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Brady&HoodieQuarterbacks and the discussion of the GOAT.

I heard some pundits saying that when Tom Brady was asked how he felt when the Patriots used a 2nd round pick on a quarterback. He says he was okay with it. The pundits weren’t so sure he wasn’t just being the good soldier and not wanting to question Belichick’s decision. I disagree, I think he’s smart enough to know that he’s closer to the end then the beginning. Even though he says he wants to play 3/4 more years he is well aware that it might not happen.

I’ve been a Pats fan for over 35 years and I’d hate to see Brady retire, but its going to happen and I think the Pats were very smart to take a quarterback.

So many people like to compare QBs and have debates on which QB is the GOAT. I think that’s a discussion that has to include many other factors then just stats. What if Brady/Manning/Brees had played the last 5 years for the Jets, Cleveland, Tampa Bay would they still be in the conversation of best QB ever, or is it strictly based on stats and Super Bowl wins.

I personally believe that the whole team needs to be in the conversation. Its been said that a great QB can make a WR/TE look great and great WR/TE can make a QB look great. Brady played many years without great receivers and was very good. Do I favor Brady over other QBs, of course, for now he plays for the team I root for, but when his time is done, I can only hope Jimmy Garoppolo will be the one making WR/TE look great.

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  1. I too am not looking forward to Brady’s retirement any time soon but do expect it to happen sooner than later. Everything I read about Jimmy Garoppolo has me believing he’s a chip off the Brady block. Every year I have high hopes for the Pats but this year looks solid so far.

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