House of Frankenstein (1944)

House of FrankensteinWelcome to the 5th and Final Frankenstein on this series, and of course we have a movie billed as a collection of a 5 Monsters, and its the first Multi-Monster Movie- and a direct sequel to Frankenstein meets to Wolfman- the first team-up. Of course, THAT movie isn’t on this disk, dang-it, and I don’t know who I let borrow my Wolfman set- cause I’m a dumbass. So lets get to the movie!

Ok, we open in a prison, and Boris Karloff as Dr Nieman who is wanting to get out, and has a hunchback buddy who he promises to heal as soon as they get out and he can get Frankenstein’s notes on Brain Swapping. They escape, and take off for the Castle Frankenstein.

First off they have to help get a buggy stuck out of the mud, and look! It just happens to have a horror exhibit on it, including the real-life skeleton of Dracula in it! Yeah! Sadly, We get Karloff in here but Bela is playing neither Frankensteins Monster or the Count. This is so wrong. So the pair kill the owner and take over. Nearing the property we get a cameo of the wooden-armed inspector but the Bürgermeister tells the pair to move on, and they cannot stay. They come across a Gypsy camp, who also have to move on, a dancing girl gives a time-wasting performance, but her father(?) thinks she is keeping too much of the profits and begins to beat her, but is saved by the Hunchback. The Hunchback convinces the Doctor to allow her to come along. Dr Niemann discovers that they actually do have Dracula with them, and pulls out the stake that killed him, and he comes to, well- unlife, Dracula is unable to stare the Doctor down, and the pair make a pact where Dracula would help the pair and the Doctor would defend the coffin during the day. Dracula

Dracula goes after the Bürgermeister, and takes mental control over the Granddaughter and gives her a ring and she follows Dracula into the wagon train. The town raises a mob and we get a horse chase! Knowing they are facing a losing battle, they dump Dracula out and free the girl, and Dracula perishes in the rising sun. One Monster Down, 4 to go!

Yeah, that was quick.

Arriving at the ruins of the Castle, they find the bodies of the Wolf-Man and FINALLY the Frankenstein Monster. Yup, we finally see the creature.

They build a fire to thaw out the frozen corpses, and the Wolfman is up and fine. He is promised by Dr Nieman that he can be cured if he helps, and the Wolfman is onboard! Dr Nieman is, unfortunately more interested in revenge on townspeople and getting the Monster up and going than, uh, doing what he said he would do for the Wolfman and/or the Hunchback.

Time marches on, and the Full Moon comes around. The Wolf-man has a transformation (Cheaped out) and goes off to kill a man, and the townspeople think something is up at the ruins of the castle.

All is not happy with the group either, as the Gypsy Woman is falling for the Wolfman, and the Hunchback tries to cockblock and she rejects him fully and she goes and professes her love to the Wolfman, who says only death can free him.


Look Ma!  3 Frankensteins!
Look Ma!
3 Frankensteins!

Holy Crap! We got like 10 minutes to go and only wiped out 20% of the Monsters! Time to hit the go home button!

Talbot changes to the Wolfman in the cheapest possible way- off screen, and he kills the gypsy, who shoots him with a Silver Bullet, I’m guessing she picked up at Ye Ole VII-XI while they were making a pit stop on the way to the Castle. So thats 2 down. The Hunchback streaks to the ruins, and starts chocking our good Doctor- since its his fault that he didn’t have a new body yet, the Gypsy didn’t love him, and the Wolfman killed same Gypsy. Just in time for the Frankenstein Monster to wake up, get all upset at the Hunchback, and throw him out the window.

Three down!

The Mob arrives, finally, and the Monster takes off carrying the good doctor he has never seen before, since I guess he knows he’s the good guy. He goes the wrong direction into a swampy marsh, and goes quickly down in the muck, killing Monsters 4 and 5 and we get credits.

Holy Crap. I’ve seen the GO HOME button used in wrestling for decades, but my garsh this is a go-home that Pat Patterson wishes he could do.

If you come for the Frankie, you will be very disappointed. He’s not really here. Basically he just gets up and runs out to the swamp and drowns. Seriously. He does SQUAT. This movie is more about the Hunchback vs the Wolfman. This movie is all setup for the go-home. Its worth watching, but its kind of like my Carrie review. If the juice is worth the squeeze, then its all good. The Hunchback does a great job and is the star of the show, and he’s worth everything in this movie. House end

I’ll give this one a 6. I wouldn’t go out and buy this one or spend a dime on it unless I get some commentary tracks.

Well, that’s it for this movie, I’m sorry for the delay, and I’ll have the Frankenstein wrap-up next week.


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