Game of Thrones: “The Mountain and the Viper”

Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?
1. Your thoughts on Arya’s reaction when her and the Hound reached the Bloody Gate?Arya
EJ: As I’ve been saying all season, I love me some Arya. I’d watch a whole show of just Arya. I’d watch whatever else Maisie Williams, the actress that plays Arya, does going forward. Her laughter at the realization that another family member of hers has died, is just funny and chilling at the same damn time. The Game of Thrones has killed off whatever was Arya Stark. It’ll be interesting to see what emerges from this. My gut feeling? The Hound better watch his back.
David: Expected, everytime she gets close to her family, they die, why shouldn’t her aunt also be dead? Almost makes you wonder if Sansa isn’t the one that should be scared, not the Hound. I’ll tell you one thing. Look at the power that Littlefinger has now. He has both Stark girls- he might even be able to nail Cersei now. He has the Vale, now he he has the North, and he is still trusted by the Lannisters.
2. Do you agree with Sansa’s reasoning to help Littlefinger?Sansa
EJ: Sansa is finally wisening up. She has to play the game. Play the game or die. From day one she has been a pawn in the Game of Thrones. Now, I think she gets it. She knows Littlefinger wants her. So what does she do? She helps him survive the inquiry, and she makes the decision to tempt Littlefinger with the one thing he really wants. She may never give in to Littlefinger, but she is going to definitely play up her sexuality, her maturity, to get what she wants out of the game.
David: Going to be interesting to see what happens. She has seen first hand what happens if you play the game and lose, and has survived by just watching the entire board blow up and allowing things to happen to her, or because of her. Now she wants to be a part of that board? I wonder if she really wants to play, or just can’t handle watching everyone else die anymore.
3. Does the inquest and how close Littlefinger came to going out the Moon Door show a crack in his plans?moondoor
EJ: It could have, but I doubt it. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of the Littlefinger character, but I felt it played out just the way he wanted to. He had to know Lysa taking a fall out of the Moon Door was not going to go unquestioned. He played it off the best way he could, and got a beautiful assist from Sansa.
David: I think he planned to kill Lysa off, but not this soon. I think he underestimated how crazy the woman was, and how jealous she would get. He had to kill her to keep Sansa alive.
4. Did you get the feeling that Tywin wanted the Prince to die?
EJ: Of course he did. Obviously, he did. Tywin is no fool. He knows Prince Oberyn didn’t trust him, and no amount of denial by Tywin was going to ever convince Oberyn that Tywin was not behind the murder of his sister and her children. Although we don’t know if the Mountain survived the trial by combat, the events of Oberyn’s death is a win for Tywin. One enemy is killed, and now he can go ahead and kill the son he doesn’t love. Hardly a loss for the man.
David: I’m not so sure. He had the Prince bought and paid for, and if the Mountain died with his mouth shut, then things keep on keeping on. I don’t think he understood the hatred of the Prince for him, however, and might not have been so comfy in his presence the next small council.
5. Did you feel the fight was a tossup until the end?Mountain and the Viper
EJ: That fight was so Hollywood. Let me be honest: I loved the Oberyn character. Loved the Red Viper. Wished he was introduced seasons ago, for he made great television. However, that fight scene was completely cinematic paint by numbers. The good guy, gets his moment of triumph, and just before the act is completed, the bad guy strikes. If you didn’t think the Mountain was going to dash the feel good moment, I feel sorry for you. With all of that said, though, I had to look away at the head crushing moment. Almost threw up the cranberry and vodka I had been sipping on.
David: Hey Kool-Aid Man! Oh, sorry EJ. I felt that the Viper had to win, since the Mountain wasn’t exactly a player in the game, and so unimportant he’s been recast 3 times. That changed during the Beetle scene. I got the feeling Tyrion was a dead man. I have to think that he had a great gameplan, just got overconfident, and a bit stupid.
6. Will we see Tyrion die this season?
EJ: I hope not. I hope for some miracle that will save Tyrion. Since we know Oberyn is dead, Tyrion is sentenced to die but I pray for an escape, and maybe a vengeance death on the way out. Almost nothing would make me hate this show. Killing Tyrion? Might piss me off for a day or two.
David: I have to think that the last image we see this season is something coming down toward Tyrion. Its going to be the big cliffhanger. Next week is a wall-centric episode, then the finale is most likely EJ’s Blonde Ambition tour. Then we will get a scene with Varys and the Imp, then something comes down toward Tyrion. I’m waiting for Shae to show up again. She has to, right?

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