NFL Draft Review: Green Bay Packers

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.
I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.
Round 1 Pick 21
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix     S    Alabama   Clinton-Dix

What I said then: He can tackle, and he is good at coverage. I don’t think he’s going to be doing run support- but nailing tight ends. He’s going to be playing with Dom Capers, so he’s going from one smart defensive coach that can’t coach in the NFL to another.

What I think now: The number one guy I wanted for the Panthers, nothing has changed. He needs a little work on tackling techniques, but other than that, I got no issues with the Ha-Ha, other than the fact he’s playing  for another team.

Round 2 Pick 53
Davante Adams     WR    Fresno State    

I think he starts day one. He doesn’t have straight burning speed, but if you get the ball near him its a catch. If the Packers have a semi-accurate . . oh wait. Yeah, he’s a 1200 yard a year guy. Solid pick. (Unless he gets fumbleitis)

Round 3 Pick 85
Khyri Thornton     DT    Southern Miss

REACH. Why? SLOW. He’s not exactly a run-stuffing monster, and not really quick enough to be the one man wrecking machine. Sorry, I just don’t like the pick. I understand the need, but there was more out there.

Round 3 Pick 98
Richard Rodgers     TE    California  

Another reach. I kinda wonder out this one, he’s not a physical guy and even though he did play a with more weight before, it hurt his burst. Gonna be interesting to see what weight he plays at in the NFL.

Round 4 Pick 121
Carl Bradford     LB    Arizona State 

Needs work on tackling, loves to get in the way of running backs, and knows how to read a line as he used to be a fullback. I think he is going to be in the rotation fairly quickly, and under Capers becomes a favorite pretty quickly. Good pick for a good team.

Round 5 Pick 161
Corey Linsley     C    Ohio State 

Both DJ and David think these guys win the division, do you?

Bit of a reach, he has problems with DT that have quick first steps, I think he can play at the next level, but may spend year one on the practice squad to get better timing from the jump. He’s not huge, and he’s not fast. I just don’t get this one. I will say once he’s locked in on a guy, he looks like a NFL player.

Round 5 Pick 176
Jared Abbrederis     WR    Wisconsin  

6’1, 180, runs a 4.54, he’s not a srong guy, but he works hard on the feild. Its going to be interesting to see what happens here- if he adds 10 pounds of muscle, that will help his durability, but what will that do to his speed? I think he’s good enough to play 10-15 plays a year and contribute right now.

Round 6 Pick 197
Demetri Goodson     CB    Baylor 

Who? Holy Shit what a reach. He’s RAW, and doesn’t have the best instincts, and has a lot of work to do in his tacking, oh? Did I mention he’s TWENTY-FIVE? Oh and he gets hurt too? Bad pick, but the Packers must has seen something.

Round 7 Pick 236
Jeff Janis     WR    Saginaw Valley State  

6’2 and 210. He lit up lower level like you want guys too. Solid late round pick. May see the feild early and often in training camp.

Overall: The first two picks are home-runs, I think those are both going to be awesome, after that? If I’m a Packers fan, I have high hopes for Bradford and Abbrederis , but there are a TON of bad picks and reaches. The Packers are good enough to absorb a half-draftload of bad picks. But I’d be happy with Ha-Ha and Adams, then going home and trading the rest for a first rounder in 2 years.

Free AgentsPackers_Helmet
Jake Doughty LB Utah State
Jay Elliot LB Toledo
Carlos Gray DE North Carolina State
Adrian Hubbard LB Alabama
Jordan McCray G Central Florida
Rajion Neal RB Tennessee
Mike Pennel DT Colorado Stae-Pueblo
Justin Periollo TE Maine
LaDarius Perkins RB Mississippi State
Chase Rettig QB Boston College
Joe Thomas LB South Carolina State
Ryan White CB Auburn

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