Game of Thrones: The Watchers on the Wall

Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?

1. Is having one episode just about one story a good move?Game of Thrones Mammoth

EJ: This is the second time we’ve had an episode focus on just one location. The first time was Blackwater, which was back in Season 2. When Stannis and his forces attacked Kings Landing, through Blackwater Bay, I was more captivated by that episode because of all the different main characters centered in one location. The Watchers on the Wall? Honestly, it bored me. It’s not that I didn’t care for Jon and Sam’s hero moments, and the episode itself was shot brilliantly but I never really cared too much for what went on at the Wall. It’s a big part of the show, granted, and it’ll likely be a large part of next season, but it was always more of a diversion for me than the main course.

David: If its a major turing point in the story. Blackwater was, then end of Stannis’ fight for the throne with his army. When Tyrion and Joffrey’s personalities came to head and we saw weakness in Cersei for almost the first time- its a MAJOR change in the series. This one? Not so much. Other than the dead people, nothing really MAJOR happened, and not much of a character change happened. I would have rather had a full episode dedicated to the Mountain vs the Viper.

2. The Wall Scythe. DiscussWall Scythe

EJ: The Wall Scythe was cool. Definitely something I didn’t see coming, and neither did the wildings who were on the wall the moment it was released.

David: How do you MISS THAT GIANT THING? How does something sit there for years, locking in the snow, then just work perfectly? It was kind of nice how the Night’s Watch actually did SOMETHING other than mope around.

3. Was Ygrette going to pop Jon?Ygritte

EJ: That was certainly her intention, wasn’t it? She made it clear to Tormund that she wanted to be the one to kill Jon.  Ygritte had that sense of being betrayed, and needing her revenge. So, when her and Jon met, he smiled, and she was stonefaced in her intent. Damn, shame the kid Olly had to kill her, but it’s not like either one was going to make it through the episode alive. Someone had to die, and you knew it was going to be Ygritte.

David: Yes. I know EJ is still crying over the fact, but Ygrette was going to kill Jon, only because there was no future there. Jon turing his back on her sealed her fate- since he refused to run away with her, she had to go back to her family. Jon was going to destroy her family.

4. Is Jon doing the right thing leaving the defenses of the wall?Jon Snow

EJ: Jon’s a smart guy and he knows Mance’s intent. That battle was only the first wave. No way, are the Night’s Watch going to keep withstanding that type of attack, so why not ride off and try to confront Mance? It’s a hero’s action, and if anything was picked up from The Watchers on The Wall, it’s that Jon has finally assumed the mantle of leadership. It’s what the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was preparing Jon for all along.

David: Well, the Wall stood the first battle, the big secret Scythe Suprize is gone, so there is a LOT of work to do, and the Wall needs a leader. I understand Jon leaving, but he needed to leave the Wall in better shape. Even if Mance leaves, there is still several thousand troops out there.

5. Did the show deliver?

EJ: I admit to being bored with The Watchers On The Wall, and I’ve seen some comments on different recaps, that those with my opinion of not really loving The Wall aspect of the show, didn’t really like last night’s episode but I do have to say the show did deliver. Sam has come into his own, Jon finally took that step into leadership, it made Ser Alliser and Janos Slynt human, albeit in different ways, and it was full of strong moments for the actors involved. It was a good episode, even though at times I was surfing the web on my tablet instead of paying full attention.

David: No. Not even close. The Wall is probably the least of the 4 major plotlines I care about right now, and this episode didn’t make me care that much more.

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