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BrandZ’s annual ranking of the top 100 most valuable global brands. So just for fun, stop reading, and think on the most popular Brands in the world. Now all these are American companies, so I do kind of question the survey a hair- I mean how many Chinese people are doing some of these? Lets face it, something like KFC might be a major thing here, but how many KFCs are there in China, India or the entire continent of Africa- Hey you know who makes the best Subway Clubs? Mongolia. You betcha. But Not my survey, so lets go. Grab you a pencil, write up your list and see how many of these you came up with and in the right order. Since this isn’t a slideshow site, I’ll do these in groups of 5, ok?
If you want to see how they made the list, click on the link above.

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  1. I really can’t imagine why IBM is on that list. Was it the merge with HP? Couldn’t be, that was ages ago. Got me stumped.

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