THE RETURN OF THE HORNETS, and the Lotto Luck that goes with it.

Charlotte HornetsThe NBA Lottery has come and gone, and I for once cannot be happier. Being a Hornets fan since DAY ONE. Only once before have I actually gotten good news on lotto day, when the Hornets got the number 2 pick in the 1992 Draft, winning the rights to Alonzo Mourning. Yes, I know, Shaq was the prize, but I felt Zo would work harder, and be there longer, and considering I saw Duke tear Shaq and his LSU tigers apart, felt that the more rough and tumble NBA would tear Shaq apart, but Zo would be a quicker Patrick Ewing.

I still stand by that statement, if Shaq and Ewing were drafted in 1982 instead of 1992, Shaq would have a MUCH harder go than Zo in the NBA, but rule changes and protective NBA gave Shaq a fighting chance. (Can you imagine Shaq-Fu taking a LEGIT swing at someone like Oakley or even Philly-Chuck? Somewhere in Heaven we will see the Lakers face the Pistons, and I’m waiting for Rick Mahorn and John Salley to dead-lift Shaq and toss him into the 8th row while Lambeer just stares at Kobe till he wets himself as James Edwards and Zeke just stand there laughing at the entire Lakers bench.

ZoSo Jordan decided to go for broke, and didn’t buy that 18th car this week and allowed the Bobcats to get Big Al, and with that came the playoffs, so the Hornets had to give up the draft pick – even though they didn’t win a game again, running their record to 0-8 all-time. Plus had to give up a first round pick due to prior stupidity. I won’t bore you by telling you what player that pick cost them, cause lets just face it, its like picking out what boy band has the least amount of actual talent. There is just so much to choose from, and after a decade they all blend together.

But wait! There’s more. If Detroit got passed up, thier pick moved to 9, 10 or 11, then the Hornets would get a lotto pick in what is considered the most stacked draft in the last few years- or at least till next years draft.

So when the Cavs got given the number 1 pick? I was happy. Not only because that gave Cleveland the 3rd top pick in 4 years- and the Lakers and Celtics didn’t even move up, much less win. So the 9th pick, and give up the 16th pick to do so?

Don’t tell me that the move to the Hornets didn’t mean a thing.

Thats DAY ONE of the Hornets 2.0

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  1. I would have loved to see Shaq go against Wilt, or, Kareem… or, even Russell, for that matter.

  2. I don’t question how well he would have done against the premiere centers of all time. but shaq would have hated the pistons, and dave cowens, and the guys that would break you. I mean the kermit washington punchwasn’t exactly the first punch in nba history

  3. Can’t front: Shaq would have had some difficulty playing in the 1980’s NBA. Yes, Shaq was very good at throwing his weight around but a couple of hard knocks combined with some timely shots to the ribs would have changed his game real fast.

    As far as Kobe goes: those Pistons teams would have mauled him every chance they got if he drove to the rim. Laimbeer would knock him down. The Worm would have frustrated him from the perimeter to the hoop, and Mahorn? Shit, Rick would have killed him. Those Bad Boys were some real beasts. I’m a Lakers fan but I’d be lying if I didn’t agree with you on those Bad Boys giving Shaq and Kobe the business.

  4. The top 4 picks in the draft belong to the East.

    Which means you guys will have a tougher time making the playoffs. (assuming these teams are done tanking)

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