Game of Thrones: “The Laws of Gods and Men”

Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?trial of tyrion

1. Stunned that Shae showed up?

  • EJ: Stunned? No. A mild surprise? Yes. Just felt that Shae left a little too easily. Too easy not to think that she wouldn’t reappear. Also, the show gave away her reappearance in the opening credits. The actress’ name appears. Anyway, I will say that I was surprised in how complicit she was in the Cersei/Tywin plot. She is being forced, but I was hoping for a little defiance from her and I didn’t get it
  • David: I wonder how long she has been in Kings Landing. I don’t think she can be forced to do anything. I think she bought into Tyrion’s rejection and wanted to get her revenge. Women be crazy, and Shae is going to have her pound of flesh. 

2. Do you think Tyrion should have kept his mouth shut and taken the deal?Tyrion and Shae

  • EJ: Yes but that isn’t Tyrion. He’s been a defiant character for this long, so for him to finally bend to the will to a man who hates him, and has always hated him just wasn’t possible. If anyone was going to fight to the end and on his own terms it’s Tyrion Lannister. It got him this far in life.
  • David: I don’t think he could have. Everyone he loves has turned their back on him, and Shea was the only thing he ever loved. He just broke. I understand it. He just wants ONE swing at someone before he dies. I can feel his pain. He just wants a shot a hurting someone back, then will gladly die. 

3. Were you surprised that Jamie took the deal?

  • EJ: No. Kind Jamie is reappearing. Yeah he backslid a few weeks ago with his encounter with Cersei, but it appears that Jamie is finally realizing that he needs to be a good man in order to live the life of honor befitting a man of his status. By accepting to become the heir to Casterly Rock, something he clearly had no intentions of doing, he’s doing it with the hope he can save his brother from certain death.
  • David: I figured he was going to counter and try and get Tyrion banished to the Rock so he could use him as his hand. He knows Tyrion is the smartest Lannister alive, and he’s not exactly known for his ability with a spreadsheet. 

4. Will Tywin give Tyrion a chance to choose a champion?Ser Meryn Trant

If Yes- Who would you predict as the fighters?
If No-  Who will Tyrion fight?
  • EJ: Yes, Tywin will give Tyrion the chance to choose a champion, and no Tyrion will not fight for himself. Like he did at the Eyrie, I expect Tyrion to name Jamie, but I can’t see Tywin allowing Jamie to fight for Tyrion. So who are the fighters? Well, it was convenient that the Mountain’s location was revealed in this episode. The Mountain is big, brutal, and a Lannister loyal. The Mountain also was responsible for the killing of Prince Oberyn’s beloved sister Elia. So, I predict Oberyn will be the other fighter. Yes, he is supposedly loyal to the Lannisters now but the chance to avenge his sister’s death will be too much to pass up. So I got the Mountain vs. Prince Oberyn in a fight to the death. 
  • David: Well, if he can, its going to be Bronn vs anyone he can come up Tywin can come up with. I hate letting EJ go first since he stole my idea. What I’d love to see? Tyrion vs Ser Meryn Trant (sans Armor) just so Tyrion can kill someone that deserves to die, and lets face it, given the rage of Tyrion, if they fought with no armor with daggers, I could see a triple damage backstab coming. 

5. Were you surprised the effort to take Reek didn’t succeed?

  • EJ: No. If the spirit of Theon Greyjoy was alive in the body of Reek, he would have slit Ramsay with the razor weeks ago. Ramsay Snow has clearly taken the will out of Theon Greyjoy, and no one will convince him that he is not Reek. Not even his own sister, Yara.
  • David: I really figured Yara would punch him and sling him over her shoulder and carry him out, or failing that, slit his throat, after that speech she gave. She is returning with some of her best warriors killed. For nothing. Papa ain’t gonna be happy. 

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  1. I think Tyrion gave a big FU to his dad.
    IMO he will get his brother to fight for him. As such, his father will have to decide:
    1) if he puts someone that can kill James, he will lose BOTH his sons.
    2) If he gets an easy matchup for James, he will be freeing Tyrion.

    The only curve ball I see, is if Tywin selects Bronn to fight Jaime. (since Bronn was training him).
    Then this becomes a lose-lose for Tyrion, though Tywin won’t be winning much either.

    note: I didn’t read the books either. Just saying so you don’t think I am giving spoilers 🙂

  2. No, what you say makes sense. Not a spoiler at all. We have no clue what’s going to happen, and even if we were book readers, it wouldn’t even matter since the showrunners like to veer off course with the books. They’ve done it several times over the seasons.

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