Barstool: Game of 21: Wilt vs Shaq

Who Ya Got?

Sometimes we just can’t agree on the better player. So lets throw out there, a 1 on 1 contest, between two of the most dominant big men to ever grace the NBA, but also could be taken off the dribble by most high-school players. throwdown


Wesley: Sorry Chamberlain groupies..

I have Shaq man handling Chamberlain with his mass..

Both Chamberlain and Shaq were terrible free throw shooters which is an intricate part to the game of 21.. Actually Chamberlain missed more free throws in his career than Shaq believe it or not..

I got Shaq in dominant fashion.. No diss to Wilt the Stilt.. I’m not saying he wasn’t a better player in the NBA or anything, but given the 1 on 1.. I got Shaq winning decisively 21-12

WiltDavid: Sorry Wesley, but again you are wrong.

You wanted PEAK Wilt?

Then you want the 100 point game, obviously.

Wilt went 28 of 32 from the stripe in that game, Shaq could go a WEEK without hitting 28 free throws

You also missed another important part of 21- rebounding, and in this, like so many other aspects of the game- Wilt’s dominance is clear- a PEAK of 27.2 rebounds a game, Shaq’s comes up shorter than you did on prom night. Wilt at his LEAST beats Shaq 18-13.9

Wilt almost DOUBLES Shaq’s rebounds. I can miss 50 shots- but If I get 45 of the rebounds I can keep jacking them up.

Finally, Wilt had to score on guys like Bill Russell, the best defender of ALL-TIME, how many All-Defensive teams has Shaq been on?

Any Defensive player of the year? NONE?
First team all defense? Any? at All? NONE

Shaq was SECOND team ONCE- ONCE.

The defensive teams were not in until 68-69 – WHEN WILT WAS 32
And he STILL got TWO FIRST Team defense awards.


Wilt Shoots, misses and gets the putback
Shaq Shoots- misses and Wilts slides under him and gets the board

Rinse, repeat.

Shaq 2


Wesley: Shaq’s mass will make room..

Shaq would box the “stilt” out..

sorry, i know it’s hard to fathom for you but it’s so true..

Shaq 7-1 325 pounds!!!!!

Wilt.. 7-1 275 pounds!!

Yeah, Shaq would use that 50 pounds to his advantage..

Shaq’s foot work shouldn’t be underestimated either..

Saying Shaq won’t rebound on Wilt is pretty dumb if you ask me..



Wilt 2David: Ok, show me where Shaq (ZERO rebounding titles) was able to dominate the boards vs . . . .

Dennis Rodman – 210 pounds (4 rebounding titles)

David Robinson 235 pounds (1 rebounding title)

Chris Webber 245 pounds (1 rebounding title)

Dwight Howard is only 240 pounds- and he’s lead the NBA in rebounds 5 of his SIX YEARS- Its not always height and a fatazz. Ask Barkley (1 rebounding title)

And if Shaq is 325 pounds, then you left your prom with a female you didn’t pay for.

The point is, just because Shaq is fatter and has a better wingspan, don’t think there is a CHANCE he dominates Wilt on the boards- Wilt KILLED Kareem (1 rebounding title) on the boards- just like did everyone else.

Shaq’s only been TOP FIVE four times in his career- top 10 SEVEN TIMES

So yeah- I think Wilt’s gonna get that rebound.

Shaq 3Wesley: Shaq on the Lakers wasn’t fat, he was frkn “Diesel”..

Goliath of the nba..

Wilt the “Stilt” .. get it?

PMP Shaq, would toss Wilt like Dikembe Mutombo.. sorry for the bad analogy…


Lets be real here, lets be real..

You can’t deny Shaq’s size..

He had good hands.. He could actually take Wilt off the dribble i do believe..

laugh all you want, but we’ve seen his trickery in all stars game and such..

Shaq was more nimble on his feet, and the size factor is a huge roll in my decision..

who can’t stop a “Diesel”… Hakeem and who else? Hakeem and nobody..

Shaq dominated some solid centers for the era.. Ewing, David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutomo, and Shawn Bradley.. lmao j/k

Shaq gives Wilt a hip check in the post and his space is available.. GAME OVER for Wilt

Wilt 3David: I would say that’s a HORRID analogy. Mutumbo is today’s Wilt?

Wilt dropped FIFTY on a regular basis. The only fifties Shaq dropped on a regular basis was on his local Taco Bell late at night.

Remember Shaq vs another center?


The Dream went over, around and make Shaq look silly in 4 straight. Wilt would do the SAME thing.

And Hakeem never averaged 50.

Shaq couldn’t just hip check the Dream, but the Dream could make Shaq chase him all over the court, and Wilt is an even BETTER rebounder, and even BETTER scorer!

Wilt beats Fat-FU easily, gassing him out and if he gets on a roll from the line, Shaq never sees double digits.

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  1. From wiki… “(Chamberlain) was an avid track and field athlete: as a youth, he high jumped 6 feet, 6 inches, ran the 440 yards in 49.0 seconds and the 880 yards in 1:58.3, put the shot 53 feet, 4 inches, and broad jumped 22 feet.”

    Also Wilts foot speed was outstanding (track remember) and he often led fast breaks….

    In short, Wilt could run circles around Shaq and never …ever.. .feel it… the man was an athlete not just a basketball player. Actually Wilt thought basketball was a sissy game (his words not mine), but, because everyone in Philly played the game he eventually turned to it himself. Also… and… by the time he played with the Lakers he had bulked up to 300 lbs.

    And, Wilt was at 275, his 275 was all muscle. Could Shaq make the same claim about his 300 whatever pounds? Shaq would never be able to stand the pushing and shoving that went on between players like Russel And Chamberlain… which was a lot… I remember because I saw many Celtic games back in the day and that meant I saw most of the Bill and Wilt match-ups. Russell was the only player who I remember consistently playing Wilt even up. And Mr. Bill was a hell of a defensive player.

  2. Good job David. The only thing I disagree with is your Shaq vs Russell. Shaq would beat Mr Bill. As far as Kareem, Hakeem, Chamberlain, no contest. They were all better. I still remember Hakeem making him look like a fool.

  3. Russell was a great defensive undersized center… he is listed as 6’10” 215 lbs. He also had a great team around him. But, he is in the top ten.
    I am not so sure could have beaten him. I consider Wilt to be the best center I have ever seen and like I said Russell played him even up whenever Wilt tried to score. And Wilt was not a midget… he was big and strong. Russell never backed down and was tenacious. But, Russel didn’t have to score.. he didn’t have to on those Celtic teams. It wasn’t his job.

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