MLB RT 9 MAY 2014


MLB RT 9 MAY 2014

NL AS candidates


1. Who is your starting ASG lineup for the NL as of today? No reserves, just the first Nine.

ARCHIE: Catcher, Yadier Molina, 1st Base, Justin Morneau, 2nd base, Dee Gordon, 3rd base, Nolan Arrenado, SS, Troy Tulowitzki, OF’s, Giancarlo Stanton, Charlie Blackmon and Michael Morse. My starting pitcher would be Johnny Cueto.

JOE: One word of warning… I only consider players for the All-Star game that are having excellent first halves of the season… no selections of a player based on rep alone. For example… I don’t care if he has been a so-called great and it is his retirement year, Derek Jeter is not an All-Star…

That having been said… here are my NL picks as of right now…

Paul Goldschmidt/Arizona 1B; Anthony Rendon/Washington 2B; Troy Tulowitzki/Colorado SS; Nolan Arenado/Colorado 3B; Charlie Blackmon/Colorado OF; Giancarlo Stanton/Miami OF; Andrew McCutcheon/Pittsburgh OF and Johnny Cueto/Cincinnati SP

STEPHAN: 1B Paul Goldschmidt -His .344 Average, 7 HR, and 23 RBI’s are too impressive to shun him. 2B Chase Utley – Has started on fire this season with a .319 Average, 3 HR, 15 RBI, SS Troy Tulowitzski – .414 average to start the season, 9 HR, and a league leading 31 RBI. Tulo has been the toughest out so far in all of baseball. 3B Ryan Zimmerman – .344/2/6 is his line. Are you noticing a trend here? Average is what it is all about. C   Yadier Molina- Have to stay with the Cardinals leader in this one, despite solid years by Atlanta’s Evan Gattis, Giants’ Buster Posey, and throw in Miami’s Jerrod Saltalamacchia. OF Andrew McCutchen – Starting off just where he left off last year. .321/4/18 OF Giancarlos Stanton – Miami’s phenom is off to a hot start. .295/10/38 OF Justin Upton – Having another solid year for the Braves. .303/9/19

SANDY: 1st: Paul GoldSchmidt, 2nd: Dee Gordon, 3rd: Casey McGehee, SS: Troy Tulowitzski, OF: Giancarlo Stanton, Jayson Werth, Michael Morse, C: Yadier Molina, P: Clayton Kershaw

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox

2. Jose Abreu has been on the scene right from the start this year and hot as a firecracker. Does he deserve an AS spot?

ARCHIE: Not yet. I still believe the guy that is best at the position should get the vote and not because he is a young rookie sensation. I would have to vote for the resurgent Phat Albert.

JOE: Right now he has to be considered… so, yes. But as for the AL starter at firstbase, I gotta go with Albert Pujols. Just better right now in the batting average and on base percentage

STEPHAN: This kid is leading all of baseball in Home Runs (12), He is among the league leaders in RBI’s as well. His average is only .266, but he was player of the month AND Rookie of the Month for April. This has only been done once before where a player wins player of the month and rookie of the month, in his first month (Yasiel Puig, 2013). If he continues this pace, he absolutely deserves a spot on the All Star Roster.

SANDY: Yes, Too many people think that only those with the most experience should be the pick, but since the ASG is an annual event for the best players for the first half of the current season, he should have a spot.


3. Which team holds the award for biggest disappointment so far?

ARCHIE: I don’t know how they manage to be this bad year in and year out with the resources they have but again, The Chicago Cubs earn this award in my book.

JOE: St. Louis in the NL and Texas in the AL. I just really expected both to be better than a .500 team that they presently are right now. Still early though.

STEPHAN: Has to be the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is a team that was in the wild card hunt last year, and now is having trouble getting off the ground. They have the worst home record in all of baseball (3-15) and have the third worst record in all of baseball behind the Cubs and Astros. This is not company that any team wants to be a part of.

SANDY: Arizona D”Backs. I never expected them to be this bad, but they did lose their ace for the season and sometimes that plays with you head a bit.

Casey Found Stroke

4. For a team, what is an acceptable strikeout to homerun ratio? i.e. 5 k’s for every HR, etc.

ARCHIE: Of course this is just my opinion and I have nothing to back this up but I feel that an 8:1 ratio is about as far as I would feel comfortable if I had the job as a batting coach. And this IS for the whole team. In the NL of course that puts more pressure on the pitching staff to do their job of getting down the bunt when called upon or at least put the ball in play. In the AL I would drop that by at least ½ a point. This means that a team of all “batters” and no pitchers, if they hit 30 homeruns I would expect to see no more than 225 strikeouts as a team. We all know however this is not the case anymore. Twenty years ago just about every team, even the last place team, met this criterion.

JOE: I don’t have answer to this question… I just know the strikeout rates are way too high for individual players that are considered sluggers. Anything over 150 strikeouts in a season is terrible as far as I am concerned and that number is more the norm now than the outlier. But I never thought about this stat in relation to a team stat.

STEPHAN: Is this really a stat? To me, probably 8K per HR would be considered “acceptable” IF the player is a Homerun type hitter, but keep in mind, you have had some very good baseball players in the past and present that were not considered homerun hitters, Ozzie Smith comes to mind. I think that if you are saying hits to strikeouts, which would be more understanding. I can’t really give an accurate number on this question.

SANDY: Wow, tough question, I’m guessing here but maybe 10 Ks to 2 HRs.

5. There are 14 teams batting below .200 with two outs and runners in scoring position. What can we contribute to the low success rate in these situations?

ARCHIE: Again this is just my opinion, however, the media and all their highlight reels have gotten to players heads. They no longer go up to the plate thinking about the situation and how it applies to the team; instead they go up there looking to be the “human highlight” reel for the day. It causes WAY TOO many players to step outside of their abilities and they lose focus on the basics.

JOE: My opinion? Talent pool is too thinned out because there are too many teams. So, players are not strong in the fundamentals as they should be… too many Triple A and some Double players on MLB clubs.

STEPHAN: Pitching!!! The pitchers have been lights out so far this season, and I think they have started off stronger than many of the hitters in baseball. Plus it is April, and some hitters don’t start heating up until June or July. I don’t see these numbers sticking around throughout the season.


SANDY: Batters just can’t hit, just kidding, probably the pressure players put on themselves.


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