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Ghost Of Frankenstein Poster VWe seemingly pick up right where the last one left off, and the villagers have forgotten about the party they gave the outgoing Frankenstein. Apparently the castle is still there, and hurting . . . tourism? So the Villagers decide to go out and destroy the castle.
Ygor is still alive however, and tries to defend the castle by kicking off parts of the castle onto the mob, but the people still get in, and start tearing the place apart. Ygor is able to escape through the sulfur pit that every castle has, but finds Frankenstein captured in sulfur, much like a fly in amber. Ygor is able to free him, and they are able to escape. Frankenstein is weak, and has a hard time moving, but thankfully is struck by lightning, and that helps. Ygor sees that Frankenstein is repairable, and decides to go after the Son of Frankenstein’s younger brother, who should be able to fix Frank up, and go after the Second Son. Sulfer

Ludwig Von Drake, er Frankenstein, who is a Doctor dealing with mental issues, with his assistant Dr Bohmer, who used to be Frankenstein’s teacher, but messed up a surgery, and now is his assistant.

The Monster Pair show up in Vasaria and the Creature see some kids playing, and the town bully kicks a little girls ball up on a roof, the girl starts crying and the Monster picks her up and carries her onto the roof where she can get her ball. Two men run up on the roof to save the girl and get killed. A mob shows up and the girl’s father asks the Monster to give him back his daughter, and he won’t be hurt. The Monster lets her go when the girl asks him too, but then the Cops rush him and capture him.

The town Prosecutor, Ernst, comes to the Second Son of Frankenstein, and after hitting on the granddaughter of Frankenstein, asks him to come take a look at the new monster. Frankenstein says he will after work.

Whoa. Time out.

Ghost Of Frankenstein Poster hNumber 1. The Second Son has GOT to be close to 50. I mean his daughter has got to be in her 20s if not mid to late 20s. Since he is the younger son of the original Frankenstein, and he was in his 30s- this is what? 20 years after the last one? We have got to be close to 70 years after the original movie? Good Lawd people.

Number 2. How far away are these villages? They don’t know of the Monster? Are they isolated? Did Ygor and the Monster walk for 20 years to get here?

Number 3. Why wouldn’t he change his name? He’s rich, his castle is gone and his family name might as well be Manson.

Number 4. Whenever some strange best shows up in my city, first thing we do is call the local shrink. No wait. We shoot that sumbitch.

Ygor shows up right after Ernst leaves and says that the Creature is at the police station, and he must be brought to the house and fixed. Frankenstein refuses and Ygor threatens to tell the village who he is and what his family has created.

Option A) go back in time and change your name, not like his name is Smith or Jones.

Option B) Pop a cap in Ygor, and say you have no idea what the Creature is.

Option C) Reveal who know what the creature is, and find a way to kill it once and for all, and reject your fathers work.

Option D) Stall for time, and tell Ygor they would not release the Monster to you.

Option E) Do exactly what the crippled Weirdo tell you to do. You know, since bringing home a Creature with One Hit Kill Power to the family is always a good idea.

If you picked E, then you might be a Frankenstein.

So Frankenstein goes to the Police station, where the Creature is chained up, when Frankenstein- who he has NEVER SEEN, disowns him, he goes nuts, but won’t hurt the Doctor, as he stares him down, Ygor is able to get the Creature to lay down on a wagon and take off. Ghost Of Frankenstein 1

We are back to Casa de Frankenstein, where his daughter has found the Journals of Frankenstein, cause the Dad is going to leave Monster Building for Dummies in print form, then when the First son get them and it turns out so bad he HAS TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY and Give up the Family Castle, he’s gonna swing by his little brother and drop them off. Ygor and the Creature come in and kill one doctor, and the Creature tries to run off with Elsa. Frankenstein is able to flood the place with knockout gas- and everyone passes out. No idea why the Monster NOW has to breathe, since being entombed in Sulfur didn’t kill him, but ok.

Frankenstein is keeping the Monster chained in his lab, cause that always works, and wants to dissect the Monster and see what makes him tick, Dr Bohmer refuses, saying that would be murder- even though the Monster has killed, what? 30 people by now? and Frankenstein says he will do it alone, but is visited by the Ghost of his Father, and his father says he must perfect, not destroy his creation (and giving us the Ghost part of the title). So we are back to having to deal with the whole Brain Question again. I still don’t see how the Monster is a criminal, he’s more of a child that doesn’t know his own strength, killing more in fear and self defense than anything else. So Frankenstein hatches a plan, he’s going to put the Brain of the Doctor the Monster just killed into the Monster, and that will make him a good guy. uh, ok.


Ghost Of Frankenstein 2Ygor grabs Bohmer and tells him to put Ygor’s brain in the Monster, so he can be united with his friend. He also promises to make Bohmer famous if he does so, and he will get all the credit. Bohmer is kind of left to think about it, but you know what’s going to happen. Now the Cops show up the Frankenstein’s house, and against his protests, they search the place. They find the secret room, but find nothing, but stumble upon the secret room in the secret room, cause this is Europe after all. The Monster is back at the town, he kidnaps the girl from earlier- but knocks over a candle on the way out and set the place on fire. The pair are back at the house and the Creature wants the little girls brain in his head. Ygor doesn’t want that, and the Monster shoves him, but his Heart doesn’t explode. Elsa is able to get the little girl away from the Creature. Let the surgery commence!

Back in the town, the father of the girl tells a mob, cause we have to have a mob, that the Creature has kidnapped his daughter, but Erik gets them to let him try and get the girl out before they bum-rush the place. No idea why that is a better plan, but ok.
Erik comes upon Frankenstein, and presents him the New Creature- but its not the dead Doctor- its Ygor!

dum Dum DUMMMMM!

The Mob has decided five minutes is up, so they storm the house, Ygor decides to flood the house with gas- but not the KO kind that Frankenstein used earlier, nope he’s using the KILL GAS. Frankenstein tries to stop him, but Ygor kills him, well wounds him, but he’s gonna die. Bohmer tries to stop him but gets pushed back, then Ygor goes BLIND! Apparently Bohmer didn’t blood-type Ygor and now he can’t get oxygen to the optic nerve. He kills Bohmer by shoving him into the machinery, electrocuting him, and setting fire to the house. Ygor is blind and cant get out, so he dies too. Erik and the Granddaughter of Frankenstein leave.

It may seem like I’m poo-pooing this movie a lot, and I am, the logic leaps are just WAY out of whack, and considering I’m binge watching a lot of these. in a row, I see the changes from Frank to Frank to Frank and so forth. As you can tell, this movie has a LOT going through it, and it moves pretty quickly. If you turn your logic mind off, you can enjoy this movie- and again, its all about Ygor. I’m interested in seeing how it ends up. I’m giving it a solid 7.

And we will find out,

Next week.


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