Game Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spiderman the Game

Game: The Amazing Spider-man 2
Platform: Playstation 3
Type of Game : Action
Beaten? Yesamazing1

Sound: Most of the music is similar to most superhero movies and games. Nothing great but nothing extremely boring, although it does get annoying after hearing the same track for about an hour.
Graphics : Graphics are pretty decent, didn’t really notice any bugs or anything that looks out of the normal.

Pro: The Added system of being able to level up suits and each suit having its own different stat boosts

Con: Annoying Hero/Menace system, cant fully enjoy the open world when you have to constantly save someone every 5 seconds or be punished.

Replayability: I’d only recommend replaying it if you really wanted to go back and collect any of the collectibles you missed (Suits, comics, artwork).




Recommendation: I’d recommend at least playing it once just to see the suits and concepts of some of the villains redone. Other than that unless you’re a diehard spidey fan I would recommend renting this one or waiting for it to pop up in the bargain bin

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