Son of Frankenstein

Son of Frankenstein posterOk, after the dropoff from Frankenstein to Bride, I wasn’t exactly hopeful coming into part 3, or 4 & 5 to be honest. So lets take a deep breath, and see how we do.

Years has passed. I mean years, not only has Dr Frankenstein died, and Mrs Frankenstein as well, but his kid that wasn’t even born yet, has grown up, become a Doctor on his own, but married with his own kid. So we have to have been like 30 years since the last one.

So the Son of Frankenstein (get it) comes home from America, or England, or . . both, and move back into the family castle, along with his long term butler, who has stocked the castle with out of town people, since no one local wants any part to do with the castle.

So uh, The son wants to live in the castle and repair his fathers reputation, calling back the fact that everyone calls the Monster Frankenstein, and not his dad. The local inspector comes by to promise Son of Frankenstein (Here after, SoF) that he will keep him safe, not from the villagers but from himself. Inspector Krogh is concerned that SoF is going to make his own Monster, an also lets him know that there have been some murders in the past few years, 6 men have been killed . . by having their hearts explode. Oh, and Krogh only has one arm, since the Monster ripped his arm out “by the roots” when he was a kid during one of his rampages in movies 1 or 2.

Got all that?Frank and Ygor

Now, why the villagers didn’t burn the castle to the ground the second ONE of the murders happened, I’ll never know. If Krough was a boy when this happened, he should be close to 40 by now, if not older.

So SoF hits the lab, going through his father’s notes that the Inspector gave him. He also meets Ygor, who looks a lot like Dracula.


Ygor had been an assistant for the original Frankenstein, and was basically in charge of stealing bodies. Considering all the deaths and everything, they decided this was a capital offense, and hung Ygor, but due to . . . bad process? Ygor was not killed, only had his neck broken. SoF is more than happy to let Ygor come work with him, and soon finds the Monster in the crypt where his father is buried, scratching out the term Monster and writing Men on the tombstone (It says Maker of Monsters) he takes the Monster back to his lab, and begins healing the Monster. We get a lot of lingo about how superhuman the Monster is (250 heartbeats a minute, 2 bullets in his chest, a blood pressure that your car doesn’t have) and Ygor is more than helpful, wanting his friend back. We do get a “It’s Alive” but not with the mania of the original Frankenstein.

Frankesnstein TarzanThe Monster hits the village, and judo chops an old man. Killing him, and the Inspector is back, wanting to know why he has another murder with an exploded heart. Why a superhuman Judo Chop makes the Heart explode, I have no idea- but still. SoF figures out that Ygor is able to control the monster, and shoots him twice in the gut. The Monster comes back, sees his freind dead, and goes nuts- and rips the Inspector’s arm off again. SoF plays Tarzan (really) and knocks the Creature into the boiling Sulfer pits that all castles have in the basement.

So then a jump cut to the SoF giving the deed to Castle to the villagers, as he leaves.
To a cheering crowd.

Oh, the negatives.

1) The timing. The SoF has got to be in his 30s, so if Ygor was there when Frankenstein was created, he’s got to be in his sixties, and with a broken neck? He’s kind of spry for that age.

2) The kid. I understand his point of being here, don’t mean I have to like it.

3) The exploding heart? Really? Thats what happened? One kill is an overhead slam to the head of one of the old men, so its not like there needed to be a lot of force to kill a man like that, from that height, I don’t see the point, they didn’t need it to drive home the fact that there is a scary monster on the loose, or how to direct the Inspector to the SoF.

4) The townspeople are A-Holes to the SoF when they show up, but they dang near have a parade on the way out- uh, 2 city leaders are dead, not counting the previous 6 before the SoF showed up, can’t we nail him as an accessory?

5) The death of the Monster is just too quick, Tarzan yell, boot and down you go. win, set, skip town.

The advantages. Son of Frankenstein

This movie is QUICK, you could easily add another half-hour to it and not have any padding, You get a bit of a rushed feel, especially the ending. Hard to complain, but its there.

Bela just steals this movie, from the way he ways Frankenstein to the way he just moves around the screen, you are almost sad to see him go. Much like the original Frankenstein in the Original, he’s not supposed to, but he does.

SoF is good, not great. The Movie goes into great detail into just how inhuman the Creature is, but it really doesn’t pay off, but it is a nice try even so deep into the series.

Karloff does just enough to make you care about the Monster, he does a good job of barely moving when he needs to and picking up speed when he has to.

Finally, the Inspector. Next to Bela, my favorite part. The best part is when he and SoF are throwing darts, and instead of handing the extra darts to Frankenstein or putting them on a table, he just jabs them in his arm and continues throwing. Just awesome minor touch.

So overall? I enjoyed this movie much more than Bride. Bela makes me happy, and there just isn’t any filler, like the entire first act of Bride, there is a script here, and the cast busts ass to get it up there, the movie is TIGHT and worth the watch.

Grade 8.

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