NFL Draft Review: Chicago Bears

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.
I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

Round 1    Pick 14Kyle Fuller
Kyle Fuller     CB    Virginia Tech    76

What I said then: Gruden likes him more than anyone else. Please let the rest of the teams think Clinton-Dix has been picked.
I have seen him a lot, and he can hit you and drop you. It could get painful on the frozen spaceship.

What I think now: They have to get some secondary help, and he’s fast enough to play corner. He works hard on the gridiron, and even harder in the film room, and in the NFL, thats worth a half second on your 40 time. The more I look at this pick, I think he is going to be around a long time- as long as he calms down the big hitting.
Round 2    Pick 51
Ego Ferguson     DT    LSU    

As I have said, the Wife is a huge LSU fan. So I’ve seen Ego.
Thats not good. He’s got one more sack than I do in his ENTIRE LSU Career. He’s not that quick off the ball, and he does have a tendency to get stood up, I don’t know if its a height thing (6’2) or a power thing- but it happens often. He does a decent job against the run, but isn’t going to get deep penetration. Its a reach pick for potential. I’m not a fan of this pick If I’m a Bears fan.
Round 3    Pick 82
Will Sutton     DT    Arizona State    

I like him more than Ego- 30 picks later. He’s a feast or famine type of guy- I think that means he’s going to be a major rotation player. He’s smaller than Ego, and that may mean a lot of going in and out depending on down and distance. He’s got a good first step, and I think he plays a lot this year, maybe not a starter, but he won’t have a clean uniform for long.

Round 4    Pick 117
Ka’Deem Carey     RB    Arizona    

This pick I like, Carey has good speed, isn’t afraid of contact and hates to go down. Thats a good thing and a bad thing as hard-headed backs tend to get hurt in the NFL. He’s going to be loved in Chicago though, since he isn’t a threat to go for 60 yards, but Chicago has a guy that can do that already- they don’t need Forte on 3rd and 1. This guy is all good for 3rd and 1.

Round 4    Pick 131
Brock Vereen     S    Minnesota    

Gotta be a Free Safety here. He’s not really that good a tackler, and not much against the run. A converted Cornerback, and might even be looked at in Nickel and Dime packages Not a huge fan of the pick, but he could see the feild fairly often as well, but I don’t see him starting.

Round 6    Pick 183David Fales
David Fales     QB    San Jose State    

I think we have a young Cutler here. He’s got weaknesses, like poor arm strenth and the ball sails on him, but he does have good vision and goes through his reads smoothly, and looks off the safety better than most QBs. Coming from a smaller school, he hasn’t seen the speed he’s going to week in and week out in the NFL, and he might have some dumb picks early on. I do think he’s a stopgap QB, since he’s not going to go vertical often to streach the feild.

Round 6    Pick 191
Pat O’Donnell     P    Miami    

At no time do I draft a punter. Ever.
That said, this guy is a keeper, he can boom the ball 50 yards with no problem, and has the frame to make the tackle and not embarrass the returner.

Round 7    Pick 246
Charles Leno, Jr.     OT    Boise State    

Came to Boise as a tight end. Added almost 50 pounds and moved one spot over. He needs to hit the leg machine so he doens’t get bowled over, has some coachable issues with his hands, and can be productive is he learns. He’s got quick feet, and I could see him playing guard even, if he cannot add much weight without costing him even more of his speed.

No. 131: Denver traded this selection along with their seventh round selection (246th) to Chicago in exchange for Chicago’s fifth round selection in this draft (156th) and a fifth round selection in 2015

No. 183: Tampa Bay traded this selection to Chicago in exchange for offensive tackle Gabe Carimi.


Fuller is going to start Day 1 and be there a long time. I see Sutton playing quite a lot, maybe a spot starter, I think Ego and Vereen are rotational, and we will see them. What will make this draft a keeper is Carey and Fales. If either develops into a someone we care about, they did well, if not, this draft is all about Fuller and depth, not what Chicago needs with their window closing.

Free AgentsChicago Bears
Cody Booth T Temple
James Dunbar OT TCU
Brandon Dunn DT Louisville
Ryan Groy G Wisconsin
Christian Jones LB Florida State
Devekeyan Lattimore LB South Florida
Jordan Lynch RB Northern Illinois
Tana Patrick LB Alabama
Lee Pegues DT East Carolina

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