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background on lil terio http www complex com tech 2013 08 terio maleek ...What up world? It’s me EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Yesterday was round one of the NFL Draft, tonight is rounds 2 and 3, and the whole show wraps up tomorrow with rounds 4-7. We here at 7poundbag, did a mock draft this week, and it was a fun process for David, Zach, and I. I think we may have only hit on a handful of picks, but last night’s draft did throw us a curveball or two. So, welcome to my 1st round of the NFL Draft review. Let’s do this!

I’m getting old. A little too old to make it all the way through a 1st round of an NFL Draft that started after 8 pm Eastern. I fell asleep a little after 11, and I think we’d only gotten up to pick 24 (out of 32) before I turned my television off. Yes, before I recap the picks I want to state that I couldn’t make it all the way through an event that I look forward to watching. Why does the NFL start the draft so late? I get Commissioner Goodell wants to make the draft a primetime event, but couldn’t it have started at 7 pm, or at least 7:30? With 10 minutes between picks, and most of the teams using the full 10 minutes there was no way this draft would end before midnight. Some of us do have to get up early for work the next morning, and I was one of those people. I’m sure I’m one of thousands of people who didn’t watch the full 1st round, but I hope in the near future the NFL reconsiders the start time and push it up at least a half an hour. For old people like myself, people who just can’t do the all-nighter thing anymore. Please help us Roger! Please?

Clowney DraftJadeveon Clowney was a no brainer as the first pick of the draft by the Houston Texans. I’m not sure he’ll be the next Lawrence Taylor but the Texans couldn’t pass up someone with his potential. He’s big (6’5″), he’s fast (a 4.5 40 yard dash), and he hits harder than a mack truck (exhibit A: that infamous hit on the running back from Michigan). The Texans take that guy, and you find a place for him to play. Robinson as the 2nd overall pick to the Rams was also a no brainer. Play him at guard, or tackle, and you got that spot covered. Blake Bortles to Jacksonville at #3 was a head scratcher. I’m not saying Bortles won’t be a good QB, but I don’t look at him and see immediate impact. The wide receiver pool in this draft is deep, and as it looks the Jags will get a good one with their 2nd round pick tonight, but Sammy Watkins should have been the play there. Speaking of Watkins, I like the player but I’m not sure what the Bills did giving up so much to jump up to #4 and taking him. The Bills already have Mike Williams (who they traded for this off season), Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods, and Marquise Goodwin. Watkins seems like he’ll be better than all of them, but unless the Bills plan on trading Johnson this weekend, I don’t see why the took Watkins over other needs like offensive line. Maybe the Bills will prove me wrong but they gave up a lot to the Browns to take him.

Speaking of the Browns I love what Cleveland did last night. Trading down from #4 to #9, and then trading up to #8 to take Justin Gilbert was a smart move. Yes, I was shocked last night, as was 7poundbag contributor DJ who I was texting with during the draft, when the Browns selected Gilbert but as I explained to DJ I saw the sense in it. The new head coach of the Browns, Mike Pettine, has spent a lot of years under the tutelage of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. During their time with the Ravens and the Jets, Pettine learned and enhanced Ryan’s defensive system. The defenses of both Ryan brothers (Rex and Rob who is the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints) calls for the cornerbacks to be shutdown corners. The corners blanket their man, allowing the front 7 (defensive line and linebackers) to rush the QB. Cleveland already has a Pro Bowl corner in Joe Haden, and now in Gilbert they get a compliment on that side.

ManzielSo, yes I like the Gilbert pick. However, Cleveland was not done. With another pick later in the round (originally at #26 but they traded up to #22) the Browns selected Johnny Manziel. Now, if you read this blog series you would know that I’m pretty high on former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel. Johnny F’ing Football is a player. His playing style is reminiscent of Michael Vick, and he has the cockiness of Brett Favre. Yeah, he’s small at 5’11” and some of the throws he made in college, he won’t get away with in the NFL, but he’s a talent, he’s a personality and Cleveland needed both of those things. He could play starting week one, or he could sit behind a Brian Hoyer, or a Vince Young, and learn the NFL game but the Browns got a star last night in Manziel.

Finally, as a New Yorker I’d be remiss if I didn’t give an opinion on what the Giants and Jets did last night. First, I’ll start with the Giants who drafted a wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr. In our 7poundbag draft recap I had the Giants taking Mike Evans because he was still on our board. Evans went #7 to Tampa Bay last night, but I was right in the sense that the Giants were looking at a wide receiver. Why? They let Hakeem Nicks go off to Indianapolis, and besides Victor Cruz, and the returning Mario Manningham, there really isn’t a proven or exciting player at the position. In Beckham the Giants pick up a complete route runner, and a dangerous returner. Yes, I can argue that the Giants should have taken defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who wen’t one pick later to St. Louis, or they could have taken Zach Martin the offensive tackle that went to Dallas, but I have no beef with Beckham. They gave Eli a fellow Louisiana boy, a fellow New Orleans native, a graduate of the same high school, and gave him a much needed weapon. Nothing wrong with that.

jets-campAs far as my favorite team, the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! I’m alright with selecting safety Calvin Pryor. While I would have prefered the team to select cornerback Darqueze Dennard, because I believe Dennard to be the 2nd coming of Darrelle Revis, I can live with Pryor. The Jets needed an upgrade at safety. Dawan Landry is 31 years old, and Pryor can compete with Antonio Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett for the other safety spot. Drafting Pryor should also put to bed the silly notion of the Jets attempting to bring back Ed Reed. As I stated in this very blog series, Ed was finished. Only people who didn’t know that at the time was Rex and Ed. Hopefully, now they know. Anyway, as much as I like the Pryor selection the Jets have 11 more picks over the next two days. Should be more than enough to fill holes at receiver, tight end, offensive line, and maybe even bring in a scat back, and another quarterback to compete with Matt Simms for the 3rd string job. I expect General Manager John Idzik to be a busy man the next few days.

I’m done. Hopefully I can stay awake tonight to get through rounds 2-3 of the draft, and I know I’ll be able to make it through rounds 4-7 on Saturday morning.

Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for supporting I’m happy to say that this site has really been growing the past few months, and our viewership has been increasing by leaps and bounds. We do this for you, and I’m glad that you all are enjoying it and spreading the word. It brings a smile on my face for sure. One love. Peace.

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  1. You dudes here on 7PB were a lot closer to guessing what the Jets would pick than the so-called big time experts… at least you had the Jets picking defense backfield… the experts were mostly saying WR.

  2. In our mock draft I said the Jets would pick Dennard and he was available. I like the Pryor pick but I really believe we’ll regret passing up Dennard. That kid looks like Revis Jr.

  3. Wide receiver is a deep position. With two picks tonight (#49 and #80), I’d expect the Jets to come away with a receiver. Lee and Lattimer should be gone by 49, but a guy I really like is Landry from LSU. I hope he’s the pick if those other two I just named are gone.

  4. I just don’t understand why they traded up to 8 when he would have been there at 9. As were most of the people on ESPN. That didn’r make much sense to me.


  5. Teams flip flopping picks happen all the time. It’s a way to ensure you get your guy. Minnesota clearly wanted to trade out of 8, and Browns couldn’t risk someone coming up and taking Gilbert. It’s a piece of smart business.

    As far as Mack goes he can be boom or bust. Great athlete. Terribly raw.

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