NFL Draft Review: Minnesota Vikings

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.
I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

Round 1    Pick 9
Anthony Barr     LB    UCLAAnthony Barr

What I said then: WHAT THE FUCK!
Horrid pick. Just awful. He’s a senior, people, and its not like he was a monster last year. I just don’t see him here. I just don’t see it. He might even play some DE, but not often. I don’t like the pick.

What I think now: He’s just not a run-stopper, and in the NFL, if you can’t stop the run, you won’t see the field for 2 downs. I’m not saying he’s going to stink, and 20 picks later I would LOVE this guy. He’s going to excell in coverage and be a standout as long as they hide him against the run.

Round 1    Pick 32
Teddy Bridgewater     QB    Louisville

What I said then: Mel had him top 5 before his pro-day. He gets the Ray Lewis stamp of approval, bringing up the game against the U. Gruden talks pro-day. Ray uses the term “workout warrior” and I love him more. He loves Teddy. Boomer talks outdoor weather for the next two years.

You will not find a bigger Teddy Ballgame fan than me on this site. Bottom line. I see there is some issues, but would it be racist of me to be happy to see a black QB that CAN’T RUN and be successful? I think he can get better with some of his throws, and while he may have a rough year at the beginning, he’s better than anyone else on the roster.

What I think now: The only problem I have is arm strength, and those lovely wins and freezing cold. If he can make it to year 3 and they move indoors, then he’s gonna be a star- oh, and they will have traded ADP from some help.

Round 3    Pick 72
Scott Crichton     DE    Oregon State

Good power, good hand movement and very good technique, and could be starting by the end of the preseason, the only tool he doesn’t have is flat out speed, so he can get redirected and might have a hard time getting back into the pocket. This one could be really good.

Round 3    Pick 96
Jerick McKinnon     RB    Georgia Southern

REACH. I’m sure how he fits into the NFL, he’s not that big to handle of the pounding, and he’s not that good of a run-blocker, but is much better as a pass blocker, can he catch? He’s here because of what he did against Florida and Georgia, so who knows how he is going to do when he gets to the next level with dozens of Florida and Georgia players to face.

Round 5    Pick 145
David Yankey     G    Stanford

Love this pick, he’s going to move from tackle and has good feet and gets into his blocks quickly. I just think he gets in the rotation quickly and is entrenched by the bye-week

Round 6    Pick 182
Antone Exum     CB    Virginia Tech

2013 cost him thousands of dollars. I mean really. He was doing awesome his first 3 years in Hokie-land, then tore up his knee playing basketball. See thats why teams HATE PICK-UP GAMES. If he’s 100% he’s a third round pick bonus. If not, he’s a blown pick. He has some issues, like having poor tackling technique, but I can get past all that mess if he’s in coverage.

Round 6    Pick 184
Kendall James     CB    Maine

Not a fan. Little slow, not that strong (9 presses) and from a small school? He’s going to be a bit behind the 8 ball from day one in camp. The good news? He’s got stunning closing speed and is almost built for Nickel and Dime packages. Can’t hate that for a sixth rounder.

Round 7    Pick 220
Shamar Stephen     DT    Connecticut

Good hitter, I mean really good. I can see him in the rotation early and often. The only problem is thats kinda all he can do. So keep an eye on this one.

Round 7    Pick 223
Brandon Watts     LB    Georgia Tech

Going to be a special team standout. I’m not sure he’s going to do well in coverage at the next level

Round 7 Pick 225
Jabari Prince     CB    North Carolina 

Carolina Homer here. He has good speed, but isn’t that quick, but he does have a nose for the ball and hitting when it counts. I think he’s going to be great on special teams and play in packages early.Teddy Bridgewater


9: From Cleveland for the 1st (8) and 5th (145) Round Picks
96: From Seattle as part of the Percy Harvin trade
168 & 225: From Carolina  (225 Through NYG) for Pick 168
182 & 220: From Atlanta for the #168 Pick
 Atlanta in exchange for Atlanta’s sixth and seventh round selections (182nd & 220th)


If I can pretend they got Teddy at 9 and Barr at 32, I like this draft a LOT more. Crichton and Yankey could be starters sooner rather than later, and I think Exum and Prince could be finds. If Teddy fails, this draft is blown. Way too many chances taken, and usually in reaches.

Free Agent Signings

Conor Boffeli G Iowa
Pierce Burton T Mississippi
Kain Colter WR Northwestern
Rakim Cox DE Villanova
Isame Faciane NT Florida International
Donte Foster WR Ohio
Matt Hall T Belhaven
Zac Kerin C  Toledo
AC Leonard TE Tennessee State
Erik Lora WR Eastern Illinois
Travis Patridge QB Missouri Western
Antonio Richardson T Tennessee
Tyler Scott DE Northwestern
Jake Snyder DE Virginia
Dominique Williams RB Wagner

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