What team is the best destination for Kevin Love

Kevin LoveKevin Love has told the Minnesota Timberwolves he will test free agency and now everybody and their momma are speculating where he’ll go. It was only a matter of time before I weighed in with my two cents and here we go, ladies and gentlemen.


1-Houston.houston rockets

Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik are reportedly being offered (and most likely along with draft pick or two) for Love by the Rockets. Parsons gives the Wolves a really good player who could help offset the loss of Love’s offense, along with gunner Kevin Martin. Asik would be added just to make the contracts work, but he’d also give them trade bait around the deadline since his deal is expiring.

Love played for McHale in Minnesota during his rookie season and has a good relationship with him. James Harden, Dwight Howard and Love would form one of the best trio’s in the league and they’d be an instant contender from the time the trade goes down. Harden, Howard and Parsons were good this past season but Love is a much better player and they’d have two beasts on the boards. It doesn’t help their defense that much, but they’d be an exciting run and gun team, but McHale would have pressure times ten to win…..or face the unemployment line for head coaches.


2-Chicago.Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are expected to either to try and trade Carlos Boozer or Amnesty him, but if they were to acquire him…Boozer would have to be a centerpiece of any trade since he makes the kind of cash that would match up in a trade for Love. But, the Wolves wouldn’t take just Booze so they would have to add draft picks or find a third team to get into the trade talks. But, it does make sense for the Wolves if they want to deal him out of the Western Conference.

All jokes aside, Boozer would give the Wolves a player who can put up 16ppg and nine rebounds a game. And he only has one season left on his deal so they’d have some salary cap space after next season. Or they could re-sign him at a lower salary if he plays well for them.

As far as Love, Chicago needs a volume scorer and he’d be a great fit on the Bulls. He’d give them an added dimension to their offense, a stretch four and he’d be an excellent fit next to Joakim Noah. IF, it’s a big if, Derrick Rose can return and be, say 75-80% of the player he once was, Chicago would have a good trio in Love, Rose and Noah.


3-Golden State.Golden State Warriors

David Lee, Harrison Barnes and a few draft picks might be tempting for the Wolves. They get legit power forward who only has two years left on his deal in Lee and a promising young small forward in Barnes. Barnes will turn 22 years later (after completing his second pro season) this month and still has plenty of time to develop. He’s the main reason the Wolves would accept this trade. Plus, the Wolves would also get a draft pick or two, something rebuilding teams covet when they trade a superstar.

Lee was hurt at the end of the regular season, but he is just 31, but he’s still a consistent player, capable of averaging a double-double and putting up 15-16 points per game and 10 rebounds per game. He returned for the playoffs and was still a consistent player for the Warriors, averaging 13.9ppg and 9.7rpg playing in all seven games.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Love would form a potent trio and the best outside shooting trio in the league.

Love is in demand and unfortunately I don’t see either Boston or the Los Angeles Lakers being involved because neither team is in contention. And Love is tired of losing, something both teams are going to be involved with for at least another season or two.

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  1. Good job DJ. I’d really like to Kevin Love in Golden State. Just because I’d like to see it, it will probably never happen.

  2. All things being equal: I’d go with Houston.

    However, I’m not going to discount Boston or Phoenix if they can convince Love that they can do more to put a good team around him. Both Phoenix and Boston have the right mix of draft picks and young players to remodel their rosters. Yeah, he hasn’t mentioned them yet but I think we’ll all be surprised at the end of the day when a K. Love deal actually does go down.

  3. He will be a PELICAN!
    They have assets to trade and can match the money (Gordon).
    Who wouldn’t want to play in a front court next to this generation’s Tim Duncan (Unibrow)?

    J/K. But I can dream, can’t I?

  4. I live in OKC and have been telling my coworkers that if the Thunder miss the finals, they should trade Westbrook.
    When they scoff I ask them what team would out-rebound a small-ball frontcourt of Love, Ibaka and Durant?

  5. It’s not a bad dream to be honest. Not going to happen in reality, but one hell of a nice dream.

  6. If Love goes to Houston the Rockets should trade Dwight Howard for Carmelo Anthony for the simple reason that they would have a lock on NBA players who post gaudy stats but never win anything.

  7. Love is going to Cleveland!

    They will be afraid to botch another lotto pick so might trade it instead.

    I hate Cleveland and their lotto luck.

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