Michael Sam makes history

SamMichael Sam made sports history when he was selected in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft on Saturday by the St.Louis Rams, becoming the first openly gay player to be drafted.

ESPN was right there to document it and as expected, it was a rather emotional moment for Sams, whom broke down in tears and hugged several people around him. It was the culmination of him coming out of the closet, so to speak, back in February.



The Rams are the perfect team for him to go to, for several reasons:Michael Sam2

1-He stays close to home.

He played college football at the University of Missouri in Columbia. St.Louis is about 2 hours from Columbia and it means he’ll be more comfortable than if he had to go somewhere like New York or Philadelphia, a big city far from his college team.

2-Los Angeles Rams history.

They have a history of ground breaking moves, the Rams were the first team to sign an African-American player when they brought in Kenny Washington on March 21st, 1946.

Jeff Fisher is the perfect coach for this type of situation, he’s a veteran coach who commands the respect of his players and if there are any issues (doubtful since they are one of the younger teams in the NFL), they will be dealt with.

In 2014, it’s about time this benchmark has been passed. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore and a player should be judged on his performance on the gridiron, not what he does between the sheets of his bed.



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  1. Sorry, but I’m just not as excited about this as everybody else. Michael Sam says he wants to be judged as anyone else. I think that is somewhat disingenuous. There were 255 players drafted. How many of the others did we see crying and kissing their girlfriend? ESPN has looped this for 3 days now. Michael Sam is going to become a crusader for gay rights. The rest of us will be witnesses.

  2. I have to agree with you. Grantland has a piece on him where not every DPOY even gets drafted. I don’t think he’s much more than a rotation guy, and to be honest, I don’t see him helping special teams. He’s a longshot to make the final roster, but he’s going to HAVE TOO now.

  3. Here’s the thing, David. A DPOY in the MAC isn’t the same as the DPOY in the SEC. The talent level is incredible and I am not saying he should have been drafted in the 1-3 rounds or anything, but he has talent. That can’t be denied. I think he’s an poor man’s version of Elvis Dumervil. Won’t have the same numbers Dumervil has posted, but he’ll be a good player.

  4. This story is horribly overblown. Dude was almost the last player picked and we talk about him more than Clowney and the rest.

    Priorities, people. Who cares about the sexuality of a strange man, for realsies. It’s just unfortunate that the TMZ aspect of sports is now bigger than the games themselves.

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