NFL Mock Draft wrap-up

After our first round selections some odd things did come out, So we decided to throw some questions out there.

No one selected Johnny Football- Why?Manziel

EJ: I seriously thought about giving Manziel to the Cowboys at #16, because despite the fact they don’t need him, I see him as Jerry Jones’ type of player. However, the Cowboys have bigger needs. I also thought about giving Manziel to the Eagles, because of the Chip Kelly connection, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger there. I didn’t give Manziel to the Cardinals, however, because I saw Carr as a better fit for Arians’ office.
Zach:  This is pretty easy: he’s too unstable for the first round. Manziel is a wildcard. These days, it’s people’s jobs on the line to take a pick like that. If Manziel was drafted in round one, and busted…someone is unemployed. Hands down the most controversial pick of the entire draft. Plus, I don’t like his work ethic or his attitude.
David: The reasoning is simple. No trades.  No teams really need a QB past Arizona at 20 until you get to the Browns at 26. Most mocks have 4 QBs going, but we had only 3 go. I have no doubt Johnny Football will be taken in the first round via trade.

There was 7 WRs taken in the first round, do you think that is realistic?

EJ: Yeah, that’s realistic. I absolutely believe we’ll see at least 6 go in Round One, and that’s because this year’s receiver class is pretty damn good.
Zach:  It was the year of the wide receiver. Why wouldn’t it be? The need for more receivers and less running backs in the NFL is becoming a reality. I once said “the age of two wideouts and a tight end are done. Now days, a team will have one fly receiver, and several (five to six) slot receivers built in for each play.” It’s just the world we live in now. I think the number is fine.
David: Its one more than most have, and I really can’t see us being off by much. This is a DEEP draft, and at least 5 of them are locks in the first round. I can see Franklin going early as well. If not 7 in the top 32, then without a doubt in the top 40.

Only one RB went in the first round, do you think that is an ongoing pattern?UNC Football

EJ: Well no running backs went in round one last year, and no running backs will likely be drafted in the first round this year. There are talented backs out there but I think teams are skittish to take a running back due to the fact that former #3 overall pick Trent Richardson has been a bust, while you have someone like Alfred Morris being a success with the Redskins. Also with so many teams implementing a running back by committee scheme, you don’t have to take a guy early.
Zach:  See my previous comment. It’s just not warranted to have a solid back in the game anymore. Look at Tom Brady and his lack of decent running backs he’s had. Sure, he had some solid role-playing backs, but nothing outstanding. These days, one can get a running back for cheap because the running game is simply to offset the passing game anymore.
David: I think we had one too many picked. While Running Backs are valuable, the list of RBs I would pay 5M a year for as an NFL GM is not even close to the number of WRs I would pay a like amount for.

Best Pick (not yours)

EJ: Kyle Fuller to the Chargers. Yes, he dropped to #25 in our mock, but I can’t see him going that low on draft night. However, if he does the Chargers would get themselves a hell of a player. Versatile, and can play any position in the secondary. Can’t pass up on that.
Zach:  Sammy Watkins, St. Louis.
This guy is going to be superb. I like everything about this kid, and it was wise for STL to pick him up. Should they have picked up a lineman? Sure. But to realize how special Watkins is…is what’s important. In my opinion, this was the best deal in the draft.
David: Kyle Fuller. If he falls to 25, I hope the Panthers trade a 3rd to get up to get him.

Worst Pick (not yours)

Would you pay him 8M?
Would you pay him 8M?
EJ: Sammy Watkins to the Rams. Elite player, but the Rams have bigger needs. Namely on their offensive line. Robinson should have been the play there.
Zach: Mike Evans, New York.
Don’t get me wrong–Evans was the best guy still on the board. I just don’t think he was right for New York. Like I said, he was the best pick still available…but New York needed to fill a few more holes. Even then, it’s still unclear if Evans’ raw talent will translate well onto the field.
David: Ebron to the Falcons. I don’t like the pick. I think its too early and the Falcons didn’t win with a HOF at the position. He’s going to be really good, but he’s not Jimmy Graham.

Who, if any, should have went round 1 and didn’t ?

EJ: Has to be Manziel. Yes, he’s boom or bust, but someone in round 1 should have rolled the dice and see what happens. In hindsight I don’t know how he slipped through the cracks. Especially since we took 3 quarterbacks before him.
Zach: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

I think this was one guy that is going to be a solid possession receiver down the line. I see him as a slimmer, faster Demetrius Thomas. I had him going to San Fran in the lower first round. Overall, though, everyone that should’ve gone…did.
David: Manziel. Someone is going to get him in the Mid-20s

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