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Jon Jones vs DC



Bones Jones is great, but all greatness has to come to an end somewhere. I thought Big Gus beat Bones last fall, but, in the judges eyes he didn’t. It looks as if Big Gus vs Bones 2 is either signed, or in the works. It’s not promised Bones will win that rematch. If I remember correctly, Bones, the winner against Big Gus, ended up in the hospital, only for Big Gus to come by and check up on the champ. On to my prediction…….

Cormier is an absolute bruiser.

He’s mauling peeps. He mauled the ageless Hendo, who does that?

Nighty, nite, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Not only that, but Cormier’s like Brock Lesnar, but with GOOD STRIKING.

On top of everything, Cormier WANTS Bones, BAAAAAAAADDDD!

Styles make fights, and Cormier’s style, not that great looking for the lengthy Bones. Cormier’s one of the best fighters in the world without a title to match.

Vitor vs JonesDavid:
Oh I was gonna do this.

How about No.

I understand he beat Hendo like he stole the last McRib in the Tri-state Area.

Dan Henderson was outweighed by what? 30 pounds at the time of the fight? Hendo is a blown up Middleweight with a solid right hand, name me the last guy that Hendo shot a double on and kept him down for 15 minutes.

You know who also took Hendo down and made him look like someone who fought at UFC 1 and looked worse than Royce did against Matt Hughes?


Who is a blown up WELTERWEIGHT

Lets keep in mind that Hendo is on a 1-4 streak.

Lets list those last 4.

Lyoto – Jones Beat him
Belfort- Jones Beat him
Rashad – Jones Beat him
Oh and the win in that streak?
Shogun -Jones beat him

Quick, name me the guys that have rolled Jones on the ground.

I’ll wait.
daniel cormierWesley:
Did I not say Bones is GREAT? First sentence?

So why did you list all those victories?

Let me put ya’ll on game with Cormier…

He’s punished

big country Roy Nelson

Big Foot Antonio Silva

Josh Barnett

Frank Mir

and now, Dan Henderson.

Yeah, Dan Henderson is older, but still very effective, he just cleaned Shogun’s clock, Shogun isn’t past the “hills”.

Anyways, out of all those names, you listed, Vitor nearly snapped Jon Jones’s arm like a twig, Rashad rocked him silly for 2 seconds, and Lyoto didn’t have a bad showing. All wins for Bones, but his armor’s not as stiff as you think. That’s why Cormier will beat him. I will give credit where credit is due, Shogun got absolutely wooped by Bones.

You asked me a question, I got one too?

What guys have rolled Cormier on the ground?

Jon JonesDavid:

Dan, Roy, Josh, Frank and Bigfoot

How many UFC Light-Heavyweight titles do they have?

Heck how many UFC titles do ANY of them have since Dana had hair?

You cannot compare the depth of 205 to the wafer thin water of 255.

Jon Jones has won 14 fights in the UFC- 15 if you count Matt Hammil, in one of the dumbest stoppages in UFC History- in a fight he was winning 10-8 before the fight ever hit the ground.

Cormier has won TWO fights at 205 one against a coffee guy and one against a guy who apparently thought it was a middleweight fight the night before.

Before we even get that fight- two things need to happen.

1. Jon Jones has to get past the Guffy- no small challenge.

2. Cormier is going to have to beat someone else- he is getting older, keep in mind he’s 35- part of the reason he’s getting pushed so hard, he doesn’t have a ton of time.

He doesn’t want Rashad, he’s said it several times- Rashad is a bad matchup for him- again, his words not mine. How did Jones do against Rashad? Cormier wants Rumble Johnson- a blownup WELTERWEIGHT who can’t cut weight anymore.

Daniel CormierWesley:
Truth be told. Cormier will beat whoever’s in front of him next. Even Rumble, whom I think could challenge for the LHW title too.

Cormier has a GREAT shot of fighting for the title Summer/Fall ’15.

It could be Gus or Bones. Gus, Cormier would have an advantage. It’s called….


You do remember “Mr. Wonderful” beating Gus, right?

If there’s anybody that can conquer the GREAT Bones, it’s Cormier. Cormier’s octagon intellect is top notch. He doesn’t put himself too out there. His wrestling is extremely strong, one of the best in the biz. His striking is above average for a someone that’s literally a “WRESTLER”. When you have those two, it’s a dangerous, dangerous combo. Also, Cormier’s full throttle. You’re in a “FIGHT” with him. Cormier’s also the strongest fighter than Bones has ever seen. No disrespect to all the very good fighters he’s fought. Grab your popcorn, NC. Cormier’s a comin’.


Will He do this to Vitor?
Will He do this to Vitor?


Lets turn to the stats themselves

Cormier is 5’10 and entered the cage with Hendo at about 220
Jon Jones is 6’4 and has entered the cage between 225( Glover) and 235 (Gus I)

So Cormier is going to have to face a guy SIX INCHES taller and a few pounds heavier than he is and is FASTER than he is- and NINE YEARS Younger!

But that’s not the scariest number Cormier has to worry about.

Its the number 12.

Thats right, its the Dozens Cormier has to worry about.

Whats the Dozen?

Jones’ REACH ADVANTAGE 72.5 to Jones Massive 84.5

So DC has to close that distance to get close to Jones- and also allows Jones to use his elbows like a jab- much like he did against Rashad- who has a 75 reach himself. DC is going to eat a LOT of elbows.

You also throw out the wrestling credentials . How is GSP as a wrestler? He get any Gold Medals? There are hundreds of “All American Wrestlers” who can’t do squat in the cage. MMA wrestling is a whole new world.

Jones has fought better competition for far longer.
Is almost a decade younger, is 6 inches taller will be heavier, and has a FOOT longer reach

and the MMA Guru as a coach! Didn’t even mention that.

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