Carl Froch retains his titles with an eighth round stoppage

Carl FrochOn Saturday night in a packed and sold out Wembley Stadium in London, England Carl Froch knocked out challenger George Groves at two minutes and 34 seconds in the eighth round, retaining his WBA and IBF super middleweight titles.

Froch nailed Groves with a perfect right hand that connected with Groves jaw and sent him to the canvas. The ref stopped the fight before he finished counting, calling the fight. It was a highly anticipated rematch of a fight the two had in November of last year when Groves was stopped prematurely in the ninth round, causing the rematch to take place.

Froch started slowly however, losing the first three rounds in this blogger’s opinion….but he adjusted and started working the body on Groves, trying to wear down Groves over the duration of the fight. Froch improved to 33-2, with 24 KO’s while Groves dropped to 19-2, with 15 KO’s.

Here’s my breakdown of the rounds:

1st round: Both fighters started slowly, neither wanting to be overly aggressive. Groves caught Froch with a sharp jab on more than one occasion, but no big punches were landed. Groves narrowly won the first round in a close one.

2nd round: A rather uneventful round, but midway through, Groves went down as a result of a wrestling match in the middle of the ring. Groves wins round due to being more active.

3rd round: Groves continued to bewilder and confuse Froch with his jabs and superior boxing ability. Groves landed more jabs and was just a better defensive fighter. Froch’s defense was just too slow after unleashing jabs. Groves superior defense was better and he avoided getting hit more. Groves wins the round.

4th round: Groves gets Froch on the ropes towards the end of the round, but Froch countered with a good left. Froch shows signs of fatigue in the fight. Even round.

5th round: Good round. Both fighters get in exchanges and Froch has his best round, landing some good shots. Froch wins the round.

6th round: Groves was the aggressor and scored often in the round. Froch lands body shots during the round, intended to wear down Groves over the long haul. Froch wins another round.

7th round: Groves catches Froch with a hard left hook, almost knocking Froch down. Froch countered with jabs at several point and more body shots. Even round.Carl Froch 2

8th round: Froch lands some good right hands and at midway point has Groves backed in the corner. With less than a minute, Kroch lands several more body shots. Froch knocks down Groves with a straight right hand and the ref stops the fight.

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