1. Dump McCartney And replace him with Lennon… John was the soul, the brains and the inspiration behind the Beatles as well as its real front man if they even had a front man…

    Better yet, dump them both and replace them with Janis Joplin!!!!!!

  2. Janis Joplin is awesome, no doubt, and a lot of of things, but I learned something new about her, thanks Joe

    She’s a MAN, Baby! Austin Powers

  3. Joe you have lost your damn mind on Lennon. He was the least talented of them all. He couldn’t even sing. He was tone deaf (true story) but his accent covers it up so well. The guy was all ego and little to show for it. The other three carried him. Yeah, I said it. But you are right: Joplin tops them both. She had a band but I tried to stick to legit frontmen of notable bands. Not just “big shot and the so and sos”. Otherwise I wouldve added Grace Slick on there.

  4. ok, then I have to throw one out there.

    Cobain is a ONE HIT WONDER.

    Seriously look it up, and I have argued this before. He had ONE single go even Platinum.

    I will not deny his influences, but don’t come out me for notable bands and drop Cobain on me.

    Give me some Tom Petty and yes Grace Slick. You should drop Joan Jett and do a top 10 FrontWOMEN next time (and if Stevie Nicks is not on the medal stand)


  5. well hell, I can’t get past the first page to even look at the list….

    something screwy with the next page buttons….

  6. Who lost their mind????? We will disagree on that issue…
    I thought about Slick and almost wrote her down but not sure if she was the real front person when all was said and done.

  7. Admittedly not much of a rock guy, but I am a fan of all things Nirvana so I’m glad to see Kurt make the list. Good stuff.

  8. Joe, I will have to come out with a “frontmen you never heard of, but know” list and Slick would be on there. Probably in the top three, too. It’s an idea. I’m definitely not going anywhere. Thanks for the support. Even if you like Lennon….

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