Game of Thrones: Tyrions Trial Options

Tyrion and Shae

Few things have got me as happy as Game of Thrones, and since it has given us something to do on Sundays waiting on football.

Tyrion’s desire for a Trail by Combat has got me more than excited. Since the books and show have diverged on several plot points, so who knows how this is going to go.

Even though watching the show, I have to think its going to be the Mountain vs the Prince. The big question I have on this one is- why would Tywin let this one go?

The Mountain might be the best warrior the Lannisters have, now that the Hound is gone and Jamie is one-handed. Tywin would not want to allow such a fighter to be sacrificed to make the Prince happy, he could bring the Mountain in here later to either take the Prince down or keep him happy. We know the Prince is a badass, but so is the Mountain, and such a clash of both men is something Tywin may not be happy about. As I have said, Tywin covers his bases, and this would not be doing that.

Say the Prince gets killed? Well now his house isn’t happy, his lands are pissed, and the Crown is without those resources. Plus why would the Prince agree to fight to save a Lannister? He’s going to have chances to kill the Mountain anytime he does show up-Tywin may even give him the Mountain in chains.

Lets also keep in mind that the last time we saw the Mountain he was pinned down by the Starks. He may still be for all we know.

So with that out of the way, lets look at some other ideas I have, again, haven’t read the books, so there.

Lets look at this from Tywin’s perspective. He had everything he wanted. Jamie loves his brother, and is willing to give up everything to keep him alive, even retire to his homeland and raise kids. Poor Jamie. If not for Shea breaking Tyrion, he would have won, and free to try and make Grandson #2 a good king, get rid of the blonde woman and her dragons across the Narrow Sea. Oh yeah, and pay off the Iron Bank and get rid of Stannis too.Tywin Lannister

Now what?

So Tywin has a choice. If Tyrion dies, then he has to do something with Jamie. Jamie is just enough of a rebellious brat that he will stay in the Gold Cloaks or worse, skip town and go after that Giant Woman that brought him or worst of all, say the hell with it all and go to the Wall. Never getting a grandkid then. It’s gonna piss off Cersei, but she’s unmarried, getting older, and lets face it she’s 0-1 in raising a good king anyway. Tyrion, if he wasn’t a dwarf, and responsible (to Tywin) for killing his mother, would have been a great son, and even as we speak would be making the family money on the Rock.

So. If I’m Tywin. I let Tyrion pick his champion, and I have to pick a guy that he can beat.
Tyrion has always picked his brother to come save him, and thats not going to happen this time, since Jamie is a shell of his former self, and I don’t want to take a chance that Jamie loses, and dies, then I still kill Tyrion. I lose both Sons, and who runs the Rock now? The good thing is Tyrion has a friend, who just happens to be one of the best fighters in the Kingdom. Tyrion picks Bronne, and I can pick someone like Ser Meryn Trant, who as a member of the Kingsguard, would be acceptable to the masses as a representative.

Ser Meryn TrantSo I put Bronne vs Ser Meryn Trant and I’m done, right? I have a living son, I tell Jamie that the deal is still on, or I make Tyrion fight the Mountain, and I can bundle both brothers off to the Rock, Tyrion can be the Hand of the Kingslayer, since he was good at that, Jamie can get down to bedding a noble lass to get me some grandkids, and if he can’t figure that out, then Tyrion can help him there as well.

All good?

Ok, I have more Ideas.

Tyrion just wants to die. Cersei (guessing) went too far with Shea, and she also wants him to die. So now what? I need to make sure Tyrion dies, and I simply don’t have a guy that can kill the dwarf and not make him a martyr, since some still know that Tyrion, not Joffrey, saved the city. He may also be a rallying point if the new King starts acting like the old King.
Easy way to do this?

Hire Bronn to fight Tyrion.

Its a final betrayal, but Bronn is a sell-sword after all, and no price is too high, Bronn kills Tyrion painlessly, makes a speach that also blames Tyrion for the murder, and vanishes across the Narrow Sea with a big ‘ol pocketfull of money to wait until Tywin needs him, if ever.

If Tywin just doesn’t care if Tyrion dies, or Tyrion refuses to allow a champion, then I need to either select a random Kingsguard (or have Jamie pick one- and my deal is still in there) and let the Gods decide.

Finally I have another option.

Ser Loras vs Prince OberynSer Loras

Stick with me here.

It’s noble blood vs Noble Blood- and it gives me an easy pick on the winner.

Tywin give Oberyn the promise that the next time the Mountain shows up, he gets a chance to kill him.

That gives me House Martell’s loyalty, and further proves that Tywin (allegedly) had nothing to do what happened to the former Queen.

Again, I pack Jamie and Tyrion off to the Rock, and the same scenario above applies. Oh and did I mention that the incest is now a non-issue?

But back to Cersei.

She does not get to kill Tyrion, but she also doesn’t have to marry the “pillow-biter” and can marry someone else- if she wants.

I also get to knock off a member of the Tyrells, but hey, it was up to the Gods, right? The Tyrells may bitch and moan about it- but I am giving Margarey the Queenship, and she’ll keep the rest of her family quiet to keep her chair.

So I make the Tyrells a little upset, but Granny hates the pillow-biter anyway, and might just be ok with that- if nothing else making sure he’s not going to embarrass the family by having him and the incest queen sit barren with no kids.

I make the Martells happy, well, as happy as they can be with me still around.

I get rid of the son I hate, and the other one off to make grandkids, and leaving me alone.

If Cersei gets out of line, I can promise her to someone and keep her in line- hey about that Varys guy? Oh, thank you Cersei for cleaning your room in record time.

So here we go with this one.


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  1. Not going to ridicule you at all. You thought this out. If I have one criticism it’s this: Oberyn, like Tyrion is a 2nd son. Not nearly as important. Also, Dorne really isn’t subjected to Kings Landing. Yeah they are part of the 7 Kingdoms, but they never were conquered. It’s kind of an autonomy kind of deal.

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