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Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?

1. Ok, we both saw the Duel coming, independently I might add, and ONE of us has avoided spoilers like Linsey Lohan on prom night, is GoT becoming predictable?Lysa

 EJ: Tell a man that you read ONE article that contained spoilers and he never lets you forget it! Anyway, the show is predictable if you watch every episode multiple times like I have. If you absorb the show, and pay attention to every detail nothing should escape you, and it should be predictable. I’m not a book reader, but I’m a fan of this show. I’ve never cared for shows of this genre. For example I hate Lord of the Rings, but something about Game of Thrones took my attention from day one. (Ed Note:Boobs) So, if you’re a fanatic you should know what’s happening and nothing should surprise you.

David: To be Honest, I wanted to be wrong, there were two twists this episode, and I saw them both coming. I hope there is a turn coming, the Game gets a bit dull when you know the winner. Soon as I saw the Mountain (Third in a series, collect them all) I knew I nailed it. It would be really interesting if the Prince loses though.


2. Why did Oberyn tell Tyrion about his birth?Oberyn Martell
EJ: I think Oberyn already knows that Tyrion has hatred towards Cersei and Tywin, but I think he felt the need to remind Tyrion just how much he should hate Cersei. The woman has been downright cruel to him from Day 1. Literally, Day 1! If hearing that story doesn’t inspire Tyrion to rebel against Lannister cruelty, I don’t know what will.

David: I think it might be to make sure Tyrion knows just how alone in the world he is, and now that everyone has turned away from him, and no one will fight for him. The Prince will show him that waiting for revenge is worth it.
Think about it.  Tyrion has gotten 2 lessions about revenge, once from Varys, when Tyrion was at the top of his game and now, by the Prince at rock bottom. The next level is going to be Tyrion vs the Lannisters, and the Prince has chosen his side.


3. Khaleesi got her some??Khalessi EJ: Yes she did and why were we robbed the right to watch? I wouldn’t have mind seeing Emilia Clarke naked. We viewers were robbed of that opportunity. She got her man. She got the D. Even the Queen of Meereen needs to get broke off once in awhile.

David: She now has her second weakness. She got where she is by being a cold-hearted bitch surrounded by cold hearted killers. Now she cares for her people, and she’s created a crack in her council. She did throw Ser Freindzone a bone by letting him tell the second son he changed her mind. That’s not going to heal the rift. Its changed the dynamic, and not in a good way.


4. Chances Littlefighter went to the Eyrie to kill Lysa Arryn to start with?moondoor EJ: 110% chance his intention was to kill Lysa Arryn all along. Now Littlefinger is the Lord of the Eyrie until Robin comes of age, and something tells me little Robin will never make it to age. All Littlefinger wants is power, and he doesn’t care who he has to eliminate to get it.

David: Its really a perfect plan. The Lannisters don’t have the manpower to come get him, its rich, its out of the way, and its going to take time to consolidate. It is, by far the best place to rule in time of troubles, and Littlefinger is at the very least Prince Consort. One moondoor trip to go, and he could rule the place. I was a bit sad to see her go, this was a quick arc, and I wanted to see more of the Lysa vs Sansa battle, maybe to grow Sansa a bit. 

5. Best Moment?Arya EJ: Arya killing the man who threatened her on the Kings Road a few seasons ago. Arya has now killed two men on her revenge tour, and she now has the satisfaction of knowing Joffrey is dead. We saw the maturation of a killer in that scene and I loved it.

David: Damn you EJ. I changed the question a few times so you could talk about something and could talk about how Arya just made me squeal with joy when she put Needle in the Heart of that guy. I was thinking she was going to have to give a name when I saw the opening recaps.
I get the feeling when Arya and Sansa meet, Arya might just slap her around too. Hell, Arya might be slapping the Mountain around by the time this Game is over.

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