NFL Draft Review: New York Jets

Welcome to my 2014 NFL Draft breakdown.

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.
So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

Round 1 Pick 18Calvin Pryor
Calvin Pryor S Louisville

I see him at SS more than FS, simply because he can hit like a freight train, and he might draw some NFL attention because of it. I’m really interested when they first play the Pats and he lays a guy out on National TV. My only big issue with him is can he cover one on one? Keep in mind when I watched Louisville, I was wanting the offense to hit the field, but he could be a standout for a long time in the NFL. I really can see him making a name for himself making those HUGE Tight Ends do the Elway-copter over the middle. Excellent pick for the Jets- but I like Ha-Ha more.

Round 2 Pick 49
Jace Amaro TE Texas Tech

HUGE pick here. He shouldn’t have been here, and the Jets did a great job snapping him up. 6-5 people. He’s not as fast as Ebron, or as polished, and will drop the ball on occasion, but his major red flag in my mind is he didn’t do squat until his junior year. He can’t block worth a shit either, but I’m ok with that if he can catch. I can see him being a major force in the Jets offense, if he adds a little bit of weight and starts catching with two hands. Yes I’ve brought up the negatives, but lets face it, the Jets got him 10 picks after he should have went.


Round 3 Pick 80
Dexter McDougle CB Maryland

Uh, ok. I’ve seen Maryland the past few years as they leave the ACC, and I can’t recall him doing a thing. He’s 5-10, 190, and can return kicks. I just think this is a HUGE reach. I just can’t see why the pick here. He easily could have been out there two rounds after this. Sorry Jet fans, I’m gonna make a prediction, Huff will make you regret this pick. You know the Oregon WR that went a few picks after this one? He’s also got a shoulder injury he’s working on.


Round 4 Pick 104
Jalen Saunders WR Oklahoma

SHORT!!! I mean like, Flutie-Short. Of course, he is FAST. Like Bolt heading to the bathroom at a Mexican Resturant fast. I see him doing a lot of man-in-motion routes so he doesn’t get knocked off is feet on bump and run coverage, and returing kicks. I do like the pick, little early, but if he can get up from guys like Pryor lighting him up 3-4 times a game.


Round 4 Pick 115
Shaq Evans WR UCLA

Little bigger, little slower, a MUCH BIGGER REACH. I don’t like the pick at all. He got worse last year than the year before, will drop balls, and oh- did I mention that he’s not going to return kicks because the Jets did that with 2 previous picks? He can block though, I’ll give him that, but this pick just was not what the Jets needed, and could have been there 3 more rounds.


Round 4 Pick 137

Who are these guys?
Who are these guys?

Dakota Dozier G Furman

And now we are back to players that fell to them. Dozier has one problem, pass blocking. When he has to stand in one spot and push on a guy for 5 seconds, he’s gonna have issues. Pushing a guy around? Oh that he can do. He’s very quick for a guard, and too small to play tackle. I do like the pick.


Round 5 Pick 154
Jeremiah George LB Iowa State

And back again. George is going to make this team, even if he went a round too early. He works his arse off. He’s never going to start, but if I’m at 3rd and 13, I want him on the feild, he can make bad choices, but often will end up closer to the ball than he should be. Too slow to play coverage, let him pick his spot 10-15 times a game and go after the QB, and hope his luck holds out.


Round 6 Pick 195
Brandon Dixon CB Northwest Missouri State

Roll the dice pick, and I like him better than most. He’s fast, and raw. I think if he comes to camp with keyboard impressions on his face because he’s been sleeping on his laptop, he might be the nickel corner by week 1. My biggest concern is he doesn’t have a lot of picks, and a NFL starter on the DII level should dominate. Might be gone by week 3 of the preseason, might be making people wonder why we didn’t get him instead.


Round 6 Pick 209
Quincy Enunwa WR Nebraska

Another fast guy. I’ll be honest with you, this is the type of draft I have been wanting the Panthers to do for a DECADE, just carpet bomb the draft with WRs and hope one sticks. This one is also a 4.4 guy, out of all the guys they picked, this is the guy I like the most. 6-2 running a 4.4? Yes please. He can’t block, but thats ok, I think this one could be the keeper of the batch.


Round 6 Pick 210IK Enemkpali
IK Enemkpali DE Louisiana Tech

Tech Alum here. I love this pick here. He’s got an impressive first step and can catch the offense napping, he’s not huge, might not bat down a lot of passes, but he does recover well when he does take a step or two in the wrong direction. I don’t think he sees the field a ton after the preseason, but I think Rex Ryan will know his name later in the season.


Round 6 Pick 213
Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

Love this pick. Boyd should have went a round or two sooner, and has some issues, but he won a TON of games in the ACC. He needs some serious work, and on another team he could be a starter in a year or two. I wish the Steelers had gotten him. I don’t know how much coaching he’s gonna get in Jet-land, so he may have to wait until nex year to do something. Would not suprize me if he cost Vick his job next season though.


Round 7 Pick 233
Trevor Reilly LB Utah 

How on earth did he fall this far? 6-5 255 and runs a 4-6? The few red flags is that he’s 26, and isn’t that strong, and won’t get much stronger, plus his knees might be why he fell so far. I can see him in the rotation fairly quickly, and staying there until he gets overpaid in 2 years.



No. 104: part of the package for Darrelle Revis

Overall: I see Pryor and Amaro starting, with Dozier, Enuwa, Reilly, and Dixon seeing the field a lot, if not spot-starting if injuries hit. Several guys to watch for next year, like Boyd and Enemkpali- maybe McDougle and George. This is a spray and pray draft, and I think they reached a lot more than they should, but should be happy with the players that do stick. This is a draft you want if you are drafting for depth, not looking for starters.

Free-Agents Signedny-jets-Helmet

Tevon Conrad OT Saginaw Valley State
Steele Divitto LB Boston College
Anthony Grady DE Missouri State
Kerry Hyder DT Texas Tech
Terrence Miller WR Arizona
Brent Qvale OT Nebraska
Zach Thompson DE/OLB Wake Forest
Chad Young FB San Diego State

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  1. We are in full agreement. I like the Jets draft, but I still question why they didn’t try to move around a little in the draft and try to get more impact at wide receiver and corner back. I also think they made a mistake by not taking that kid Desir. Got to see a lot of him on the ESPN Draft Academy program, and I think he has the right demeanor and composure to make it in the NFL. Cleveland got a good one in him.

    As far as who the Jets did pick I like the receiver from Nebraska. I can see him eventually becoming the #2 receiver the Jets need. As long as he can catch the ball better than Steven Hill, who can’t catch a cold it seems, I think the Nebraska kid got a good chance at playing alongside Decker as the season wears on.

  2. Draft day was like Christmas. EJ and I were texting as I was bouncing up and down on the couch with my laptop and cell on standby.

    I loved the Pryor, Amaro and Boyd picks and McDougle was a HUGE need, David. They have lost their starting CB”s the last few seasons and didn’t really address it in free agency.

    Evans and Saunders were nice picks at WR, Evans will be a player, David. Saw a lot of him at UCLA.

  3. McDougle was a need pick but he was injury prone at Maryland. Last thing the Jets need is ANOTHER injury prone corner. The pick does deserve some panning DJ.

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