Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein MovieI’ve owned this movie for a good half-decade, and I don’t think I’ve watched it since I got it, But I got it the same time I got Dracula and Wolfman, so it had to wait its turn. I think I have the first 5 at least, I’ll see how many I have as we go. Please enjoy my Frankenstein Series, and this review.

Part One: Frankenstein

We open in Germany, with Percy Shelly, his wife, and creator of Frankenstein, Mary- with them is a noted writer in his own right, Lord Byron. Its amazing that the only work that any normal person may know from this entire room is the one where a guy yells FIRE! BAD! I’m personally more a Shelly fan than Byron, but I digress. So after some yammering, I really do hope they didn’t talk like this, Mary says there is even more a story to tell.

I don’t get the point of this part of the movie, since its a sequel, we know the story already! Without the Shellys in the first part, whats the point again?

So we get to the Main Story.

We are back to the windmill, and the mob are celebrating the death of the monster. The man who’s daughter was thrown in the water wants to see the dead monster. The villagers think that Franksenstein and his Monster are both dead.

He goes into the windmill, and finds a pit in the windmill. No idea why there is a flood pit in a windmill, since its on the top of a mountain. The Monster kills the Man, then for good measure, tosses the wife down the pit as well, then he sees Minnie, who is Frankensteins housemaid, and she gives a scream and takes off.

So we go to the castle, and Frankenstein is there, and everyone thinks he is dead, Minnie shows up to scream about the Monster being alive, but Frankenstein picks that moment to come alive too, and the house rejoices, forgetting all about the Monster. Elizabeth goes nuts about seeing death, but this really doesn’t anywhere because no one and nothing shows up.

So now Dr Pretorius shows up, and we see miniature versions of Henry the 8th, a queen, bishop, mermaid and a ballerina. Pretorius wants to work with Frankenstein to create a mate for the Monster. This time he is going to grow an artificial brain to put in the creature.


Best part of the Movie
Best part of the Movie

What is the point of this?

I want to make a creature come back to life, literally creating life. Soooo why have a guy that is making humans in miniature? I mean he makes a mermaid out of frikken seaweed! So exactly what is the point of this? The scenes are awesome to look at, but plot wise, why is this here? You very easily could have a dialogue here saying here is my former teacher, I have made your theories work! Again, looks awesome, but pretty pointless.

The Monster is out walking, and we get a nice scene, of him hating his own reflection. Its a great scene, then he sees a young girl fall into the lake(?) he saves her, but she sees him and starts screaming. Two hunters show up, and one takes a shot at him, hitting him in the arm. I can’t tell if the creature bleeds or not, and the hunters don’t reload. We do get a mob, who capture and chain the Monster in a jail, but apparently they have captured supernatural creatures before, so they know the chains are good, so they all go out to . . .do something more important than stand guard over a superhuman biggie-sized monster that has killed several times. Of course the Monster breaks the chains, and leaves.

He comes across a blind man, doing that old tradition of the blind mimicing a flower and always looking up to the sun. The Blind Man feeds the Monster, has a chat with him about how Manchester United are doing, and how to enjoy a good cigar, so now the Monster knows that some fire is good. Two more hunters come in, and see the Creature, and in the ensuing fight, set fire to the place. As the hunters take the Blind Man out, the Monster escapes.

We go down into a crypt where apparently Pretorius has a few flunkies and they are stealing bodies? The Monster comes in, and has a sitdown with Pretorius, who tells him he wants to make him a mate.

Next up, we head to Frankenstein’s Castle, where the happy couple have now wed. Now Pretorius  shows up, and wants Henry to finish the Bride. Henry refuses to do so, and Pretorius brings in the Monster and they both try and convince Frankenstein, he still refuses, and Pretorius  makes a signal and the Monster leaves. We hear a scream and the Monster has taken Elizabeth. Frankenstein agrees to help, and as they begin work, Frankenstein starts getting excited and into his work. The Brain doesn’t work, so this movies Igor gets a license to murder a young girl to get a new brain. This is never really brought up, and Igor isn’t there at the end. 

So we get the classic Electric storm and the body being raised, she comes down, and he eyes open. Frankenstein gets to scream “She’s alive! Alive!” Pretorius stands triumphant and says “The Bride of Frankenstein!”

The Creature approaches the Bride, and says “Friend?” The Bride screams OH HELL NO and freaks out. The Creature tries to reach her and tearing up the lab. He tells Mr and Mrs Frankenstein to leave, and tears down the lab, pulling the Self-Destruct Lever, blowing up the tower.

Yeah, thats it. The Creature, The Bride and Pretorius are dead. 

End Credits

Next up, All the fussing. 



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  1. Sounds like Bride of Frankenstein would be a good movie for Mystery Science Theater 3000. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many times people are told that Frankenstein is the Doctor, not the monster. Maybe if the monster was given his own name like Steve or something.

    I remember watching this movie as a teenager and I’m kind of glad I had that mini strike when I was 50 and it wiped out most of my memory of it.

  2. I never knew his name was Henry. Must have fallen through one of the holes in my memory. Yikes!

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