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joe11) Don’t know if you saw the video about the cat that saved the day that, in a word, was freaking amazing…. OK… that’s two actual words, but, so what… and… who’s counting any way?

If you didn’t… it went down like this… surveillance video shows some dog roaming around; his ears perk up and something grabs his attention… then a kid is seen doing some kid stuff by himself… mostly riding around video 1on a trike… for some reason the mutt decides it would be a good idea to run up to the kid, chomp on his leg and then drag him off to finish the job. To be honest… this does not look like it will end well or be very pretty. Not exactly looking like a feel-good-moment at all.

Suddenly, like some other worldly possessed bat out of hell, a freaking crazy ass cat comes out of nowhere… goes into attack mode… somehow separates dog from kid and then chases the damn dog… Cujo’s distant cousin, obviously… away… an amazing feat… simply amazing… and heroic.

In a nut shell… The cat rams the dog head on… dog skedaddles… stops… cat says “fuck off buddy” and gives chase… the dog scrams… tail between his legs…. cat skids… then runs back to Timmy… oops… I mean video 3video 2Jeremy… by now, mom is rushing to see what the hell her kid is screaming bloody hell about…

Jeremy and Tara
Jeremy and Tara

Luckily the kid… 4-year old- Jeremy, needed only a few stitches and is now doing well.

Jeremy says, “Tara (the cat) is my hero.”

Haven’t heard anything lately but my gut guess is that this fearless feline, who is most likely somehow a distantly realted to Freddy the Cat of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fame, is now chowing down on fresh tuna, salmon and maybe a little lobster, caviar and filet mignon on occasion.

A report by local media outlets did say that the dog, which is now under observation by Bakersfield Animal Control, will be euthanized.

Anyone who thinks that animals don’t comprehend shit and understand us humans, except as a free food ticket, better rethink the relationship that goes on between many folks and their pets… as well as what goes on in our furry family members little brains.

Might be more there than meets our puny brains and many peeps think there is… huh?

2) Then over the weekend… or, maybe, it was on Friday… I forget now… but any way… there was this little piece in the NYDN…. “Your sofa probably has some loose change under the cushions…”

Seems, last month these three college kids, Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo, needed a couch so being college kids… hmmm… now that I think about it… being anyone with a limited bank account… they went to the local thrift place.o-MONEY-FOUND-570 Like a Goodwill store or some other like place like maybe the Salvation Army store… which, incidentally, is where they went. Anyhoo… they went and picked up something cheap… $20… but still worth sitting on and not something ya’ll is gonna hate after a day or two.

Ya know, like when you brought that $250 lamp because it was just so unique and would go great next to that antique green couch that Aunt Sadie gave you last year when she redecorated her house.

The first day… damn that thing is big… but I’ll get used to it.

Second day… man, that is big… and freaking weird looking… why the hell did I think that was gonna not overwhelm that corner of the room?… oh, well, I’ll get used to it.

Third day… I am such a fucking idiot… a gigantic purple art deco lamp with a sparkly shade next to that green Queen Anne couch… just  freaking stupid, stupid , stupid… and I got the damn thing at close out… all sales final… stupid, stupid, stupid.

But, this couch ain’t like that… not at all. It’s a nondescript piece of furniture that goes with anything. And, sorta comfortable, too. That is… except for few weird lumps here and there.

So last month, as the three roomies were watching a video, one of them, Reese, felt one them there weird lumps and began rousting about in the cushions; stuck his hand under the arm of the couch and pulled out a plastic envelop… inside: $700 in $20 bills.

Reese said he almost pissed his pants…. but, after a collective “whoaaaaa…”, the other two began to roust about in other weirdo-MONEY-FOUND-2 lumpy areas and they foond several more envelopes… Grand total… $40,000 plus.

Being poor student types, their minds ran rampant… Puerto Rico… or… Costa Rica…. NO! Something smart… like paying off student loans… or… maybe getting one their moms a needed car… yeah, yeah… that would be wise… something good. The myriad possibilities were rampantly thrashing about in their fantasies… when… one of them said he found a name on an envelope.

Reality set in and a battle with the dark side most likely ensued… with each providing justifications for why they should keep the money… but… in the end… the guilt overwhelmed them and they did the so-called right thing.

Lara said, “We all agreed that we had to bring the money back to whoever it belonged to… it’s their money. We didn’t earn it.”

Some searching and sleuthing through a phone book and they found a name that matched the envelope. Called the number. A lady answered… one of the kids said… “I found something that I think is yours.”

After a most likely very pregnant pause the lady said…”What?”

“A couch”

Another likely very pregnant pause… then… “Oh my God, I left a lot of money in that couch.”

Now… some peeps karma in upstate NY just got a big boost… but, I betcha some of ya’ll reading this are saying “Ta hell with that karma stuff… we be talkin $40 large here. I could use $40 large.”

Yeah, I hear ya… me too. But I’d like to think I’d do the same…return it. But, I gotta tell ya… lacking an envelope with a name… I don’t know how far I would go before I said, “Hell… I did my best… I tried.”

But, then all that Catholic guilt, I was raised up with, would be pounding around my brain like some bad cocaine… I’d do my damndest to try and trace where the freaking couch came from.

But I gotta say… if, after I did my bestest, I still came up with dead ends… that money is going into a bank account and staying there for a year… nothing ever comes up by then… sorry… it be mine.

But that damn guilt… always lurking about in the dark alleyways of my mind. Grumble, grumble…

And, by the way… how’d that damn couch wind up at the Salvation Army any way? Was that  lady just really old and demented?Crazy? Or, just a dumbass?

Nope… seems the woman had some kids who thought she needed a new couch so they took her dowdy old sofa off to the Salvation Army store… and, after mom probably shit her panties when she found out what her progeny done did and they raced back to the Army store, the other kids had already brought the couch.

3) Domonic Whilby was told to leave a popular hot spot in the city… p’shaw… NY, of course.. .ya’ll have to ask? Why was he told to leave? Because, it seems he had had at least seven cocktails loaded with vodka and was getting a little too touchy feely with some of the other partiers.

The dude is a nephew to Tyson Beckford… truthfully, that name means nothing to me but I am told the guy… Tyson… is a high end model… I reckon that and the money for some booze gets you into some places.

He stumbled around until he found his way into the nearby Maritime Hotel and promptly passed out in the lobby. Security was told… or, discovered him… either way… they tossed his ass out.

Whilby had only been in NY for half a day… and was now a stumblebum falling down drunk… he stole a truck that was parked in a loading dock area of another nearby hotel.

crash 2Off he went… down West 16th Street… hit a scooter, then a coffee stand and rammed two parked cars, ran two red lights and finally slammed into an MTA bus. The bus jumped the sidewalk and crashed into a scaffolding… the driver of the bus, a 17-year MTA veteran two days shy of his 51st birthday, was ejected. He died.

Whilby told cops he couldn’t remember anything… that he obviously was blacked out… since he left the bar he had slugged the booze.  He was arrested for DUI…

That all happened on February 12th of this year.

In March the charges were upgraded to include  murder, aggravated vehicular homicide,the crash vehicular manslaughter and assault.

According to the DA’s office, Whilby had a blood alcohol level of .22… almost triple the legal limit. He was recently in court and pleaded not guilty… not a big surprise. But, get this… his puke of a lawyer wants to claim that the murder charges should be dropped. Why? Because, he was too drunk to know what he was doing.

Specifically, the sefense counselor’s court statement says that the depraved indifference and felony murder charges should be dismissed because his client’s alcohol soaked brain blocked him from thinking through the deadly decisions…

Okayyyy… deep breathe…. exhale… before the sumnabeetch… okay… another deeeeep breath… before the dude began drinking he was quite capable of thinking through the possibilities that could happen if he drank too much… No? I am gonna go out on a limb here and say damn straight he did. And, I am sorry… but… if, you are responsible enough to assume you can drink and then you keep drinking and happen to imbibe too much, then, you… and, you alone… are responsible for getting into an alcohol soaked brain condition. As well as for what happens during your ensuing alcohol soaked brain state. And, you need to be person enough to take the weight for the shit that ensues after the fact that you got into that alcohol soaked brain state.

Let me state this as unequivocally as I can… No one placed a gun up to his head and said drink… no one tied him down, forced open his mouth and poured intoxicating drink down his gullet… nobody. What he did… got drunk; stole a damn truck and ran it into something and in the process caused a death… killed someone… was a direct result of making a conscious decision to drink and then effectively say “Fuck it… I could care less what happens afterwards.”

And, for that he needs to be held totally responsible for his irresponsibility. I am fucking sick and tired of people getting all lawyered up and then having that lawyer argue to some lame-assed judge and/or jury and somehow convince the weak-kneed straw brained jerks that it was not their fault for what happened because they were incapable of making a rational decision.

Not that long ago we got some lame reasoning that some kid was never taught to be responsible for his actions… remember the affluenza defense???? A damn judge brought that argument and then let a damned teen… who drove drunk; caused a crash that killed folks; seriously injured others… off leniently.

Now… this damn ass wants to try and argue because a person was drunk… exceedingly falling down blacked out drunk… that he was not responsible for the loss of another life and ruining the lives of a family in the process? Then who the hell was? The damn man in the moon?

Enough… if, you can take a drink, or a drug, or anything that allows you to get into any state where you are incapable of functioning then you made the decision to go there. So, you damn well will be responsible for whatever happens while you are where you intended to be from the get go.

People make decisions… sometimes life and death decisions every day… every single moment… every second… of every day. Some pan out… some don’t. If you decide to make one those decisions and have it be to drink and then do shit afterwards…. like get drunk and steal a truck and drive drunkenly and kill someone… then you own that decision. As sorrowful and bad as it is… you own it. And, you take the weight for the shit that gets done.

Simple enough? Hope so. Now… let’s hope a judge in NYC thinks that same way.

4) Piece found at HuffPo (5/21) says that his Prezness, the Bam man plans to announce a new national monument on Wednesday… ohhh… it’s today… how’s about that… to protect nearly half a million acres in southern New Mexico.

Wowzers and shades of Teddy Roosevelt… it was that elephant guy, aka “the father of conservation”, who initially signed into law the Antiquities Act into law by which the Bammer can get to do stuff like designate national monuments. And since Tedster signed that law into effect… 16 presidents… both elephants and donkeys… have used it to designate protections for national landmarks.

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Park
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Park

Now… according to a White House spokesperson… The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, near Las Cruces, will be the largest monument Bam has designated so far and that it will help generate $7.4 million in revenues from tourism and “preserve the prehistoric, historic and scientific values of the area for the benefit of all Americans.”

Conservation advocates praised the move.

The Wilderness Society has released a statement that says, “With this designation, President Obama has shown great leadership in protecting public lands and vigorous support for the New Mexico communities that have long advocated for this national monument.”

Now… it would seem this is a nice little act… a nice new protected park… helps with the environment and all that damn good stuff. Right?

Nope… the House elephants are making noise. Seems they sent a letter to his Prezness asking him to reconsider the designation… and why would he wanna do that?


Elephants are saying because they got concerns about security along the U.S.-Mexico border.

But, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has said that the agency supports the monument creation. And… “This designation will in no way limit our ability to perform our important border security mission, and in fact provides important flexibility as we work to meet this ongoing priority.”

So what’s the problem? Huh?

Look… unless I’m really missing something here… which I really don’t think I am… this is not an issue for anyone except for those peeps that wanna make it an issue. It’s a freaking damn national park. We need national parks. I support the creation of these places because if we don’t do it then the lands may just become part of another overdeveloped tract that does nothing except help hurry on global warming. Yes… I believe global warming is a real situation that needs us peeps to do something that stops it from happening and relegating us humans to the same fate of the dinos.

The House needs to concern itself with doing stuff to help we the peeples… like cutting gas prices… making sure folks got enough food to eat… making sure we all got jobs that contribute meaningfully to our society… just the little incidental stuff.

So, come on, elephant dudes… just this once can’t we play nice?

5) On HuffPo there is this article that shows a mural that was created by a Brazilian street artist, Paulo Ito, on the doors of a Sao Paulo school. Its probably not something the politicians of Brazil want there. It depicts what is the reality for a lot of Brazilian folks… hunger and need.

The mural shows a starving child with nothing on his dinner plate but a soccer ball.Brazilian mural

Ito told media sources, “The truth is there is so much wrong in Brazil that it is difficult to know where to start… I didn’t mean nobody is doing anything against poverty. But we need to show the world or ourselves that the situation is still not good.” 

Tens of thousand s of angry Brazilians in the last few weeks have taken to the streets of many cities to protest the billions that the government has spent on the World Cup despite the fact that poverty continues to be a major national issue and public services remain neglected.

Funny… I read the papers and watch the 6 o’clock news a lot and have seen almost nothing… ok… check that… I don’t recall a damn thing about any demonstrations in any Brazilian cities…

One protestor said, “When the government told us we would host the World Cup, we hoped there would be improvements for us. But they aren’t putting on a Cup for the people, they’re putting on a Cup for the gringos.”

Brazil is gonna spend more than $11 billion to put on the World Cup. Arena Corinthians, where the tournament’s first game is scheduled to be played cost around $445 million to build.

The World Banks lists Brazil as one of the world’s wealthiest economies but 16% of the 200 million Brazilians live in poverty.

Now… I gotta ask the question… if a country can find $11 billion to put on a sporting event; they couldn’t find another $11 billion lying around to feed people and create jobs?

 6) Hunger is also making the news in Africa…news wire reports say that “… more than a third of South Sudan’s population, 4 million people, will be on the edge of starvation by the end of the year as fighting rages on in the world’s newest country…”
See what is going on is this… one side… the new calls them, the rebels… and the other side… the news calls them the government forces… are continually fighting. All this fighting is making it real hard for folks in South Sudan to grow stuff to eat and raise their live stock.

 If you’re from a certain time period you may remember a certain phrase… it sorta went like this… “War is harmful for children and other living things.” 

That’s it in a nutshell… just applied to crops and livestock…

War-torn South Sudan
War-torn South Sudan

A United Nations spokesperson says, “We are losing time. Farmers should be planting their crops right now. If they don’t, and if livestock herders are not able to migrate to grazing areas, people will run out of food.”
Now this is being called a power struggle between President Salva Kiir and a kicked out of the inner circle deputy, Riek Machar.
Both sides… of course say the other is to blame for continuing hostilities and for violating ceasefires. The world press services mostly say things like… “Thousands have died in the increasingly ethnic violence… often pitting Kiir’s Dinka people against Machar’s Nuer people.” 

Now… I am gonna say this once and for all and very simply… all these wars and conflicts… or whatever the hell you wanna label them… all this nonsense… killing and destruction and what not… it is not an ethnic problem what so ever… it’s not religious… it’s not even racial… its none of those damn things. It’s one thing and one thing only… well, maybe two, but, they are closely related and I consider them one and the same, most times… its money and power. Better put… it might be the control of commodities.

South Sudan’s is an oil producing region. It’s all about who controls the oil and thereby gets the major portion of the money… and, the power. Oil production is the lynchpin of the South Sudan economy. You control that; you control everything. You are the man, so to speak.

Peeps in South Sudan have been heard saying… “…give me one month of peace so I can plant and I could look after my livestock.” 

How about a lifetime?

It really shouldn’t be that hard… just stop being so damn greedy and just split the pie down the middle. 

But, nope… we humans don’t seem to do things that way… do us?

7) Pat Sajak has been very Tweetery lately… Who’s Pat Sajak? Ever hear of Wheel of Fortune? It’s a game show… he’s the host. Anyway… among his tweets he seems to talk smack about the climate. And, it’s not what you probably think it is… here be a sampling…

“I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.” Pat Sajak (@patsajak) May 20, 2014. 

He’s had others but that is probably his “best”… in a manner of speaking that is. 

Now… NOAA, aka the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, just said that April was the warmest April on record. There may have been warmer ones but we have no record of what happened back in 2 million BC… And, NOAA also said it was the 350th consecutive month with global average temperates (their word not mine) at or above the 20th century average. I take that means that it be hotter than usual. 

Other reports… from various other international governmental panels… all pretty much echo what is considered to be common knowledge… us peeps on the third rock from the sun have been increasing greenhouse gases and that traps heat and acidifies the oceans and that all changes the weather patterns and it be tending to be getting hotter with more crazier weather thrown in between the hot spells. 

Now all peeps are entitled to think how they want… as long as it don’t affect me whereby I get screwed out of stuff that be rightfully mine. And, maybe Pat is just a nutcase… and that would certainly explain a lot… and… maybe he ain’t and he hinks the way he tweets… whatever… he’s entitled to think the way he wishes. 

But… he did leave another tweet recently… “Sometimes it’s fun to poke a stick in a hornets’ nest just to hear the buzzing.”

So maybe Pat’s just yanking our proverbial societal chain and we should take his tweets for what they are… just another opinion on some form of social media that is a bunch of sound and fury that signifies absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Check out some of his other tweets below… PS tweet
















8) Heard about the fool on the hill…. I know that’s a Beatles’ song line but it might just be apropos for a riff on another article I just found… 

A kid in Texas… a teen… was busted for making and selling hash brownies. Now Texas has some real strange and archaicpot_brownies_ laws… they just seem to be different down there… at least for my taste they are. 

Okay, we all clear here? 

Now… here’s why I said that… this kid is facing 5 to life. 

Officials in Round Rock, Texas, have charged Jacob Lavoro, 19, with a first-degree felony all because he opted to use hash oil rather than whole organic marijuana when he baked his brownies. Okay, I threw the organic part in there but the point is… instead of using the kind of pot that you roll up into joint, he used an extract of the drug. 

So what? 

Here’s what… because of that choice the state of Texas gets to use the entire weight of the brownies as evidence agin him… now entire weight includes the sugar, cocoa, butter and any other ingredients. Now… we clear on that? 

If not… then… the weight of the brownie is used to determine the weight of the drugs because he used an extract instead of the whole weed.   

The brownies weighed about 1.5 pounds. That’s felony possession and sale. 

A spokesperson for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) sent an email to HuffPo that said, “This case highlights both the absurdity and devastation of our nation’s ongoing war on marijuana… Colorado and Washington have ushered in the age of legalization (but) many states still harshly criminalize marijuana and hand out egregious sentences for its possession.” 

Take into consideration that polls in Texas indicate that 58% of Texans support regulating marijuana the same way that the state regulates booze. 

The kid’s dad is on record as saying if his kid did something wrong then hell he deserves to be punished… but let the punishment fit the crime… 

Jacob Lavoro (center)
Jacob Lavoro (center)

“Five years to life? I’m sorry, I’m a law abiding citizen. I’m a conservative. I love my country. I’m a Vietnam veteran, but I’ll be damned … this is wrong, this is damn wrong!” “If (my son) did something wrong he should be punished, but to the extent that makes sense. This is illogical. I’m really upset, and I’m frightened, I’m frightened for my son.” 

But ya’ll know something… this kid is not an isolated situation… while maybe not as absurd as using the total weight of a brownie to the extent where some teenager faces a lifetime in jail there are plenty of folks doing anywhere from 20, 30, 40 years to life for simple pot possession. Peeps that were arrested when they were in their twenties and now are sixty or older and still in jail. 

The American Civil Liberties Union has a report out that looks into Feeb compiled pot arrest data… ok… FBI… for you persnickety folks… the study found:

In 2010, a person was arrested for a marijuana-related charge every 41 seconds.

Between 2001 and 2010, there were 8.2 million marijuana arrests and 88% were for simple possession.

Between that same period… 2001-2010… pot arrests made up 50% of all drug arrests in the U.S.

And… a combined total of over $3.6 billion enforcing marijuana possession laws was spent in the US.

 Do I really got say anything here? 

Just legalize the damn stuff. Regulate it, like booze. And. Be done with it.

9) Did ya’ll see this report that was going around the wire services… a kid got shot in Chicago… unfortunately, that’s not news in Chitown these days… it’s an everyday occurrence… but, what happened was that the EMTs took him about 7 blocks to a hospital with an adult trauma center… 17 and over.


So this… there was a hospital just 2 blocks away with an adolescent trauma center but not an adult trauma center. trauma protest

Now, I don’t even pretend to know all the ins and outs of stupid bureaucratic crap… but… really?

7 blocks just because they are not an adult trauma center?

7 blocks could mean life or death when we be dealing with a bullet wound and some potential serious blood loss. 

That is stupidity on its highest level. 

Somebody needs to fix that and quickly before folks start dying…

In fact… I’m gonna bet some have already died because of that insanity.


Special  notice: Next week I am gonna be in Maine… for three to four days… No reason special…  Just visiting a friend and chilling… lobster… scenry… fresh air… the whole entire nine yards of chillaxin…

So… there gonna be a change to the usual format of WTF… I was gonna deal with a certain issue today but two things happened…

First thing… it was getting to be 6 pages and counting… second thing… I made an executive decision to devote an entire WTF to the issue…  that will be next Wednesday…  May 28.


10) this weeks gratuitous pictures…



 Maria Izabel Goulart Dourado (29-years-old), better known as Izabel Goulart, is a Brazilian model Izabel_Goulart_Hot






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  1. Great as always. A few things: Tara the cat is the family pet. She adopted them after following the parents home one day a few years back. She was just in mama bear mode when she attacked that dog.

    Brazilians have been protesting for awhile now. They protested last year when the FIFA Confederations Cup was held in Brazil, as a way to bring the World’s attention to how the government has been treating the poor. Apparently what the government has been doing was instead of policing the favelas, they were killing a bunch of people, and shuttling them out of sight out of mind. Pretty horrific stuff if you care to read up on it. I know VICE had some interesting stuff on it.

    Pat Sajak needs to hush up, that model is cute, and legalize it!

  2. I think she is legal… ohhh… ya’ll mean weed….

    About the nasty stuff goin on in Brazil… funny… with all the news I read and watch and I can’t recall anything about it??? Why is that? Some soccer tournament going on, or, something, so, it gets buried on the back page?
    That’s the media for ya.

  3. I’m surprised it’s not in the news more because of the World Cup. Last year’s Confederations Cup may not have been a big deal because it’s really a tournament that attracts the soccer fan but the World Cup attracts the more casual viewer. The fact that Brazil is in such poor shape when it comes to the money spent on the stadiums, and it’s many delays, as well as the protests isn’t mainstream news is a bit confusing.

    However, the Olympics are in Rio in 2016. I’m sure Brazil will be front page news by then if this situation continues.

  4. I hope its good stuff you be thinking… and not “he a dumbass!”…

    But thats my goal… if i write soemthng and you stop and think …engage your grey matter… then I was successful. Whether you agree with me or not… at least you stopped and thought about what I said… and, I wll bet that you already have looked at at least one or two things a tad differntly now… and, that is a good thing.

    I could go on and on and on… but I don’t want you going to that place you go to when hubbie describes one of his involved plans on how he gone be fixing the screen door. 😉

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