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MLB RT 27 May 2014

This week Stephan, Sandy and Archie look back on favorite military veterans in honor of Memorial Day as well as other topics. Let’s get started.


1. Salute to the troops. Who is your favorite MLB Veteran?


ARCHIE: I am going to go with the Splendid Splinter on this one. Ted Williams enlisted in the Navy and became a fighter pilot instructor during WWII but it was not until the Korean conflict that he actually flew combat missions. However, he became one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball sandwiched around those years he served our nation.


STEPHAN: I honestly don’t know anyone from the modern day era. So I will go with Joe Dimaggio. Arguably one of the best pure hitters to ever play the game. He had a Hall of Fame career, even after serving the country in World War 2.


SANDY: Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn 1947-1956) Not only did he break the color barrier line, Robinson was an exceptional player. He played in 6 World Series for the Dodgers including the 1955 World Series championship. In 1942 he was drafted and assigned to a segregated Army cavalry Unit in Fort Riley, Kansas. He applied for OCS (Officers Candidate School) and was eventually accepted. Upon graduation he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt.




2. Even though the Tigers have been struggling of late, is Cabrera and Martinez the best 1-2 punch combo in MLB?


ARCHIE: I always thought the combination of Cabrera and Martinez was the best until I took notice of Colorado’s Tulowitzki and Blackmon. Their numbers read as follows: BA .378/.323, HRs 14/9, OPS 1.200/.880. This is a pretty potent duo.


STEPHAN: Right now? It is hard to pick against any other 1-2 punch. I think Pujols and Trout can be considered a good 1-2 punch, but with the Tigers rolling right now, I can’t pick against that duo.

SANDY: I would give the edge to Martinez/Cabrera, although the Texas duo of Rios/Choo is a close second. Most team would take either of those duos.



3. Jimmy Rollins is reaching the Milestone 2000th game played at the MLB level. When he finishes his career do you think he will make the HOF?


ARCHIE: I think J Roll has a legitimate shot at the Hall. When you compare his numbers to Barry Larkin, he has more home runs. He has a higher fielding %. And if he stays healthy enough to play four more seasons, he has a legitimate shot at reaching 3000 hits.

STEPHAN: I don’t think Jimmy Rollins is a Hall of Famer. His career average is only .269 which is just average in MLB. He does not stand out as the superstar that he was slated to be. Sure he has one MVP under his belt, but other than that season, he has not come close to another season like that. He has never batted higher than .296 in a season (which was his MVP season) He only has four gold gloves in 15 years. That is not a Hall of Fame caliber career. He would be in the Hall of Very Good.

SANDY: Not sure his stats warrant HOF. He has a career line of avg .269, HR 205, RBI 854, OBP .328, he has 2220 hits and as a comparison to Cabrera who has 2054 hits in 291 less games.




4. Which stat for the Washington Nationals surprises you the most to learn: That they are dead last in fielding percentage in the NL or that they are tied for 7th in hitting?


ARCHIE: I have to say, I was shocked when I saw they were dead last in fielding in the NL. And they are only in front of the Indians for the worst fielding percentage team in all of MLB.

STEPHAN: Probably dead last in fielding. You have to figure that this is a team that was supposed to compete for a World Series title this season. They find themselves less than .500 in a mediocre NL East. Being dead last in fielding is not going to put them anywhere.

SANDY: Not watching all Nationals games, but I thought they had a good team, so I’d say being dead last in field %.




5. If the season ended today, who would win the Rookie of the Year honors for both leagues?

ARCHIE: Anyone in the AL will have a hard time overcoming the accomplishments of Jose Abreu so far. In the NL there is really no clear cut leader. It would be hard to not vote for Billy Hamilton of the Reds just for the excitement he brings once he gets on base.

STEPHAN: Would have voted Abreu if not for the injury. So I give the AL award to Masahiro Tanaka of the Yankees. In the NL I would vote Chris Owings of the Diamondbacks. Next to Goldschmidt he is probably their best player on a horrible team. I would keep my eye on Billy Hamilton though; this kid could turn out to be something special after a slow start for the Reds.

SANDY: I would say Billy Hamilton for the NL and Jose Abreu for the AL, but the season is young and some else could step up.

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