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bramhall-world-climate-change  Bill Bramhall/New York Daily News/originally published: 05/12/2014


joe11) Last Tuesday (5/6) a 93-year-old woman, who had a gun that was visible and being recklessly aimed, was shot to death by police in the rural Texas town of Hearne. The woman was shot twice and grazed once.

Most peeps in the neighborhood said the woman, Pearlie Golden, was a sweet woman and was known by most as, simply, “Miss Sulie.”

The scenario developed when Miss Sulie’s nephew confronted her because she was bound and determined to drive her car… the problem was she no longer possesses a legal driver’s license. One thing led to another, Miss Sulie grabbed a weapon and threatened the nephew’s ass with it… he called 911 and cops were disbursed in an effort to diffuse the situation.

When cops got to the scene Miss Sulie was outside the home “brandishing” the gun. She reportedly fired two shots into the


A cop, Officer Stephen Stem, is said to have asked the 93-year-old perp to put down the weapon, and, for whatever reason…crime scene either the lady responded too slowly or continued to hold the gun in a threatening manner… Stem fired his weapon. Miss Sulie

was wounded, taken to a hospital, and, eventually, was announced as deceased.

The nephew, Roy Jones, told a local TV station that he had taken his aunt (aka Miss Sulie aka Pearlie Golden) to renew her driver’s license, but she was denied the license after she failed the test. He said after he took her home, he was sitting with Golden on her porch when she demanded her keys back. He says he said sorry no can do; she got pissed; went and got her .38 and he called 911. And, the rest is what is left… one dead, and, one suspended police officer pending an investigation.

The town of less than 5,000 people is about 150 miles south of Dallas. The incident took place in a predominantly black neighborhood. The cop is white.

The local DA told reporters, “While it is too early in the investigation to comment on any of the facts or evidence … I can say that this was a very tragic occurrence. My prayers go out to the family members of Miss Golden and to the Hearne community as a whole.”

A neighborhood resident asked, “Even if she did have a gun, she is in her 90s. They could have shot in the air to scare her… Maybe she would have dropped it. I don’t see her shooting anyone.”

Now, that may be…. but… just looking at outward appearances to this point… I gotta say I don’t give a damn how old someone is who be waving a weapon about, it could just go off… in fact, it had already been fired… twice… according to witnesses, including her own nephew… and… if, someone had been shot by the little old lady? Then the question would be asked… why the cops didn’t do something… Still…

Miss Sulie-Stephen StemYa’ll knew that still was there or else I wouldn’t be writing about this incident… and as Willie Shakespeare would say… here’s the rub… or… as much of the rub as I can discern… and, to me it’s quite the rub…

After just 6 months on the job as a newly anointed Hearn police officer, Stem previously shot and killed a suspect, who was reputedly involved in an early morning disturbance where shots were fired from a car. News reports from that incident say Stem was one of the officers who responded to a 911 call that said shots were fired from a car. When cops got to the scene of the disturbance they found an unruly crowd gathered in a parking lot as well as a car that matched the description of the one reported in the 911 call… some suspects ran from the car and officers pursued them through a dimly lighted area. Stem fires his weapon and a suspect is hit and killed. A weapon was found at the scene but it’s never confirmed that the killed person had possession of any weapon at any time.

A grand jury cleared the rookie of wrongdoing. However, family members of the deceased said he “mentally challenged” and questioned whether deadly force was necessary.

And… two years have yet passed and he is involved another shooting. And another person left dead.

Curiously, before joining the Hearne PD, Stem spent a year with the Lott PD, and, nearly three years with Bryan P.D. No reason for why he left either PD can be found. But it is curious why he keeps floating about like a little flutter-by in the wind from police force to police force.

Then, leading into the weekend the Hearne City Council called a special meeting for Saturday afternoon to discuss disciplinary measures for Stem, up to and including termination.

On Saturday, Officer Stephen Stem was dismissed from the Hearne Police Department after the city council voted 6-0 to take

Hearne City Council
Hearne City Council

disciplinary action against him.

Stem’s attorney said in a statement, “Police not only have a duty to protect themselves from imminent harm, but also innocent citizens who rely on them ‘to protect and serve.'”

The case eventually will be presented to a grand jury, which is standard procedure when dealing with officer-involved incidents, according to Russ, the city attorney.

Additionally, many Hearne residents… black and white… have said cops in Hearne have used excessive force or questionable circumstances when placing them under arrest… sometimes in somewhat questionable circumstances. Still, the black residents who’ve been outspoken since Miss Sulie’s/Golden’s shooting have stressed that they do not want to overplay the racial implications of the incident… what they do say is that they are tired of the years of unfair treatment by Hearne police and that this shooting is for many now the last straw….

“There (is no) justification to kill a 93-year-old woman. There’s just not. You’re not going to keep killing our people like that. I don’t care if they’re black, white, green, yellow or orange.”

Now, I don’t know anything but the various accounts that I been reading online and in the newspapers… but, here’s the bottom line with this entire ordeal…. with Miss Sulie’s demise, Stem is now averaging about a killing a year since being hired to the Hearn police department. And, considering we are speaking about a town that’s between 4500 to 5000 folks and not exactly a steaming cauldron of rampant criminal activity that’s one damn remarkable statistic and anomaly.

2) Tommy Lasorda told WPBF25 in West Palm Beach: “I don’t wish that girl any bad luck, but I hope she gets hit with a car.”

Now, for those who don’t know Tommie Pasta from a hill of beans, Tommie is arguably a Los Angeles Dodgers’ managerial legend who managed many Hall of Famers and the team to two World Series championships (1981 and 1988), four National League pennants and eight division titles in his 20-year career.

The girl he be talking about… one V. Stiviano. Yep, the Donald Sterling femme fatale.

Now, Tommie Boy admits he’s been close to Sterling for 30 years… he also admits he wasn’t, in the least, shocked that hisLosarda friend made racist comments… just like the ones that were made public when an illegally recorded conversation between Sterling and Stiviano was released in April.

In fact, Lasorda pointedly says, “It doesn’t surprise me that he said those things… He shouldn’t have said it, and he just hurt himself by talking too much and doing things that he shouldn’t be doing.”

So, let me total things up here… on one side of the abacus … illegal tapes were released… on the other side… a guy is saying racist things about folks, using women for his own vicarious desires… back to the other side of the abacus…she is allowing herself to be used… for pay… possible illegal prostitution going on and not sure which side of the abacus that goes… Arghhhhh… it’s an entire ball of confusion with no one coming out of this looking any damn good…

But… back to Tommie Pasta Boy… sure hope your karma is fully paid up if you catches my drift… because wishing and hoping for someone to get run down by car is sure not likely to leave you anything left on the plus side when all is said and done. Especially, when you freely admit your friend is a scum bag from the get go.

3) Then, I find this rambling around the pages of the NY Daily News’ Sunday pages… “A New Jersey real estate agent has sparked outrage by sending an angry, unsigned letter to an older couple who parks on their own lawn.”

The so-called professional agent anonymously wrote Bill and Barbara Doughten: “I’m trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood. I drive my clients around and they see your car parked sideways on the front lawn! You have a driveway… use it!”


You pompous and self-centered sob… who the hell are you to tell anyone where they can, or cannot, park their car… especially on their own land? But, wait… let me allow the elderly couples’ granddaughter… Stephanie Powley…to take the reins here…

Steffi posted an image of the dumbass message on Facebook and said… “Did you take a moment to wonder why my grandfather parks in that lot? Did it cross your mind that he may do it to be closer to his front door? Did you even take ONE second to consider your inconsiderate, ignorant actions before you scribbled your frustration on that piece of printer paper? I’m going to assume, not. Since you mailed it, with no return address… like only a true coward would.”

For the record, the elderly Bill parked the way he did because he has a bad leg and is… well… old… or elderly… and, it’s justbill-barbara-doughten easier for him to get to and from the damn car and into his home. And, additionally for the record, the couple has no plans to change how they park at this point in their lives… as Bill’s other half… Barbara… says “I can do whatever I want to do… I’m not moving the car. (And) I don’t know of any million-dollar homes in this (Ocean City suburb)neighborhood.”

So listen up mister real estate agent puke… put that in your damn pipe and stick it where the sun don’t shine… Bill and Babs would probably never say such stuff publicly but I do… often… and, I just did it again… for them. Right along with one long drawn out good old fashioned Bronx cheer.

4) I gotta tell ya’ll… I, for one, am getting mighty powerful sick and tired of all this Michael Sam pomp and ceremony that is being blared at me night and day through the media. I get it. He is the first openly gay man playing in the NFL. Well… who is presently on an NFL team…we have yet to see if he can play in the NFL.

The second openly gay man in pro sports… Jason what’s-his-name in the NBA beat him to that glory hallelujah moment. And, the fact that I can’t even remember Jason what’s-his-name last name trumpets volumes as far as I am concerned.

You ask, “Why’s that, Mr. WTF?”

Because, if, there was a whole shitload of troubles surrounding Jason what’s-his-name being in the NBA then we’da heard about it by now and in loud and blaring tones. But we didn’t hear diddly squat… or at least only some dribs and drabs here and there… have we? Seems to me, it’s because there didn’t seem to be any issues worth reporting of him playing in the NBA… yeah, I heard of some antigay stuff here and there but for the most part not that much nosie at all.

Now… gay men have been in sports for ever… if ya’ll really wake up and smell the coffee. Yeah, they had to be secretive until only recently but they are kinda, sorta accepted now… accepted to the point where I believe the overwhelming majority of folks don’t think they are gonna get raped… or at least sexaully hit on…. if they step into a locker room shower with a person who happens to be gay. Nor will their willy… the gay guy as well as the so-called straight guy… get all aroused and noticeable. Unless someone is really a horndog… and… if, that be happening then something tells me that it won’t be the gay guy as much it will be the straight guy finding out and facing some strange truths about his own damn ass.

Can he do it in the NFL?
Can he do it in the NFL?

The thing about Sam is this… he made the announcement… that he was gay… he got drafted… can we now leave it alone unless something warrants a real news story? I don’t care that a gay person is playing in the NFL… I really don’t. Can the man hit? Can the man strip a football from a running back’s grasp? Can the man block? See a fumbled football on the ground and go get it?

If he can’t then he needs to get the hell off the playing field and let a real football player on the field. Because, right now it ain’t the type of playing that he do in the bedroom that is important; it’s the type of playing he do on the football field that carries the most import.

Hell… I don’t care if Sam was a bull dyke or a sissy flamer… if the man can catch a football… force a fumble… or whatever else is needed to win NFL football games… then get that person some pads and a uni and let them play the damn game.

Now… one last word… remember that line in that movie? … there’s no crying in baseball… Right… that goes for football too. Daggummit.

5) On HuffPo there was this story about the Dan Ryan family and how they are managing from the Great Recession!!!!!…. Ryan and his wife make a combined $2,700 a month and with rent for a three-bedroom apartment… $1,200… plus whatever they need to pay their other bills… which are mostly necessities… electric, heat, phone and TV… they usually have… give or take… about $125 left for food and other stuff… like soap, paper towels, etc… which is not enough to go out and buy what is considered to be the needed and healthy food to feed a family with three kids.

That $2,700 a month is also too much for a family like the Ryans to go get SNAP help… aka, food stamps.

Ryan used to make $70,000 a year as a chef in Boston but then was diagnosed with cancer and the cancer caused nerve damage in his right leg. Now, chefs tend to be on their feet a lot… moving from here to there in a hurried and chaotic state… the nature of their business. Having a leg that can’t operate efficiently due to damaged nerves means a guy can’t do chef stuff efficiently. That means Dan Ryan was out of a $70,000 a year job.

So he collects disability and his wife works full time at a local nonprofit business and to feed themselves and their three kids they go to a local church food pantry every week because they can’t afford to pay the bills they need to pay and buy enough food to healthily feed their family.

The weekly food pantry trips help… a lot… but sometimes even the church doesn’t have enough for everyone… because, the Ryans ain’t alone.

As Dan puts it… “Times are tough for everyone, including (the church)… It’s never a guarantee you’re gonna get enough to last through the week when you go.”

On weeks when the food pantry can’t help them, the Ryans usually have dinners of just pasta and bread. Lots of folks be eatingfeedingamerica-nation-2012 stuff like plain noodles and bread and maybe a spot of grease for flavor… if, they be lucky it might even be something that resembles butter.

This is a reality… even though the news media keeps telling me, and you, that we all is in the midst of one great big recovery from the Great Recession!!!!

The reality is that the numbers may say we is recovering but the percentage of Americans lacking consistent access to quality food has been stuck at the same level since 2008.. .the middle of the Great Recession!!!!.

And, if, ya’ll remember our wonderful US Congress done picked this time to snip and slice and slash the SNAP bennies. Which has left hundreds of thousands more of us citizens in the lurch when it comes to getting food to feed our families.

And, according to the HuffPo article… “As of 2012, the most recent year for which data are available, there were about 49 million Americans who, like the Ryans, were ‘food insecure,’ meaning they have limited access to sufficient amounts of food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (And a)… new report from the hunger relief charity Feeding America throws the nation’s struggle with hunger into an even starker light. The report, titled ‘Map the Meal Gap 2014,’ broke the USDA’s data down county by county, giving a more nuanced picture of food insecurity. The report reveals that there are 16 counties in the U.S. with more than 100,000 ‘food insecure’ children… a number you might expect to see in a developing country rather than the world’s wealthiest nation. (And) … food costs are rising steadily for those people: The Feeding America report found that, on average, people struggling to afford food said they needed an extra $15.82 per person per week in 2012, up from $14.35 in 2011. All but one of a dozen food banks and food pantries around the country contacted by The Huffington Post … said the number of people they serve has remained at record highs even after the recession officially ended in the summer of 2009.”

minimum-wage-povertyNow… a biggie of why so many of us American folks are food needy is that the cost of goods and services, especially energy and food, keeps rising… and, rising dramatically. And, there don’t seem to be anyone predicting that the cost of goods and services, especially energy and food, will not continue to rise while incomes stay steady… or… is the word really stagnant?

So what’s a country to do?

Some say raise the minimum wage… which is kinda good for those who have jobs but what about those who don’t have jobs or have simply stopped looking for work because they are tired of being beaten down with the constant barrage of no, no, no, no? And, if, the minimum wage is raised, what then? Ya’ll mean that not one person thinks that the higher cost for workers won’t get passed along to we the consumer in the form of higher prices? So what did that fix? Not a freaking thing… IMO.

So my mind be digesting all this info as I begin to formulate my thoughts prior to putting finger to keyboard.. gotta meet my deadline… then, I get off work, hop into my gas fueled machine and head off to home… my radio is on… it’s always tuned to CBS all news, all the time… and I hear this… “We need to raise the tax on gas because…”

My brain explodes and my gut churns as the words rise from somewhere deep inside my soul and I say out loud, “What the fuck! Excuse me???!!! What the hell you mean ‘raise the taxes on gas’?????”

Here’s the idiot’s rationale…

The cars we drive today are more fuel-efficient than ever, and that would seem to be great news for everyone. We get more miles to the gallon of gas and therefore are actually spending less on gas. It costs a lot more but we buy less. And with better cars getting better mileage we are actually saving the world… we be eco-friendly. But, there’s a downside: transportation budgets are heavily powered by the gas tax. So, better fuel mileage means less money for roads and bridges. The bottom line… advancements in fuel efficiency pose some real problems for transportation budgets.

So… here’s the ticket… we finally start driving better cars that get better gas mileage and do Something right for the environment… plus, we start saving some moolah to spend on things we need… like food for the family but that means since we now spend less on buying gas that the transportation fund gets less and the government can’t fund projects that maintain the infrastructure… roads, bridges and what all.

But, ya’ll know the fact is we have a real answer staring in the face… and it’s an answer no self-respecting capitalist wants tobilde accept… less profits.

Because the real answer to solving the problem of families being able to afford the essentials… food, clothing, a roof overhead… and maybe having a little extra for some fun every once in a bit… a meal out… a movie.. a ball game… just small stuff… is having stuff cost less. And, things be costing less if gas costs less. Because ain’t the argument of why things cost what they always do begin with the the arguement that the price of gas and oil are up so we gots to raise prices to maintain profit margins. Right? Yessir, buddy, it sure do be that way.

So, let’s keep taxes right where they are… and let’s just tell the oil companies… take fewer profits. Because by taking fewer profits ya’ll will still have a nifty piece of the money pie… albeit a little smaller piece of pie but none the less a significant piece of the pie to mark down in the profits column of the ledger by the end of the day.

So the old excuse to raise the prices to buy stuff will be nonexistent or simply eliminated. And, maybe… just maybe… the prices will actually begin to go down and we can try to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and find an escape from placing one foot in front of the other foot and into the quagmire of not having enough to make ends meet.

Because, if, that is made into a reality… the oil companies taking less profits… and prices can hold the line, or actually go down, then folks like the Ryans, and millions of other Americans, can finally have enough to make sure that their families have well balanced meals. And if they start eating healthier and healthier… then they may start getting healthier and just maybe we be seeing things like obesity becoming less common… then maybe, less diabetes… and then less burden on the medical infrastructure and the health system in general… and… then… you be starting to get the drift? It’s a reverse avalanche of causes and effects that make life in the big city, as well as life in the little old countryside, a hell of a lot better for us all.

And, It would not take a real lot either… like instead of 20% profits… how about… just 17%? Or, even if every company maybe took 1 to 2 percent less and gave it to taking care of the real business at hand… we the people. Because ya’ll know what? No one in this country should ever want for food, shelter or being healthy. And, brother, that’s the truth straight from the heart.

6) Tuesday night (5/13) the LAPD told HuffPo that there young peep from north of the border who seems to consistently find ways to make the news in very negative ways has done it again… no, its not her besides she’ an American… unfortunately…. its Justin Bieber.

What now, you say?

Here’s now… “According to LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera, the Canadian singer has been accused of attempting a robbery Monday night around 10:30 p.m. The alleged victim is currently being interviewed by police. As of now, Bieber has not been charged by police with a crime.”

The Biebs, who is scheduled to go to trial on a DUI charge in Florida and is awaiting a trial in Toronto on misdemeanor assault charges, is now potentially facing attempted robbery charges.

On Monday (5/12) night, at about 10:30 pm, he and his entourage were at a Sherman Oaks Castle Park batting cage hitting some balls and it seems, for whatever reason, he and his buddies and some other peeps got into it over who knows what.

The allegation by the Biebs accuser says an argument was brewing and that when she pulled out her cell to snap a few pics Biebs tried to grab the piece of techno out of her hands… the assumption is he was unsuccessful in getting the phone… thus the “attempted” part in the charge… but successful in that there are, so far, no pics of the alleged incident having surfaced. The lady then went and made her accusations to the LAPD and the investigation is now afoot.

Now… I’m gonna bet this ends with him making nicey nice and maybe even buying the lady involved a new cell or some other pleasant trinket… since it appears no blood or anything otherwise was shed. I doubt much else comes of this…. UNLESS… the lady persists and the cops go all gung-ho in their investigation. Then it’s your guess is as good as mine as to what happens next…

But, I gots one simple thing to advise Mr. Bieber here… keep your fucking paws offa other peeps things!

If, he and others want to be in a public place and then decide getting into it with some other peeps is advisable and if someone wants to take pictures… they are damn well entitled to do so.  It’s real simple… If you can’t be out somewhere and play nice then don’t go. And, if, ya’ll gonna go out and act like a dumbass then expect folks to snap some pictures for whatever reasons they choose to do so… most likely followed with a call to TMZ or some other gossipy forum.

Word… and, if the Biebs be wise he might wanna listen up… If you can’t handle the high life maybe you should get out of that life and stop getting so high and mighty.

… You think it’s an honor just to have you ’round… Well it’s high time… that you find…
The same dudes you misuse on your way up… You might meet on your way down. (“On Your Way Down” by Allen Toussaint)

7) Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.” (Karl Rove about Hillary Clinton after she sustained a fall as SecState/The New York Post’s Page Six)

Karl Rove (l) and Hillary Clinton
Karl Rove (l) and Hillary Clinton

I am totally opposed and deeply offended by Karl Rove’s comments about Secretary Clinton. I have many policy disagreements with Hillary but this kind of personal charge is exactly what’s wrong with American politics. He should apologize and stop discussing her health. I was angry when people did this to Reagan in 1980 and I am angry when they do it to her today.” Newt Gingrich in response to Karl Rove/Huffington Post)

Rove appeared on Fox News Tuesday (5/13) and said he never specifically said the words “brain damage.” But, he also persisted that Clinton should answer questions about her health if she runs for president in 2016.

Now then… when you use the words “traumatic brain injury” I really gots to think you are referring to a brain injury and that includes assuming damage to the brain. No?

Fact: Go online and type in the word “injury”. The first three references are definitions of the word… and the first and primary defining phrase all include the word “damage”… i.e., “Damage or harm done to…”( ; “harm or damage that is done or sustained…” ( and “… injuryis damage to a biological organism caused by physical harm… (Wikipedia)

So, Rove didn’t use the words brain damage… but…. come on… let’s try not to be obtuse here, Mr. Rove.

Fact: Nicolle Wallace, who worked with Rove in President George W. Bush’s administration, was on MSNBC (5/13) and said the “attack seemed out of place, out of time and some of the basic facts seemed to be wrong.”

Not real helpful to Mr. Rove is it?

Fact: Clinton’s doctors said she did not suffer any neurological damage from her fall.

Sorta speaks for itself… No?

Fact: When Fig Newtown… oops… my bias is showing… but… When Mr. Gingrich comes out and does not mince words and says he thinks what ya’ll said is “wrong” and you should “apologize”… man, some damn obvious line must have been stepped over with what was said.

Lookie see… back in the day when Hils was running against Bam… I was a Hils person… but I gotta say… some stuff she was saying was just… well… not true.. simply put… I think she lied. That made me rethink supporting her… and, I didn’t.

And, to be truthful, if, there be real issues with someone’s health then I don’t have a problem with getting the facts out there… I mean facts is facts.

But, to stir up stuff where there is no stuff and its sole purpose is to just make innuendo statements that try to make people think stuff that just is not so… well, that’s not right.

Personally? Rove needs to do nothing… Newt already done did it… Hils still got some splaining to do… about plenty of stuff… and, either she will, or, she won’t but hopefully she gets judged on the substance of her actions and words and not the words of some peep’s innuendo…

And, let’s hope somebody comes out of the woodwork that has some real substance to add to the discussion as we approach the 2016 elections.

8) Questions I recently heard that I really want an answer to:

  • What God says it’s okay to steal girls from their homes and sell them into slavery?
  • Why is affordable universal health care a problem for some peeps?
  • Isn’t any form of capital punishment “inhumane”? I mean, yeah, some methods are quicker than others but killing is killing and it hurts… no? (And, before ya’ll get up in arms… this is not a question about what the peep being capitally punished did and how much the victim suffered when he did it.)
  • People really believe that the murders in Sandy Hook were all a fabrication? Honestly????
  • Why does anyone care that Solange kick the hell out of Jay Z?
  • And did anyone notice… at least from what I saw and read… he never struck her back? How come it’s okay for a lady to beat on and abuse guys and most peeps say not a thing but let a guy raise a finger in defense and “Whoa, Nelly” and “Katie bar the door?”
  • And, finally JayZ can’t go to a party without his old lady? Really? And, it’s sorta; kinda none of Solange’s damn business anyway, ain’t it?

9) I got one thing to say about Donald Sterling and then I hope I can finally ignore the dumbass once and for all…donald-sterling-anderson-edited1

When you make an apology there is something that you could learn from the 12 Steps from AA… Specifically, the 10th Step…

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

Here’s how this works… it means you get to say where you was wrong… nothing about anyone else… just you… and…

You get to say… “I was wrong; I’m sorry, and, I’ll never do it again.

End of story.

10) This weeks gratuitous pics…




Karlie Elizabeth Kloss (born August 3, 1992) is an American fashion model.


































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  1. We care about Solange because Jay and Beyonce have done a great job so far in keeping their private lives to themselves. I’m sure they are like every other couple and have their problems, but they don’t expose it for the world to see like other celebs. So when something like this comes out, when a sister in law goes BEZERK on her brother in law, yeah people tend to pay attention to shit like that.

    Great blog as always, and I’m a little ticked you touched on Tommy Lasorda before I did on Friday. Of course you did so better than I can, but I am not going to go back and delete what I’ve already written . . . lol . . .

  2. From what i have read it seems Solange has got some issues and that this is not the first timeshe has reacted violently with Jay and Bey.

    And..about Tommie… it’s all good… whatever you can add to the pot will be thought provoking, I’m sure.

  3. Yeah I’ve read that about Solange too. Might explain Beyonce’s lack of reaction. I have to admit Bey and Jay handled the outburst well enough. I just wish there was audio in that elevator. I’ve read what has been speculated, but I would have liked to have heard what she actually said in that moment.

  4. EJ is completely right. Great job as always, I’m a big fan of the WTF. To design the graphic is simply humbling for me. I had a lot of the same feelings on Michael Sam, though. You read my mind, there. As for Sterling, Lasorda is no PC-gem, but he did a good job keeping the peace. I share a lot of the same feelings as I described earlier. I saw the apology…and it seemed like nothing more than the acting of a good attorney. The dude seems more sorry for getting caught than anything. It’s been a slow news day for like a month. Still haven’t talked about the Jordan rebuttal,though (which I find interesting). So is it okay for Jordan to be a racist and not Sterling? A PC mindset is truly backwards. I’m only sad to say I’ll have to see how this unfolds while the generation responsible for “political correctness” skates away and dies off. Thanks Obama…

  5. About Jordan… I got a lot of questions about how he thought/thinks about a lot of things. Starting with why didn’t he speak out on Sterling way before now? He just found out? He must think we all fell off the local turnip truck just yesterday.

  6. I am truly happy to read this blog posts which consists of lots of helpful data,
    thanks for providing such data.

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