I love Stand-Up comedy. Part of the reason the 80s ruled more than any other time, was the fact that HBO needed a ton of content, and since there wasn’t Game of Thrones, they had three options.1) Make it (any who can name the first HBO Movie, I’ll give a cookie too)2) Rerun the same movies over and over again- and they did. Seeing the same movie on Friday Night as the “Premiere” then doing it 50 times the following weekend.Last Comic Standing

3) Cheap Stuff- and for HBO in the 80s, that meant putting 3 cameras in a comedy club, getting someone somewhat known to host it for scale- and let it go.

So yeah, I did get famous ones like Bill Cosby’s himself over and over again as well as Robin Williams Live at the Met and a whole BUNCH of Carlin, but pretty much everyone that got a TV deal in the 90s doing 5 minutes and hoping and praying it sticks. I’ve seen Jeff Foxworthy LONG before he even thought about rednecks. Again, the 80s win.

I loved the original series with Jay Mohr. I am a HUGE fan of Ralphie May and even though the wrong guy won (who?) pretty much the entire top 5, (save the winner) have gone on to actually show up on TV every now and again and on radio shows. Season 2 had some greats as well (Alonzo) and Season 3 was a cash grab that killed the series.

Since then we have had a few, with names like Gabriel Iglesias and Jim Norton and even though NBC is more than willing to kick them over to Comedy Central or even worse, I think we had to find out who won the last season on YouTube.

Basic plots of all the shows (other than Season 3).
Have an open mic night, pick the top 40, then drop to 20 then drop to 10, and then have live voting until the end.

Fairly simple? Yes. Hard to screw up? Yes. Did they screw it up? You bet.

How American Idol can make Karaoke a BILLION dollar industry and America’s got Talent can use voting to remake the Gong Show into an empire as well, but this show can’t figure out how to get America to care who’s funnier for 5 minutes is beyond me.

So here we go again.


So this one is going to be interesting.

Take the Top 100 comics (coming back to that) and put them in front of 3 judges, and narrow the field down to a certain amount, then let America decide.

Sounds simple right?


First off we have a new host; J B SMOOTH!!!

Yeah, I’m hating this guy already. 3 episodes in and I hate this guy. I almost miss Ryan Seacrest, and I don’t watch Idol unless I’m working on the site and the wife has nothing else to watch. He yells everything, and adds nothing to the show. At least Mohr would do some stand-up to warm the crowd up.

Next we get our three Judges.

Last Comic Standing JudgesLead by Rosanne.

Yeah, I’ve been watching her for dang near 30 years, and her shreiking laugh gets annoying, but this is like wanting to be a Guitar player and having Prince show up to give you a review. My biggest issue with her is she is vanilla as most judges. Imagine if Randy from American Idol took over Prince’s body to critique you. Ouch. She may be edited, though, since she’s become a banshee lately about EVERYTHING.

Next up is Keenan Ivory Wayans.
Ok, Much love to In Living Color, but lets face it, Damon Wayans is the Wayans we cared about, and without Jim Carrey, that show is only known to people who love J-Lo. Well, no, but the Joke is there. I can’t recall more than a handful of times ever seeing Wayans do standup, so I don’t know what he’s doing here. Of course If I was going to do a show- he’s a good one to have.

Finally is Russell Peters who was Number 3 last year in revenue. I do like the option of having a working comic out there. He might be the only one giving a bit more personality going forward. So far he knows his role as both he and Wayans give Rosie all the room she wants. (I’ve seen him- and is the best comic out there? Not even close to top 3. He’s good, but I’d be willing there will be comics here that can roll a half hour better than he can) was John Heffron busy?

So 3 episodes in, and I do have a few favorites, and a few gripes.
First off, why invite 100 comics, and only show some for a few seconds, there have been several that only got 1 or 2 jokes. I’d be TICKED if I was a working comic and only got 15 seconds of screen time when my entire family and freinds are around for my possible big break. How do we know if the 6-7 comics we saw are the best, or even close to it, if we only get one joke? I know on some seasons they only got 2 minutes, but some here are getting longer than that, and some are getting a minute and still going through to the next round. The show is seeming to  uneven on this is a half dozen seasons in, this is just wrong.
Of course my biggest issue ism, of course, same with the other shows is people that don’t belong here. I mean one of these people OPENED FOR ONE OF THE JUDGES!!! Do they really need a leg up? One even HAD a development deal with NBC, something that JUST HAPPENS to be the GRAND PRIZE OF THE SHOW.  Of course, Comedians I can kinda give a pass to on this more than someone who sang backup for a DECADE for a superstar or already had a top 40 hit or who’s training partner is the friggen UFC champion, but I digress.
So how is the show?

Still the best group.
Still the best group.
Not terrible. Not all of the comics are loved by he judges, and Rosanne went all “Edgy” on him, and of course, being Rosanne, its all good. A lot of the comics are good and funny. Sadly, I stopped caring about the individual comics, and I didn’t set up a call list like I will once America’s got talent gets to the Live Shows, due to, well, if a comic gets 2 laughs from me and 4 from the wife, but t has a 4 minute set, another comic tells one joke and we both laugh, how can we tell who was good and who wasn’t?
I don’t know why they had to do the whole  “100 of the country’s best comics”, unless NBC just wanted that nice big number. It might be a minor sticking point, but considering how this show historically has been fixed in the early rounds, I’m not stunned.
Now if you will excuse me, the Dat Phan Comedy Hour is on Bravo.

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  1. Dat Phan was a flash in the pan. His whole routine was about one recurring theme…..Vietnamese manicurists. Ralphie May, Alonzo Bolden, Gabriel Inglesias, Josh Blue, those guys all have multiple DVDs on the market because they are funny…..about many subjects. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dat Phan wasn’t changing the water in the soaking tubs at the manicure salon.

    I have only seen what you say is the third episode of this season and I’m really liking that Indian guy. He’s the only one that made both of us laugh. Hope he goes the distance.

  2. I remember watching the first season of Last Comic Standing and liking it. However, I agree with Jane. I never cared much for Dat Phan. I’m sure he faded out somewhere. His comedy really only went so far.

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