Draft Diary Part II

Manziel NFL Draft

Welcome back to part 2 of the NFL Draft Diary, again, I’m on DVR with ESPN, since for the first time, I had to work a JOB during the draft.

Part One is HERE

dls-cowboys-Helmet16. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys, oh Lord, now we have a debate. I know Gruden wants Manzeil, and he has a good point, Romo is 34, been beaten up and is coming off surgery
But here is the downside, Jones thinks this team is closer to 12-4 than 4-12, and in the NFC lEast, I could see it, if they stay healthy. If he’s wrong, then you rebuild, and the new coach is going to want “His” guy at QB.

Zack Martin, OL, Notre Dame.


I like Martin, don’t get me wrong. I cannot see him playing tackle in the NFL unless he gets bigger.
Martin is not going to help that crap defense, but anything that lets you convert on a 3rd and short will make then stay where they belong. I can see him sitting next to Fredrick for YEARS to come.

blt-ravens-helmet17. Baltimore Raven

Ravens are up, and Gruden can shut up for a bit. We get a TON of talk about the Ravens drafting Bama players and there are two good ones out there. I just can’t see a WR here, I’d go OL if someone has the grade, or defense. Ravens almost always take the best defensive player on the board, and must be why they suck every year.

C.J. Mosely, ILB,  Alabama

Then we spend the entire time talking about Ray Lewis, including Mel’s Review of him in his Draft Book

I’m not sure WR was the position to go after. Smith and Smith are there, and the Ravens allowed 48 sacks. Might have something to do with Flacco’s numbers last year. Again, let me put money on the Ravens being wrong and an Alabama defender being shitty in the NFL. I’d get better odds on the Jags making the playoffs.

ny-jets-Helmet18. New York Jets

And the Manzeil=Rodgers comparison has started.

Gruden is arguing for a WR, and then actually mentions a possible defensive player.

Kind of a funny moment when the Manzeil debate ended via earpiece, and everyone looked at Ray Lewis- who paused like he was dropped into coverage, then just said “The Jets need . . .”

That was almost a laugh out loud moment.

Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Hard Hard HARD hitter. He’s under 6 foot, but I’d be ok with that, since they can use him in run support.

The Jets fans actually don’t whine! Will EJ?

mia-dolphins-helmet19. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need to keep Ryan Tannehil upright. He got nailed the most in the NFL with 56 times. Ryan Tannehil is going to end up like the other Carr if they are not careful. They also need some Run Stoppers.

Ja’Wuan James, OT, Tennessee

Holy Shit.

Uh, right position. But won’t he be there in another round? Again, ESPN’s highlight reel shows him with a hold. I just love that in the Draft. (I watch the NBA Draft for the clothes, I watch the NFL draft for the oops in the Highlight Reels. There is almost NO talk about what a reach this is.


Saints give up a 3rd Rounder (91st) to move up 7 spots

no-saints-helmet20. New Orleans Saints

OH SHIT THEY ARE GETTING HA-HA NO! DAMN YOU! Why didn’t Carolina do this! NOOOOOO Son of a Bitch!

Poor Cam. You got Kenny on one side and Ha-Ha on the other. Son of a BITCH. Denard is also out there. SHIT.

Brandin Cooks  WR Oregon State 

Ok, thank the LAWD. He can’t block and he’s not a huge guy, he’s 5’9 so he’s not giant by any means. He does catch a TON of balls, and he runs good routes. He’s got GREAT balance. Drew Brees is gonna love this guy.

A with the my fourth round pick, my fantasy team will be picking him.

Packers_Helmet21. Green Bay Packers

I’m still loving that the Saints didn’t take Ha-Ha.

Packers almost have to take Ha-Ha or Denard. But I’ll give a third rounder for Ha Ha

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix  S Alabama

He can tackle, and he is good at coverage. I don’t think he’s going to be doing run support- but nailing tight ends. He’s going to be playing with Dom Capers, so he’s going from one smart defensive coach that can’t coach in the NFL to another.

Gruden is AGAIN talking Manziel to KC. Geez. At least he does admit that Manziel makes no sense for the Eagles. Mel Explodes and says he makes no sense for either one. Gruden says he does if the don’t resign Alex Smith. Mel counters with they don’t have a second round pick.

DAAAAMN. That’s good banter. Mel just stuck a fork in that debate. Gruden says that Mel doesn’t think like Andy Reid.


Browns give up a third rounder (83rd)  to move up 4 spots.

cle-browns-helmet22. Cleveland Browns 

Gotta be a QB, right? I still like Teddy Ballgame, but they have gone round and round on the Brownies loving Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel  QB Texas A&M

Lets all rehash the fact that this is the third QB the Browns have picked at #22. Yeah.

I can see this being a great pick. I bet Jay Glazer is throwing things. I don’t really have a major issue with him as a football player. Keep in mind I have Cam Newton as a QB. Cleveland has a LOT of picks and talent, and he can do worse than having Joe Thomas up front.

I’d bench him the first year, like Steve McNair, and make him the day 1 starter next year. He’s gonna get lit up in the AFC North if he doesn’t learn to slide. Ray Lewis brings this point up as well.

kc-chiefs-Helmet23. Kansas City Chiefs 

The pick is in before we even say the name. Boomer barely has time to mention their record before the Commish hits the podium.

Dee Ford  DE Auburn


Just gonna let that go.

I do love the pick, he’s gonna be really really good. I don’t know if he’s going to stand up against the Run as well as he will rushing the pass, but he’s gonna find a spot in the rotation.

cin-bengals-helmet24. Cincinnati Bengals

I lose a bit of the show due to the storms.

Darqueze Dennard  CB Michigan State

Yeah, I was hoping he’s fall a FEW more spots. The Panthers better get someone awesome in the third round.

I do like the pick, Dennard is going to start day one, and won’t see the bench often.

Best corner in the Draft, He’s gonna draw some flags when he gets beat, and lets be honest, Big 10 QBs aren’t exactly flooding the NFL.


sd-chargers-helmet25. San Diego Chargers

Signal loss again. Thankfully it does come back in time for me to hear I’m the Man I’m the Man I’m the Man another dozen times. Why is this dude rich and not getting me my fries?

Jason Verrett  CB TCU

Shoulder may have kept him from going ahead of Denard, getting burned on occasion kept him out of the top 10, he can be a lockdown corner that gives the opposing WR lines like 3 catches for 80 yards with one of those catches being for 68 yards and a TD.


phi-eagles-Helmet26. Philadelphia Eagles

We need to love Chip Kelly more!

So the panel does! Is this a draft? Who cares! We love Chip Kelly!

Marcus Smith  LB Louisville

He’s going to be a pass rush specialist in the 3-4. Mel calls him a 2nd rounder. He’s not really that fast and he’s not going to be dropping into coverage as he’s not really that fast.


Arizona Cardinals27. Arizona Cardinals 

For once we talk QB but its NOT about Manziel. They do talk Derek Carr, so Gruden is in love again. I can see a QB, of course, since I’m just not that big a Palmer fan. Ray Lewis throws out Defense, they also talk some Kelvin Benjamin (SHUT UP!)

 Deone Bucannon  S Washington State 

BIG Reach. He’s a either going to lay a guy out or get beat. I don’t think he has the coverage skills to play FS so he’s got to help vs the Run. I think he’s going to be ok, since they can pair him with PP, but let be honest, I was a limited Safety, and I could pair with PP.

Signal Loss. Damn Storms. At least I don’t ge to hear about them  whine about Carr not going to the Cardinals.

car-panthers-helmet28. Carolina Panthers

I really hate this storm. nice timing weather!

Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

The panel says he was not a polished route runner, hard to tackle and can he be a number one. Gruden thinks he looks more like a TE. I’ll take Graham 2.0, sure.  Ray Lewis gives a pretty good speach on him having a hard story and that should help him work on the next level.

He’s 6-5, and has 4.6 speed. He also jumped up and played well in big games. The only question marks are his weight and his maturity. Since this is a few days after the draft, I have read some of the Carolina reports, so far he is doing and saying all the right things. I do love the pick.


29. New England Patriots

12-4 last needs, the Suns medical staff. Boomer asks what they need. Ray Lewis says defense immediatly. Gruden says DT.

Dominique Easley  DT Florida

Mel points out the ACL injury. Mel has him at 2nd, 3rd round at best. Ray Lewis talks the Florida / U game, and how he did well in that game by pure effort. Someone got him a power bar or something, Ray Lewis is getting better at the draft as this goes on. This show needs a better director.

As for Easley, my biggest question mark? 288 pounds as a DT. Is he going to get a push or be a run stuffer? Again, its the Hoodie, so I like his odds if Ray Lewis is on point.

Derek Carr is on the “feel sorry for him” cam

sf-49ers-helmet30. San Francisco 49ers

Gotta be a defensive back. I’d almost look to Marquis Lee as the guy to watch these next three picks.

Jimmie Ward  S Northern Illinois

Gruden thinks he could be a nickel corner. Gruden says he’s built like a corner, hits like a safety. Leading tackler at NIU, not good for that position. They say he’s got great hands.

He’s 5’10 though. gonna be hard for him to play corner a lot, but again, he is playing with a pretty good defense.


den-broncos-Helmet31. Denver Broncos

Break down all the losses in the offseason. I could see Lee here. They are in a win-now scenario, since they have 1 more Manning year, by all reports.

Bradley Roby  CB Ohio State

Mel talks aggressiveness. Gruden talks inconsistency. He’s got tape. I love this. Gruden talks about him having major issues with his technique and caring about getting better. Ray Lewis is not sold on his effort. Whoa!

Whoa. If he had kept his head on straight, he would have gone higher. He’s got all the stats you want, but the panel kind of has me worried about him. You can’t coach speed, You can’t create giveashitability.

Seattle has to go O-Line, right? Maybe WR?


The Vikings have swapped a 2 (40) and a 4 (108) to move up to the 32nd


32. Minnesota Vikings

Gotta be a QB to get that 5th year option, right? I can see this be a yearly thing.

Gruden calls out Bridgewater and his awful pro-day, he wants him to be in a dome.

Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville

Mel had him top 5 before his pro-day. He gets the Ray Lewis stamp of approval, bringing up the game against the U. Gruden talks pro-day. Ray uses the term “workout warrior” and I love him more. He loves Teddy. Boomer talks outdoor weather for the next two years.

You will not find a bigger Teddy Ballgame fan than me on this site. Bottom line. I see there is some issues, but would it be racist of me to be happy to see a black QB that CAN’T RUN and be successful? I think he can get better with some of his throws, and while he may have a rough year at the beginning, he’s better than anyone else on the roster.


Final Thoughts on the ESPN Draft Coverage.

Again, they care too much about one player but not enough about others. Ray Lewis is REAL hit or miss. Only Mel knows everyone of these players backward and forward, and Gruden tends to run everyone over. Boomer does nothing.

Tell you what. Give me Mel and McShay- and let us have 2 minute clips from Gruden, Lewis and Shefty when something happens or we need to kill time. I think next year I’m gonna try a different show. – Ideas?



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