NFL Draft Review: Dallas Cowboys

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.
I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

Round 1    Pick 16
Zack Martin     OT    Notre DameZach Martin

What I said then: I like Martin, don’t get me wrong. I cannot see him playing tackle in the NFL unless he gets bigger.
Martin is not going to help that crap defense, but anything that lets you convert on a 3rd and short will make then stay where they belong. I can see him sitting next to Fredrick for YEARS to come.

What I think now: About the same 🙂 Still a solid pick, but one of the defensive backs would have made more sense.

Round 2    Pick 34
Demarcus Lawrence     DE    Boise State

REACH. He’s a speed rusher without a lot of power I really think he’s a rotation player from day one, but not really going to be more than that. Oh, and he’s not NFL speedy fast, so unless he gets by on that first step, he might be done.

Round 4    Pick 119
Anthony Hitchens     LB    Iowa

REACH. I mean really? He’s quick, and hits hard, but he’s not exactly fast, and needs to work on his tackling technique instead of just slamming into people. Don’t see him much into coverage, but again should see rotation work while they Cowboys see if he devlops.

Round 5    Pick 146
Devin Street     WR    Pittsburgh

This one I like, He’s a tall quick target that probably should have been gone by now. An underneath route runner who does a great job getting back to the ball and grabbing passes that are not thrown on point.

Romo’s going to love him.

Round 7    Pick 231
Ben Gardner     DE    Stanford

6’4 275, The guy only played 8 games last year. Another rotational guy with his size and power, I think he could be a good pick down the road, since he works very hard and is a smart guy, but say it with me: REACH. Yes, even in Round 7

Round 7    Pick 238
Will Smith     LB    Texas Tech

Special teams player this year, but could be seeing some looks since the Cowboys are stocking up on rotation guys with a good first step. Can’t hate too much on it.

Round 7    Pick 248Cowboys Jerry Jones
Ahmad Dixon     SS    Baylor    

This pick I like. He’s a good runstopper, and is going to work hard this year for the Cowboys this year with people busting into the second level. He needs some work on his coverage skills, but again, he’s going to be in the box a LOT. Very good pick though.

Round 7    Pick 251
Ken Bishop     DT    Northern Illinois

I could see this one sticking, he’s got good speed, and might spend the year on the practice squad, but might be seeing a rotation next year.

Round 7    Pick 254
Terrance Mitchell     CB    Oregon

Another good pick, he’s  a little slow, has a good burst and I think he’s starting in the nickel package and quite possibly could be in the base defense by the end of the year. He’s gonna get burned a lot, but there is a good chance that can get coached out.

I’m not a huge fan of the draft, they seemed to like quick guys without elite speed and way too many reaches- It seems like they had a board with all the shuttle times from the combine and just went down it. There is a solid chance that several of the guys pan out, espcially on the defensive side since playing time will be plentiful, so it may end up better than it appears here.
No. 34: Washington traded this selection to Dallas in exchange for Dallas’ second and third round selections (47th & 78th).
No. 146: From Detroit through Seattle in exchange for Dallas’ fifth and seventh round selections (158th & 229th)
No. 238: Dallas traded #193 to Kansas City in exchange for linebacker Edgar Jones and Kansas City’s seventh round selection (238th)

Free Agents
Josh Aladenoye TIllinois State Dallas Cowboys
Chris Boyd WR Vanderbilt
Brian Clarke G Bloomsburg
Davon Coleman DT Arizona State
JC Copeland FB Louisiana State
Andre’ Cureton G Cincinnati
Casey Kreiter LS Iowa
Ben Malena RB Texas A&M
Cody Mandell P Alabama
Glasco Martin RB Baylor
Najvar Jordan TE Baylor
Ronald Patrick G South Carolina
Dashaun Phillips CB Tarleton State
Jarrod Pughsley G Akron
Marvin Robinson S Ferris State
Dontavis Sapp LB Tennessee
Jocquel Skinner CB Bethel-Tennessee
Keith Smith LB San Jose State
Dustin Vaughn QB West Texas A&M
L’Damian Washington WR Missouri
Chris Whaley DT Texas
Evan Wilson TE Illinois
Joe Windosr LB Northern Illinois

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