Rap music: 2012

Here we go, part 1 was a lot of fun and I continue to give my opinion on some of the better music from the year 2012.

Pitbull and Chris Brown team up to bring a really good song, rapping and singing about women from all over the globe. It has a very good beat and Pitbull does a good job rapping.

Has a really good beat and you can dance to it, if that’s your thing. I’m more like 50, do a little two step with a a little twist. It sounds and has the similarity to a Pitbull song, something catchy and like I mentioned, you can dance to it.

Pitbull and Flo Rida could be twins or something, I don’t know. I just like the beat and it has an uplifting vibe to it.

I really like this musician, he has a nice flow and his lyrics are pretty good. Not great, but they’re solid. And this song has a nice beat to it. Plus, I just like the women putting their lips together and whistling….

Snoop and Wiz? Nothing, but good stuff here.

Wiz is an underrated performer in my opinion, he has serious skills as a rapper. Lyrically, he’s just amazing in this song, not to mention many others.

Two Chainz has another good song that Drake absolutely kills his lines in his cameo.

Um, er, I don’t know. I just love Niki Minaj’s ass. This song has a nice beat, she has some nice lines, and as I previously mentioned….her booty is on display….

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