NFL Draft Review: Philadelphia Eagles

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.
I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

Round 1    Pick 26Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith     LB    Louisville
What I said then: He’s going to be a pass rush specialist in the 3-4. Mel calls him a 2nd rounder. He’s not really that fast and he’s not going to be dropping into coverage as he’s not really that fast.

What I think now: Reach. Can he tackles that have 75 pounds on him? He’s not the fastest guy and could be very good vs the run. I think he’s going to get moved around a lot in the front seven until he sticks.

Round 2    Pick 42
Jordan Matthews     WR    Vanderbilt

Not exactly a burner, but has all the other tools you need – this might actually end up being a WR-TE type of guy with a stunted route tree. He’s going to be a bit of a matchup problem for everyone.

Round 3    Pick 86
Josh Huff     WR    Oregon

Moved from running back to wide receiver, and got better every year. Hard to argue picking your former players as a head coach, but if he stops dropping so many passes, and learns to block, could be a major find. Could be a star in the middle as he doesn’t mind getting hit. Good Pick.

Round 4    Pick 101
Jaylen Watkins     CB    Florida    

Did you know this is Sammy Watkins older brother? There is a ton of talent here, but just not much production here, its going to be interesting to see what happens here, and there is a chance he’s coasting on pure talent. Thats not going to cut it on the NFL, but its easier to draft Talent than coach it. Could be interesting to see what happens here. Can’t hate on the pick, but its one of those- I’ll let you take the chance on this guy.

Round 5    Pick 141
Taylor Hart     DE    Oregon    

Slight Reach, but he is raw and HUGE. Should be interesting to see what happens here, as either Oregon couldn’t teach or he couldn’t learn. A 6-6 guy with sub-5 speed can’t be a bad thing with a good coaching staff.

Round 5    Pick 162
Ed Reynolds     S    Stanford    

I don’t know why he lasted this long, I’m not afraid of his ACL tear in 2011, since he recovered well. Wasn’t tested a lot at Stanford since they had easier targets to go after, so thats going to change in the NFL. He’s got good size, and very good tackling skills, as long as he keeps his head up and doesn’t get thrown out.
Round 7    Pick 224
Beau Allen     DT    Wisconsin

Run stuffer only. Not going to get much against a pass protection wall. He’s durable and he shows up to play, so there is a developmental chance here.


Can’t argue with the slamming of west-coast guys, but if they didn’t improve in Oregon, how are they going to be monsters in the NFL? (Hart) My favorite pick here is Reynolds, and I see a lot of training camp work coming up here. The Eagles are going to make sure there are weapons on the field and this could end up being a very good draft later in the year.


No. 22: From Cleveland through Indy for the 26th and 83rd pick.
No. 42: Tennessee traded this selection to Philadelphia in exchange for Philadelphia’s second and fourth round selections (54th & 122nd)
No. 83: Philadelphia → Houston (D). Philadelphia traded this selection to Houston in exchange for Houston’s fourth and fifth round selections (101st & 141st)
No. 224: Buffalo → Philadelphia (D). Philadelphia traded running back Bryce Brown along with Philadelphia’s seventh round selection (237th) to Buffalo in exchange for this selection and a conditional future mid-round draft pick. That future pick would become Buffalo’s third round selection in the 2016 draft if Brown hits particular (undisclosed) statistical rushing targets in 2014, otherwise it would become either San Francisco’s fourth rounder in 2015 (if the Bills receive that pick as part of their trade of wide receiver Stevie Johnson to San Francisco, which would occur were Johnson to miss certain statistical thresholds in 2014) or Buffalo’s fourth round selection in 2016

Free Agentsphi-eagles-Helmet
Josh Andrews OL Oregon State
Karim Barton G Morgan State
Kadron Boone WR LSU
Trey Burton WR Florida
David Fluellen RB Toledo
John Fulton CB Alabama
Henry Josey RB Missouri
Taylor Martinez QB Nebraska
Quron Pratt WR Rutgers
Carey Spear K Vanderbilt

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