DJ’s Rap Music: 2013 (Zach Remix)

Alright, so earlier today DJ exposed today’s rap music and some of his choice favorites for the lovely Rap year, 2013. It’s all right here. Being the music guy I am (@CaseyKane21), I couldn’t help but chime in. DJ is right…compared to the glory days of rap, today’s rap music is simply lacking. Enough said. BUT that’s for another day.

While DJ played the personal favorite list and highlighted some his 2013 favorites, I’d like to piggy back off his idea and do the same. Who knows…we might even agree on some songs. Here goes nothin’…

Look at that, DJ and I start off agreeing with this one. “The return of Eminem to the rap scene and reclaim his throne as the best rapper in the game” – DJ

DJ, I dont think you could’ve said it any better. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is THE best album in a long time, and we might see a few more songs off the list on here. Rick Reuben is a genius and did a fantastic job with this song. The guy is a living legend, so to pair up with Eminem…it had to be magic. There simply was no other route.

Not just because this song was on Fast 6, but Wiz Khalifa is an underrated genius. I had the pleasure of seeing Wiz in concert. I have been too a lot of concerts, but never have seen energy and passion like I did with Khalifa’s finale “Work Hard, Play Hard”. 2 Chainz is alright (nothing to write about), but Taylor Gang’s Khalifa brings this song to new heights, a huge feat in my book.

This song is just hilarious. Not a big Kendrick Lamar fan, but he completely obliterates this song. Was his verse better than Em’s? Uhh…don’t make me laugh. BUT…he fit the bill. Plus, Eminem experimented with a heavy dose of 60’s and 70’s songs, molding them into exactly what he wanted them do be. If it wasn’t obvious yet, Em’s last drop MM LP 2 cemented his (already) legendary status. The rest is just gravy, baby.

I gotta agree with DJ on this one, as well. The message as well as the lyrics were fresh, elegant, and very powerful. Macklemore is definitely afforded some respect with his trio of freshly-made hits. With the help of Ryan Lewis, Mack and Lewis definitely take the cake on a new-wave of unsigned artists…just doing their thing.

So the question is; do I like Eminem? Yes, yes I do. Not only is my biased known, it cannot be argued. Survival may have not done as well on the 40 as “Monster” and “Berzerk”, but it was a hit nonetheless. I fell in love with this song instantly, as the rising bass-line, unmeasurable snares and crashes rock your world as much as the lyrics do. All in all, this song has it all. Too bad the chart-nerds didn’t think so, too. Maybe they thought they’d better give number one to someone else. You know…keep it fair.

Let’s start from the top: I am a HUGE Drake fan. The guy is genius. Pretty much anything Drake does (feature and main), I am going to like. F*ckin Problems, I actually first heard on Hangover 3 and immediately started searching around for. I just had to know if the song was really that good. It didn’t disappoint. The other guys were okay, with Lamar showing some flash and finesse, but nothing compared to Drake completely rippin’ it up.

So there ya have it, folks. My list compared with DJ’s list of “Best Rap Songs of 2013”. Hate it? Love it? Get your word in on it.

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