possible. Simply, he should never be allowed to be near anywhere that children are usually found… likes schools, parks or playgrounds. And, that some means be provided where he will be monitored by an electronic source… such as an ankle/GPS device that lets authorities know wherever he is at all times.

That sounds like a real good idea right? That ankle bracelet thing?

Supposedly, he had one after his NJ relase from prison… in fact, he was even arrested once for trying to cut it off. But somehow he managed to get his carcass out to the Washington… the state on the left coast.

Then he gets arrested again.. same essential crimes… once again, when he is released, he is ordered to wear an ankle bracelet. But, somehow it didn’t work real well if he was out and about trying to molest another child.

now, let’s put this in very simple terms… and, frankly, horrible terms at that… he was convicted in New Jersey in 1999 of criminally sexual deviant behavior done upon a child or children… that was what he got caught doing. How about all the times he didn’t get caught? He was released from jail in January 2001.

Then, the next time he was convicted of the same or similar crimes is 8 years later… in Washignton. Now ya’ll think he was not

Ankle monitors not 100% successful
Ankle monitors not 100% successful

committing any other sex crimes between 2001 and 2009? I certainly don’t.

He gets released from his second jail stint in Janaury 2012.  And, ya’ll know something? I don’t think he wasn’t committing crimes between 2012 and this incident that just occurred either.

So, something needs to be done to make sure this sick sorry bastard is always being kept under close surveillance. But, what else can we do? Ankle bracelets don’t seem to hinder this guy.

In my opinion, the guy has forfeited his rights as a trusted member of our society.

And, we need to do something to ostracize these immoral bastards so that we all can pick them out at a moment’s glance…  maybe we force the SOB to wear a big red SP… for sexual predator,,, like Hawthrone’s Hester Prynne wore her scarlet A. And, have it connected to some kind of electronic surveillance gizmo that if he tries to take off his “emblem of putridness” that an  alarm goes off… sort of like an amber alert but to alert and tell police that a convicted child molester is on the run.

My “spidey sense” tingles with the thought that this is beginning to border on Big Brotherism but something needs to be done if peeps like this Brisbin guy are to be allowed to be recycled into our society.

2) Number two from Sunday… “A pair of British parents have been arrested for letting their 11-year-old son become too fat.”

The kid is presently pushing the scale at 210 pounds with a body mass index of 41.8… over 30 is considered obese.

He is 5 feet 1 inch tall. overweight child

So… someone considers that to be a crime and issued an order for his parents to be arrested on suspicion of neglect and child cruelty.

The parents? It’s all in the genes.

The dad says, “My son has always been big. Everyone on my side of the family is.” The mom says, “I’m chubby and the whole of my husband’s side of the family is big. Its genetics, you can be genetically fat.”  The two… mom and pop… say they feed their son healthy food and always encourage him to be active and exercise.

Now, of course, I don’t know all the where-all’s and with-all’s of the situation, what I do know is this: The parents were questioned under caution after doctors at the Queen Elizabeth hospital contacted police after treating the boy twice in March. The kid is also autistic attends a special school and his teachers first raised questions about his weight.

The parents were visited by social workers and they agreed to a letter of intent over the 11-year-old’s care which stipulated that If they fail to comply then legal proceedings could be started to take the child into state care.

And, police have confirmed that the couple are on bail and are in danger of losing custody of their son.

The truth is I actually believe parents, especially in the States, tend to take the easy way out and use fast food as a replacement for healthy meals at home… and… all too often parents plop their kids in front of the idiot box or video players and let them have easy access to whatever high sugared snacks and drinks they want instead of going out and having a catch, a walk in the park or hike in the local woods or at least something that requires some actual physical exertion. Of course, all rationalized as due to their hectic lifestyles and busy works schedules, which sorta has some validity but that’s another topic for another time.

Now, I ain’t so sure that’s the case in this situation… In fact, I’m not exactly clear on what the situation is… but, I gotta say that just because a kid is fat is not a reason to go around charging peeps with a crime of neglect. If it was, then, a lot of parents, especially in America, would be logging a lot of court time and facing jail time due to child endangerment crime.

Remember that line in “Jaws”… “I think we need a bigger boat”? If they start charging every parent with an obese child with crimes then we gonna need some way bigger prisons.

Just saying… a little rational thinking needs to be applied before just going off willy-nilly and charging folks with crimes.

Yeah, child obesity is a serious matter but there are ways we can deal with it outside of arresting parents and threatening to take their children and palcing them under the government’s care.

3) Then the third juicy item from Sunday is this one… “An oversexed Spanish bear could be castrated to allow other male bears the chance to have sex.”

WTF??? Someone gonna do what to which bear?

This big old bear is so damn horny he just needs to rut all the time… so much so that he steals all the lady bears for himself and simply does not share. Which is great for him but not so great for the other bears… and… which also means no other bears can produce any little bears that are from their lineage.

What that means is that this one bear is father, grandfather or great-grandfather for almost all of the brown bears roaming free in the region. And, he shows no sign of giving up doing the nasty or sharing.

Bears usually lose their sexual appetite at around the age of 19, but this bear is 26 and going strong… shades of Sauk Bellows. What???? Noble prize winner Bellows was supposedly 84 when he did the deed that resulted in a child. Bellows was also on wife number 5 when he did it… all his other marriages ended in divorce. But not #5. Why? He died.

Anyway, since this damn old bear is still going strong and if he continues hogging all the ladies then no other bears have a

Ya wanna do what????
Ya wanna do what????

chance of getting lucky and that is not the best situation for a strong gene pool that makes for a healthy bear population.

Hence… scientists are considering sterilizing him or moving his butt into some sanctuary… or the equivalent of living in an old bears home. There is one other alternative… putting the old dude down… snuffing him.

Ya think, maybe if they explained his options he might share a little of the pulchritude? It’s bad enough they be thinking on snipping him…  but… I mean, hell, just because he got his horns up these peeps are thinking on wasting him instead?

Nawwww….. that just ain’t right. Being a manly studly type is not grounds for being snuffed. Nor is getting your balls clipped. Can’t they just send him off to some sanctuary with two or three concubines? I mean really…

4) On Tuesday’s Tonight show Jonah Hill said he was sorry… again.

See, what this is about is that Hill lost his cool over the weekend when some paparazzo who was following him kept asking him stuff and harassing him with “name-calling”. He got pissed and finally said something in anger… he told the guy to “suck my dick” and then accentuated it with the word “faggot”.

Now to be clear here, he was not calling this paparazzo “a bundle of sticks”… look it up in your Funk and Wagnall’s… he was calling him what most peeps consider to be a homophobic name or phrase.

So, sorta quick as a bunny, he went on the Howard Stern radio show and announced that “What I said in that moment wasHill apologydisgusting.” And, then he did it again… on the Tonight Show. Now to be clear one more time… it certainly appears as if Hill is taking responsibility for his choice of words and even when given the chance by each venue’s host… Stern on the radio side and Jimmy Fallon on the tube side…. who both suggested that the paparazzi can be dumbasses who are relentless in their attack dog approach to get a news worthy sound bite or picture of the week,Hill said that was still no excuse for saying “words that were rooted in hate”. Hill according to some sources made it clear he was wrong and sorry. Period.

Hmmm… did he? Here’s what I got off the web and various news wire sources… he said that the pap guy had been following him and “antagonizing” him with name-calling all day and harassing him, insulting him and causing him to feel “genuinely hurt.”. And, “In response, I wanted to hurt him back, and I said the most hurtful word that I could think of at that moment. I didn’t mean this in the sense of the word; I didn’t mean that in a homophobic way… ” (dramatic and thoughtful pause here)… “I think that doesn’t matter. Words have weight and meaning, and the word I chose was grotesque. And no one deserves to say or hear words like that. My heart’s broken, and I genuinely am deeply sorry to anyone who’s been affected by that term in their life. I’m sorry, and I don’t deserve or expect your forgiveness.”

Ok… it almost meets my criteria for taking the weight when you do something dumbass or simply screw things up. But not totally… he still leaves himself some wriggle room. See, my criteria is this… “I’m sorry… I was wrong… I will never do it again.”

But even then… although he doesn’t meet my strict criteria… I kinda accept his words for what they are… a sincere apology.

BUTTTT… the first time I took him seriously… he sounds like he is being remorseful and seriously sincere in his “I’m sorry”.

I get it… stuff happens… I have said some stupid ass stuff that I really wish had not passed through my lips and I understand where this cats coming from… but… the more you keep on saying that “you’re sorry” the less the sorry means anything. You apologized once… its over… can the ashes and sack cloth and let’s move on, Jonah.

Besides, I’m not so sure what he said was so homophobic… has anyone even considered the fact that the words he used, kinda, sorta, was asking the guy to join him in a same-sex act? So, maybe Jonah swings a little to the other side himself… now, how homophobic would his words be if that were true?

Look it… what Hill said, in these politically correct times is considered offensive by most folks. Me? I don’t necessarily think they were. I have heard a lot worse and in so-called nicer language that was a lot more hurtful and hateful than what Jonah Hill said. I have heard some nasty-ass sexist, gay hating and bashing, racist, anti religious, anti-ethnic, calss-baiting stuff that I consider a lot more offensive than just suggesting some guy participate with another guy in a male-on-male sex act.

But the bottom line… if you truly think what you said was wrong and offensive… say you’re sorry, mean it, say it won’t happen again…say it once… then move the hell on.

5) Saw this the other day… “A promise is a promise, even if you make it when you’re 8 years old.”

Mike King… when he was a just a little tad… often heard his dad, Roger, say he really wanted to own a ’57 Chevy Bel Air… but, the reality was Dad was a working slub and never could afford one. So Mike said… he promised… that he’d buy his dad a ‘57 Chevy Bel Air on his 57th birthday.

The years went by…

He did. He brought the damn car and gave it to dad.

The video of the event… the Bel Air gifting to his dad was posted on You-Tube and Mike simply says… “Happy Birthday.” Mike and Roger King

Dad… dumbstruck… cries… they embrace…

In the video, which was posted earlier this week on YouTube, Mike hands dad the keys.  Roger pats the car… kisses the roof… says… “This is real.”

Then Roger says… between tears… “You can’t afford this “

Mike the master of understatement… says… “I worked a lot of overtime.”

'57 Chevy Bel AirWhat really makes my eyes even moister is that Mike says he bought the car in New Hampshire two years ago, and then hid it in his Louisville, Ky., garage until his dad’s 57th birthday.

Mike is one SOB who not only keeps his word… but is as close mouthed and trustworthy as any dude that has come down the pike in many a day.

All I got is this… Mike… you are the man.

For all those who got dads who probably sacrificed a lot more for you that ya’ll most likely even aware about… remember to say “thanks”. Ya’ll don’t gotta go buying them ’57 Chevies but a nice trip to a ball game or maybe the local pub for a beer and a game of pool… or just hanging out and saying “Hey, dad… have I told you ‘thanks.. and… I love you?’”

Might be really appreciated by good old pops.

6) I got a thought… maybe two… on this hubbub about this soldier who was got back to American soil by trading five so-called terrorist for his butt. A lot of peeps are saying the big to-do about the Bam Man getting this guy back was he is a deserter in the war time… i.e., a traitor. And, maybe we should have not given up so much for such a person.

For anyone who has been on a trip around the moon or hiding in a cave on some deserted island… Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,bergdahl-released- the only American soldier held captive in Afghanistan, was released by Taliban captors and five Gitmo Taliban prisoners were released by the US.

Bergdahl was taken prisoner after leaving his base in east Afghanistan on June 30, 2009. Why he left and whether he’ll face any consequences for his actions remains unclear.

Now about his guy being so-called deserter during wartime…

When exactly did the US ever declare was on Afghanistan?

I mean officially?

As far as I am aware… The U.S. Congress did not declare war on Afghanistan because we are not fighting a war against Afghanistan… they declared a “war on terror” and that is why we are in Afghanistan. We are fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
I mean even as far as our Iraqi involvement it was called “The Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq”… but it was never an official declaration of war… the use of US forces were all done under the use of “presidential powers”.

Go back and check it all out… Libya? Was a “Military engagement authorized by United Nations Security Council Resolutions” … the Korean War? Same thing.

And… Afghanistan is a “Military engagement authorized by Congress”… the same thing that Viet Nam was.

Now let’s be clear… a war is a war is a war and by any other name is still a war… but… if peeps wanna nitpick, then, so can I. War was never declared on Afghanistan… so… how did this guy desert from the US armed forces during war time?

Just saying… the guy might have been a deserter but it certainly was not during an officially declared war.

So… tell me… exactly how much different is what the Bammer did from what Bush did or anything that Reagan did?

I mean… (in my best Arlo Guthrie Alice’s Restaurant voice)… I mean… Between 2007 and 2009 George W. Bush released 520 detainees from Guantanamo… and got not one thing… nada… no one… in return.

And… one of the peeps set free? Abu Sufrain Qumu. Who he? Supposedly, one of the participants in the Benghazi Embassy debacle.

So back to this Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl trade. Do I agree with it?

Look it… we got the guy back… now let a military tribunal sort it out. If, he is found guilty of committing any military crimes then they can kick his ass all the way to Leavenworth, or, whatever military prison is used to place “soldiers” that are convicted of violating the rules of armed forces conduct.

As far as those five terrorists… ya really think they were… or… are the lynch pin of any Taliban actions? Not me.military in Iraq

Look at what be going on in Iraq right now. They… the Taliban… just took over Mosul. Mosul is on the doorstep of one of Iraq’s most prosperous regions… and… is a major export route for Iraqi oil and a gateway to Syria. Simply… this is not a minor occurrence in the situation of who controls Iraq going forward.

And, as far as I know never once did the Taliban get any input on how to do it from any of these five former captives.

Which brings me to another point… way back when, I said to a former co-worker… “What do you think is gonna happen the day we live Iraq? The day we turn out the lights and leave the keys to the Iraqis we trained to run the place? The co-worker rhetorically asked… “It goes back to the way it was before? Insurrection and tribal infighting?”

My answer then… and looking like it’s being proven now… “Yep.”

Again… just saying… seems like a lot of noise going on over something that’s being blown way out of proportion.

We got one of ours… and we can deal with him as needed. If that means he gets court-martialed… then so be it.

7) I make no bones about it… I support the Affordable Care Act… aka Obamacare. It’s got its problems but I think that anything that brings healthcare to hundreds of thousands of uninsured and underinsured folks is worth having. Fix the problems… don’t trash it and start all over. Because by starting over all we’ll do is return to the bad old days when insurance companies would too often say… “Hell, no we don’t cover that… hahhahahahaha.”

Having said that… here’s another reason why I like the health care law… AARP asks in their latest edition of their Mag… fittinglymedical_conflict_endangers_patients called the AARP Bulletin… “Does your doctor take money from drug or medical device companies to push their products?”

Well do they?

Don’t know do you? And, until now you didn’t have a way to get that salient piece of info.

Sunshine ActFull disclosure is acoming… How’s that? The Physician Payments Sunshine Act… part of the ACA… Bamcare… says all companies need to bare details of their financial relationships with doctors and teaching hospitals. And, that means you get to see who be getting what from whom… and… maybe it just might be your doctor or local hospital has an interest in treating you in a certain way, or prescribing certain meds for you to take, that all in all might not be totally necessary. And, who knows, could cause more harm than good.

The end result is that this info just gives ya’ll another tool by which an informed decision can be made on what you medically need or do not need. And, that is a good thing.

BTW… the first round of data comes out in September and will cover the last five months of 2013. Ya might just wanna take a peek if you be gonna need any medical procedures in the near future…


The punishment needs to fit he damn crime and it don’t matter who it is or how young they are. Yeah, there are always exceptions but damn it… these kids who do such grievous wrongful stuff just keep skating from real punishments.

In today’s NYDN (6/11)… “A disgruntled Ohio teen (Mitchell Simon) who doused his family’s home with gasoline and lit it on fire in a bid to kill his parents for disciplining him over inappropriate Facebook posts will serve nine years in prison, a Butler County judge ruled Tuesday.”

Why? This idiot… this selfish self-centered shit for brains idiot… tied his parents’ bedroom door shut, spilled gasoline in themichael-simon hallway and then touched a match to the entire kit and caboodle. He jumps from a second-floor window in an attempt to save his sorry rump… meantime, firefighters come and rescue the parents.

Simon, who first pleaded insanity before pleading guilty to attempted aggravated murder and aggravated arson last week said during his sentencing… “I want to say that I love them dearly and I’m sorry for getting myself in this spot.” Really? Mighty white of you, son.

The little twerp was 16 when he did his dastardly deed and is now 17… he avoided the maximum sentence of 33 years in prison. He’ll serve nine years, followed by five years of probation.

According to the NYDN article… “A therapist told the court the teen had made strides, and his parents, who do not believe he tried to kill them, wanted their son to stay out of prison.”

Really? They don’t believe he tried to kill them? Then, exactly what was he trying to do?

Excuse me?? Do you know the meaning of the word denial? Honestly?

And, in one short year, some therapist believes this kid… this obviously manipulative kid… has changed all much?

Not me brother and sisters. No way.

I say give him the entire 33 years… Allow for a review of the sentence… maybe… after ten years.. but give him the full max.

People need to be held accountable for the wrong that they do and I am so tired of this atmosphere of leniency that the courts and we as a society allow people when they do damn serious wrong.

Enough already… the time needs to fit the crime. Remember that TV show where the line went.. ‘Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!'”?

Well… it should be true… if you do the crime then you best understand there are repercussions and you will do serious time in prison. There is… or should be… no easy way out. No passing go… this is not a game… there shouldn’t be any get out of jail free cards… its life and its serious business.

It’s time everyone faces up to that fact.

9) Ya heard about Donald Sterling? The NBA banned owner of the LA Clippers and what he done did and how his wife, Shelly, had him declared essentially incompetent and got someone to pony up $2 billion buckaroos for the team? A team, this Sterling dude paid about $12.5 million for back about 30 years ago or so.

Well now he… Donald Sterling… is saying hell no, he won’t sell. And, has called the NBA a bunch of “despicable monsters”.

Shelly and Donald Sterling
Shelly and Donald Sterling

He also says he is “shocked” that his right of freedom of speech is being violated and he won’t kowtow to the NBA’s illegal dictates.

In his words… “The NBA continues to thrive and exact its reign of terror in large part from the money it receives from the fans. The NBA is a band of hypocrites and bullies. They will not stop until someone stands up. They have taken the liberty to desecrate my privacy rights and my right to own property.”

Sterling said he has apologized for his racist remarks caught on tape and that the NBA has its own history of “discriminatory practices”.

Ya know what.. I almost agree entirely with what he says… not all of it but most of it. From the get go, I questioned whether the NBA had the authority to strip him of his team and said I hoped he fought the NBA.

But, that was then and this is now.

I’m tired of the bull and I would just like the dumbass to take the money and run.

Please, just go away… take your cut of the 2 billion and just go. Please?


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  1. Good blog. As a kid that also tipped the scales at 200 pounds (I was 13, not 11 when I crossed that barrier), I don’t necessarily blame the parents or fast food. My folks barely let me touch the stuff. Sometimes it really is genes. The men in my family are some big dudes. The thing is they are also 6’0″ and over, while I only topped out at 5’7″. It would have been a damn shame if they tried to take me from my home, for something I really didn’t have too much control over.

    More points: leave that bear alone, because I wouldn’t get anywhere near that aggressive bear. He might try to mount the castrator. As far as Jonah Hill goes? I agree. Once was enough. We’ve all said something stupid, and damnit there is no need to keep apologizing for it. Once was more than enough. Because Jonah and I share the same birthdate (I’m 2 years to the day older than him), I’ve always liked the guy, and if I were advising him I’d have told him: just say sorry once and that ain’t enough tell the to fuck off.

    P.S.: Maria Sharapova is hot, and please no more dude photos. No need for equal opportunity in WTF!

  2. I knew.. well I was pretty sure… I would get that reaction for the dude photos… its a one and done thing, though. I did it for Lady Jane more than anything.

  3. While I appreciate the effort, Joe, putting Orlando Bloom in a three-piece suit would have been even sexier to me than those scantily clad females most men crave. The John Travolta movie “A Civil Action” had parts that were filmed in a town near where I live and my first thought after seeing a still shot in the local paper of that scene when he’s wearing a three-piece suit with an overcoat while walking near the pond that caught fire when some kids were playing with cherry bombs was, “Oh my God, what a handsome man. I bet he smells terrific.” Ever since then my knees go week for men in a three-piece suit. Not to say that any man in a three-piece suit would do the same, I mean, clean guy and a clean suit. Someone who had the misfortune to scrounge around in a dumpster outside a restaurant need not apply. But it’s the thought that counts, and I thank you.

    I think the invention of the home video game player has a lot to do with child obesity. South Park’s Cartman didn’t take much of an imagination to bring to life.

    You make so many good points you’re blogs are a joy to read.

  4. I tried… I typed in “Orlando Bloom, three piece suit.” Nothing came up… nothing that I thought resembled a decent three piece suit any way.

  5. Loved “A Civil Action” always thought Travolta had the chops to play movies where he never cracked a smile, but he just refuses too. He could have been another Michael Douglas, IMNHO

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