No-Huddle Sessions, 5/15 Edition


Alright folks, welcome to another edition of No-Huddle Sessions. Yes, it’s true. After last week’s inaugural event I have been allowed to keep my column, right here on Thirsty Thursday. However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did call me on Friday to remind me that ‘racist’ comments such as reporting on Michael Jordan pulling a reverse-Sterling and publicly proclaiming he is (gasp) a racist, remaining neutral about the Donald Sterling issue, and the fact that we still do not know where Jimmy Hoffa is are (and I quote)” inexcusable and are grounds for removal of ownership”. I think he had the wrong number…

I digress; today we are going to talk about some things I am looking to get off my chest. Oh yes, I’m digging deep this week. We’re going to dive right in to the Golden State Warriors coaching job, Magic Johnson, gay athletes in sports, and a nice little video to talk about. That’s all coming up next so keep on…clickin’ on.



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  1. Just one point I wish to make… there are as many ignorant right leaning folks as there are left leaners who believe the first thing they hear and are good sheep and just follow whatever crowd they align themselves with. Not freaking good no matter which side it is.

    No one seems to know how to think for themselves.

  2. I completely agree Joe. Party has nothing to do with it anymore. Sheep are that… Sheep. Glad you got the point I was trying to make.

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