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musings from the bench-2When an acquaintance of mine found out I had opted for an early retirement he asked me how I liked living on the government gravy train. At first I was taken aback by his question. Government gravy train? What the hell was that? Then after thinking about it I figured that was his nickname for Social Security. I guess he felt since I didn’t stay in the work force until the age of 65, or longer, I was now receiving some sort of welfare benefits or something. Well all I can say is there’s not much gravy on this train and there will probably be less when he decides to retire.


Being retired I can now look forward to Mondays. I can sleep as late as I want, take my time doing things around the house, enjoy the quiet in the neighborhood since most of the folks are either at their jobs or in their schools. Or I can run around like a chicken with its head cut off doing things around the house and yard until the weekend comes and sit back and relax while I watch them running around like chickens with their heads cut off doing things around their house and yard. My weekends are made for relaxation…..period..

relaxing in yard


One nation that is dealing with problems with its aging population is China. Back in the 1970s when they implemented the one-child policy they were mainly concerned with controlling population growth which they say statistically has prevented 400 million more Chinese citizens. But now with so many elderly, anywhere from 10% to 15% of the total population, along with a decrease of 3.45 million people ages 15 to 59 in the labor force, China has rescinded the one-child policy and is now advocating a two-child policy. There will still be restrictions and its being implemented in a few provinces at this time, but the Chinese government is hoping the two-child policy will be the answer to the population problem but they’ll soon find themselves having to deal with everything population growth entails including greater medical services, nursery schools/day care for the extra children while still being able to serve the elderly with their needs.

two childAnother growing problem China is facing with its aging population is the lack of senior assistance facilities. Most families now consist of Mother, Father, one child as opposed to the grandparents or great grandparents living with them. So many elderly Chinese don’t even have contact with the younger family members that a law was enacted allowing them to sue their children for neglect.

The “Elderly Rights Law” doesn’t state what constitutes a ‘regular’ visit or how many there should be or how far the child must travel, but some offspring have actually hired surrogates to visit their parents/grandparents for them.

16-aging-populationI guess as long as the old folks get someone to visit them everyone will be happy.

I was going to end this edition right here, but there is one more thing I’d like to address. The letter sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell by members of the US Senate.

Now 50 United States Senators added their signatures to a letter urging the NFL to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something that is not considered racist. One US Senator wrote his own letter advocating the same thing. The letter cites the racist comments made by the L.A. Clippers then-owner Donald Sterling which were made public as the reason to take action against the racial slur that the name ‘Redskins’ invokes.

Now I’m all for everybody feeling good about themselves and having a positive self-esteem, but is this such an important issue that the Congress of the United States should take a stand on? Aren’t there issues that need their attention such as, oh I don’t know, the problems facing America?


Maybe Native Americans would have a more positive attitude about the name if the team in Washington had a winning season or two, after all Oklahoma translates to ‘Redman’ and no one is asking for that name to be changed.


And now for something completely different.













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  1. I have mixed emotions about the redskins. I find it odd that this issue wasn’t raised until a few years ago. Seems to me that Native Americans have decided to take advantage of our political correct society. Seems to me their efforts could be better served in other areas. The US government is purported to have made over 300 “agreements” with Native Americans; all of which have been broken; and a football team is what interests you.???

  2. Well lets see. Some of the Major tribes have almost autonomy on their lands. They can blow off state laws and build casinos and make millions . . .for mostly other people due to bad lawyers, oh and they have to come up with something to be relevant in a racial discussion?

    Someone’s making money off this. Trust me.

  3. Ironically, on this date in 1924 an act of Congress gave Native Americans citizenship in America.

    There’s a song by Buffy St. Marie that contains the line “a treaty forever George Washington signed”, I’m assuming he did.

  4. They should, if not, just come back here and save the image to your hard drive so you can show it to them. lol

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