Rap music: 2013

The rap music today pales in comparison to the bygone era that featured two of the greatest MC’s of all-time in Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, but there have been some really good songs put out over the last few years.

I’m going to post some vids of really good songs that have either a really good beat and catchy tune or some really good lyrics. You, dear reader, can decide if they are any good, but I liked them enough to branch out from my usual sports blogs so here we go…

Loyalty and friendship are the theme and it has a really good beat to it. YG and Rich Homie Quan are relative newcomers, but Young Jeezy is an experienced vet that has a nice cameo. I thoroughly enjoyed this song and it reminds me of something that would be played on a music soundtrack if they ever re-made Boyz N Da Hood.

It’s the theme song for the NBA playoffs, Pitbull has come a long way from being Lil Jon’s discovery. He’s a pop and rap sensation nowadays and he’s a pretty good musician. He has gone from being a straight rapper to being able to combine pop and rap, making it truly hip hop. Kesha is a cutie and has a nice voice, but Pitbull is the one who really makes this song work.

The return of Eminem to the rap scene and reclaim his throne as the best rapper in the game (or at least on the West Coast). Macklemore benefitted from his absence, but Em came back with a vengeance with his release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. This is my favorite song off his latest album and it has a Beastie Boys-type feel to it, combining rap and some hardcore heavy metal.

I Cry is Flo Rida’s song about his struggle coming up in the projects of Florida. Unlike a lot of todays rappers, he wasn’t just set on becoming a musician. He went to school for international business management (at the University of Las Vegas) and later pursued his musical career.

Macklemore talks about homosexuality and how it should be accepted. He shows real depth here and the ability to talk about relevant topics in this day and age (not totally like Tupac, but similar in his content to be able to rap about major issues). His range and sensitivity are really on point here.

Rocky, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz are featured on this song and they all do a pretty solid job.

I’ve never been a huge Jay fan, but this song is very good. His rhymes are tight and he’s got a great flow here. He has some real good lines regarding Kurt Cobain and Tyson. Justin Timberlake is also on the song and I’m not so positive regarding his appearance, but Jay more than make ups for anything Timberlake could have contributed.

Keep in mind this is one person’s opinion, we all have our preferences and I’m not a huge Lil Wayne, Kanye or Jay Z fan. Even if they are very popular and in the mainstream media.

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  1. DJ…Standby. I am going to compile my list (props to your idea, of course) and we’ll compare notes.

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