MLB RT 4 June 2014….The panel of four is back to discuss the draft, interleague play and other baseball topics.


MLB RT 4 JUNE 2014


1. Is there any other professional draft more confusing than Major League Baseball?

confusedARCHIE: Absolutely not. Even the baseball analysts that get paid to track and report on MLB get it mixed up at times. The current ESPN draft order tracker looks like a Managers lineup card with cross outs and updates. The whole “if a team offers a qualifying offer and the player signs somewhere else then that team gets a draft pick based on …..

The rest I am not so sure about. The thing I don’t get is why Teams can sign talent from overseas; i.e. Tanaka with the Yankees, McGehee with the Marlins; and they do not forfeit anything on the draft.

JOE: To tell the truth… I don’t know because I ignore the MLB draft because it rarely, if ever, has the same impact that players have who get drafted by an NFL or NBA team. I mean how often does a player get drafted by a team and make the major league roster in baseball? Almost never, if not never, as far as I know. In the NFL and the NBA it happens every year and almost with every team where someone gets drafted and at least makes the team’s roster. I don’t start looking at prospects until maybe three or four years down the road… when they make it to a team’s Double A or Triple A club

STEPHAN: I don’t think so. I mean I am a lifelong baseball fan, and I really don’t understand it. There are so many rounds, so many picks. Unless you are in the first couple of picks. Unless you are a sports book, you probably have not heard of many of the players drafted. College Baseball just is not covered like the other major sports. So unless you have a phenom like Strasburg, or Harper, you may not know anyone coming out of the draft. I could not even tell you who the number one pick last year was.

SANDY: I don’t follow the NHL, so can’t speak to their draft, but I think the NBA and MLB are both a bit confusing. The NBA has a lottery for the first 3 picks which doesn’t ensure the worst team gets the first pick. Baseball just has too many variables to their draft. First you have the Rule 4 draft in Jun which is called the amateur draft and then Rule 5 draft in December which allows other teams to select players from team’s minor leagues. The rule 5 draft is to prevent players from being held in the minors when another team could use them in the majors. Every league should just do the draft like the NFL.


2. Is there any other professional draft that has less impact at the professional level within the first 3 years than baseball?

oldestbaseballplayerARCHIE: Again, absolutely not. I guess that is why there is not as much fanfare with the MLB draft. After the first three or four picks then everyone loses interest. Guys like Strasberg and Harper that makes it to the bigs within the first two years is very rare anymore.

JOE: See my answer to question one.

STEPHAN: Not even remotely close. You have your “once in a lifetime” type players like the aforementioned Stephen Strasburg, and Bryce Harper. They did not dawn the Nationals uniform for a year after they were drafted. You have guys like Andrew Luck, RG3, who started in their first game as a professional. There are so many affiliates in the minor leagues; some guys drafted in the lower rounds don’t ever set foot on a major league baseball field. The vast majority of the time, the player drafted in the later rounds is the one that turn out to be a star.

SANDY: Probably baseball has the least impact, since they are the only ones with minor league levels for development and it could take years to get to the majors.

AlbertPujolsHR3. If you are game planning for a series, what player(s) do you tell your team, “We are NOT going to let ____________________ beat us?

ARCHIE: Back in the day I hated to see the Braves pitch to Barry Bonds. I don’t see that kind of talent right now but IF the Braves pitch to Puig the next time they face him, the entire pitching staff should be fired! And btw, did you know that Freddie Freeman is batting .471 with 2 outs and runner in scoring position?   ssssshhh…don’t tell anyone.

JOE: If it is just a player, then maybe yes; depending on the situation… I might tell a pitcher to not give a certain player… say like an Albert Pujols… anything good to hit. But, for the most part I think I would tell my players to just go play the game the way they know how to play it. If I want to take the bat out of player’s hands.. I’ll say walk him intentionally

STEPHAN: Miguel Cabrera. Two time defending AL MVP, and will most likely lead the Tigers to their third straight AL Central title. You cannot let Miggy beat you in any series.

SANDY: I would say Troy Tulowitzki; he leads his team in every major category and can beat you in almost every way.

4. At this point in the season, which team shows to have underachieved in the offseason the most?

ARCHIE: When you leave the obvious teams that are used to being cellar dwellers off the list, then you have to look at Philadelphia in the NL and Tampa Bay in the AL. Whether they stood pat and expected more with what they had or their moves did not work out, I think everyone expected more from both of these teams.

JOE: I guess it’s whatever team’s are in last place… Ok leave out the Astros and Cubs because they haven’t been relevant in forever it seems. But, Tampa Bay… I really thought they would better than 23-36 at this point. And Arizona sort of surprises me, too… 23-36 is not where I thought they would be at this point. And, if not for a recent 7 game winning streak the Red Sox could be in the conversation, too

STEPHAN: Can I say the Cubs and underachieved in the same sentence? I mean did anyone think that the Cubs were going to be good this year? They made some moves in the off season to unload some heavy contracts, and fired their manager Dale Sveum for Rick Renteria. As a fan, you would think that Theo Epstein has something up his sleeve. Ummm…looking at the standings that will be a NO.

SANDY: I’d say Boston, they didn’t get any high profile players and after losing Ellsbury they didn’t upgrade in CF. They also didn’t upgrade in their pitching staff.


5. What are your thoughts on the interleague games scattered throughout the season?

RivalsALNLARCHIE: I have never been a fan of the Interleague regular season games and I hate it even more now. I mean, why should my favorite team be playing interleague games down the stretch in mid to late September when I am in a pendant race? Let me play those teams that I am trying to beat for the division.

JOE: I was never a big interleague fan but the way it is now is a least palatable. In fact they used to bombard us guys in the NY area with Mets-Yanks series twice year with three game series… Now it’s one time… two games at Shea Stadium and then go across town for two games in Yankee Stadium. I can live with that.

And so far the rest of the interleague play seems to be a lot less intrusive… so, I guess I have learned to live with it.

STEPHAN: Personally I never like interleague play to begin with. I am old fashioned when it comes to baseball, and prefer to see your NL teams play each other, and your AL teams play each other, then at the end of the season the champion of each league plays each other to call themselves World Champions. Now you see two teams play in the World Series that have likely played each other earlier in the season. Having it scattered makes me wonder if they should even have separate leagues now. It takes away the fun of the games that you may not see very often. Example: 1988 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland A’s. I was 8 years old watching this series and was just glued to the TV for every pitch. 1989 Oakland vs San Francisco. A great rivalry series as they were just minutes from each other. Now we see these games almost routinely. I don’t get excited watching a Cubs vs Sox game, or a Yankees vs Mets game anymore. It happens all the time.

SANDY: I just don’t like inter-league play at all. You only see the same team maybe every 3/4 years and it doesn’t serve any purpose.






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