Game Review: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

YaibaGame: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
Platform: Playstation 3
Type of Game: Action
Beaten? Not yet (Work in Progress)

Sound: Good Ol Beat em up music with a little rock here and there.yaiba4

Graphics: The games graphics are superb a well use of cel shaded rendering on everything

Pro: Play as a cyborg ninja who makes mincemeat out of zombies. And I mean bloody bloody parts everywhere.

Con: The annoying difficulty of the Ninja Gaiden series. A very annoying system where some enemies can’t be beaten unless you block at just the right moment to counter. Otherwise expect alot of frustration and possibly breaking your controller

Replayability: Only if you want to go back and just randomly killing fodder zombies. So far I haven’t seen much when it comes to unlockables or anything worth going back for so far, other than to out do your past level scores.




Recommendation: So far I’d recommend this only if you like this type of game or the series. Otherwise you’ll be joining me in investing in stock in Tylenol

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