The Blog About Nothing 5/30 Edition

BaN BrooklynWhat up world! This EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. This week we got Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear, why the Pacers should consider blowing it up, Manny being Manny, the resurrection of Rich Rod, and the circus under the Big Apple green top. No need for a long winded intro. Not in the mood for it anyway. Let’s do this!

Wednesday night the Indiana Pacers staved off elimination by winning Game 5 over the Miami Heat, 93-90. While many are giving LeBron hell for dishing off to Chris Bosh for what would have been a game winning 3, I’m going to give hell to Pacers guard Lance Stephenson. Now, the 7poundbag crew know that Lance is my boy. The Coney Island native is someone I’ve followed since his freshman year at Lincoln High School here in Brooklyn. As y’all know I’m proud of being from one of the toughest places on planet Earth. Brooklyn breeds greatness, and damn it you need that F-U swag to rep this place. So, why am I giving Lance hell?

Talk trash. Take the cheap shot. Get in your opponents head. Blowing in his ear though? Pause! That’s just questionable, G. LeBron is the best player in the game, he’s already having a rough night with the foul trouble and you blow in his ear? What, did he have a hair on his ear lobe? You saw some lint that fell from his headband? You were blowing his hairline back? What in the bloody hell are you doing blowing in another man’s ear? That’s wrong! On a serious tip though, Lance acts like he’s on LeBron’s level. Swag is cool. Nothing wrong with it, but LeBron is at the top of Mt. Olympus. Lance is only at the base. A little humility, and keeping the crazy antics in check would be best.LeBron vs Lance

Maybe Larry Bird can get that message through to Lance if he keeps the soon to be free agent in a Pacers uniform. However, it’s my belief the Pacers should take the nuclear option and blow this whole damn thing up. Why? The Pacers have been struggling for months now. They play a good game once in awhile, but if you listen to Paul George, Roy Hibbert, Stephenson, and head coach Frank Vogel something is wrong in Naptown. These guys don’t like each other. They point fingers at each other and the trust issues are apparent. Hibbert has been a huge disappointment in this playoffs, and I don’t know if the Pacers have the mentality to baby a 7’2″ man. Hibbert should be a beast at his size, but he sounds like a complete mental midget. The aformentioned Stephenson acts like a multi time All-Star, and he hasn’t made the game once. Paul George is an All-Star, but he needs to play like an All-Pro. He’s been too quick to be appointed to superstar status, and he simply isn’t consistent enough to earn that mantle. He’s not a top 10 player in the NBA. He’s not even a top 20 player in my opinion.

He is the best player the Pacers have, though. Building the team around him would be best. I’d seriously look to trade Hibbert this off season if I were Bird. I’d also let Lance and Evan Turner walk. Well, adding Turner was a huge mistake. His game doesn’t fit what the Pacers want to do. He doesn’t play defense, and his offense is suspect at best. Also? I’d fire Vogel. Not a bad coach. Not at all, but if the Pacers continue with this roster he should go. Who would I hire? Mark Jackson. Jackson was a well regarded Pacers player, but he’s also a tough man. Whatever bullshit that is going on in the Pacers locker room would have been taken care of months ago. The sniping, the inconsistent play of Hibbert, that has to fall on someone. So Larry Bird has two options? Keep Vogel, and go nuclear on the roster or dump Vogel and make some minor alterations. In any case the Pacers as constructed cannot return next season. Something has to give in Indianapolis.

Manny“I behaved bad”. Manny Ramirez, y’all. This week the former Boston Red Sox outfielder received a warm welcome at Fenway Park as the team celebrated the 2004 World Series winners. The king of the Idiots, who forced a trade out of Boston in 2008, was celebrated like he never left. Also, this week the Chicago Cubs signed Ramirez to be a player/manager and work with some of their top prospects in the minor league system. Not a bad gig, for a man that has been suspended twice for using performance enhancing drugs. It appears that Major League Baseball is starting to forgive the bold face names, that were caught or allegedly tied to PED’s. Mark McGwire is a hitting coach, Barry Bonds was welcomed back by the Giants in spring training, and now Ramirez.

While I understand that the Cubs organization is ran by former Red Sox GM in Theo Epstein (Epstein is the President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs), I wonder why they didn’t offer Sammy Sosa the same courtesy. Sosa was right there with McGwire slugging homeruns in the late 90’s, and he was right there with the steroid allegations too. Yes, Sammy burned some bridges with the Cubs and the City of Chicago in the aftermath of all of the steroid talk, but I can’t help but ask why the Cubs can bring in Ramirez, but not forgive one of their own in Sosa? Maybe one day Sammy will be back in the organization, but that day should have been today. Not tomorrow.

Switching gears to college football, the University of Arizona offered a 2 year extension to head coach Rich Rodriguez this week. He’ll be under contract until 2019, and his base salary has been raised to just under $2 million a year. I’m happy for Rich Rod. I’m a long time Michigan fan and I thought Rich Rod caught a raw deal when he was the head coach of the Wolverines. Fans of the Maize and Blue, weren’t ready to embrace the option based spread offense, that Rich brought with him from West Virginia, and many feathers were ruffled when Rich made some changes behind the scenes. Yes, Rich could have played nicer with the alumni, and the boosters, but Michigan at the time was stuck in the stone ages, and they weren’t prepared for the man who was dragging them slowly into the 21st century. He did bring us Denard, so thanks for Shoelace, Rich. Much appreciated. I’ll keep my eye on the Wildcats, and I’m happy for the guy personally. Bear Down.

Finally, a subject near and dear to my heart: the New York Jets. I don’t think I can go a month on this blog without bringing up the Jets. They are a goldmine for any writer, any blogger. Why? They can’t help but be dysfunctional. So what is it now? There are media reports that QB Michael Vick, and head coach Rex Ryan are already at odds. Already? Vick hasn’t even taken a meaningful snap with the team!!! The green circus tent that the Jets operate out of has been sending out mixed messages. Head Coach Rex Ryan insists that the team will have a quarterback competiton between incumbent Geno Smith, and newcomer Michael Vick. Vick, willingly, is conceding the starting job to Smith.Flash Jets

Vick is likely being diplomatic by praising Smith in the media and stating that he doesn’t want to be the starter of this team, but Rex should follow his lead. It would be very simple for Rex to say nothing, or to say Geno is the guy “right now”. By contradicting Vick, he’s opening the door for even more dysfunction for an organization that doesn’t need it. Mixed messages only invites the media to pounce. It also doesn’t inspire much confidence in the fans. Jets finished .500 last year at 8-8. Some, not me, feel like they may be better this season. However, little things like this should worry Jets fans. It should.

I’m done. It’s come to my attention that has picked up a lot of new eyeballs, so I’d like to thank all of those who’ve done their part to make this website a success, and tell your friends and family about all the good work we do here. The more support the merrier. Much love to you all, see you next week and peace.

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  1. I don’t know why I was so surprised to learn that Rex Ryan had a foot fetish, seems like his own foot spends more time in his mouth than it does in his shoe.

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