Frankenstein Series Wrap-up

FrankensteinSo how is the series?
To be honest with you, its more compact than most older movies are, there are not the giant leaps in logic that most series have and we do keep a tight leash on the mythos of the Creature, I do enjoy how they throw little things in there, like the Grandson fussing about how they call the Creature Frankenstein, and the wooden-armed Inspector putting the Darts in his arm, or even the lightning bolt hitting the electrodes on the side of the Creature, little touches like that are sprinkled in almost every movie, and almost every movie pushes along.

What I don’t like?

I’m still not understanding what I’m missing about Bride, to me its the worst of the series, and its not close- even though I will give it love for the cinematography. Its the only one I almost assuredly ever see again. my biggest complaint is the fact that we seem to get less and less Monster as we go. In House, we barely even see the Monster until we have hit the go-home button.

Oddly enough, the big star in this one is- Bela Lugosi- he absolutely steals the movies he’s in, and I can’t understand why they didn’t play up Ygor in more movies. Even in the original, my favorite is the original Dr Frankenstein, who is a scene stealer in his own right.

I don’t know If this is a series you ca binge watch, there is simply way too much going on, and way too much pays off in a big pile in the end. Its worth the trip, 4 out of 5 times.

Rank the MoviesFrank and Ygor
Son of Frankenstein
Ghost of Frankenstein
House of Frankenstein
Bride of Frankenstein
I can see myself watching this series again, and yes even the Bride. I’m still wondering exactly what it is that I’m missing. Much like 2001, I’m never going to figure it out, I guess.
The Best ones are the two commentary tracks, both are well done and both are better than most, with the speakers knowing the subject and not just some actor or director who showed up to watch the movie. Both men almost do an MST3K but in a positive manner- and they know the subject at hand.
We also get Boo! – Basically a REALLY bad attempt at comedy with bits from Nosferatu and Frankenstein in when MST3K and Editing go Wrong.

We have a blatant ad for Van Helsing- I guess wasn’t done in time for the Dracula Series.

Look Ma!  3 Frankensteins!
Look Ma!
3 Frankensteins!
There is a decent pair of documentaries one centering on the series at large, and the other just on the Bride- both are worth the watch, skip the Van Helsing one.
Finally, there is the movie trailers and the boilerplate pictures of the movies- there is one part thats pretty cool, with a list of movie posters, I would have liked for some commentary track on this one- maybe bring back the historian to talk about when and where the posters were made and maybe point out things the average person missed.
Thoughts on the Box Set? About 80% what I want. If you put out a series like this, it needs to be the BE ALL END ALL set for the series. Had they done all 5 movies like the first two, I’d be satisfied, not knowing what happened on Frankenstein meets the Wolfman really hurts the House of Frankenstein- we couldn’t get the guy from A&E to explain what happened? We also get no pre or post-movie notices. That hurts the experience as well. But like I said, 80% is far better than most “Legacy Collections” you see for some series.
And of course, we will always have this . . .Bride Of Frank 1

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