Game of Thrones: “First of His Name”

Sorry for the delay in getting this done. Had other things pile over, Apologies to EJ, who got his half done WAY before I did.
Welcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?

Question 1: HODOR!! Hodor

EJ: I figured something was going down with Hodor, when Jojen suggested to Bran that his journey wasn’t over and that he could save himself. In my opinion, Jojen was all but implying that Bran should take control of Hodor and use him to free themselves. It was pretty awesome to see Hodor crush Locke’s neck, and I look forward to more Bran/Hodor interactions.
David: Who saw that coming, you knew Hodor had that massive core strength, but I was worried that Locke was going to kill him, guy isn’t exactly easy to kill- and Hodor just killed him like a child. I worry about if this is going to hurt Hodor long term, and he may not trust Bran if he keeps waking up with blood on his hands.

Question 2: Were you surprised that Cersei is willing to give Margarey his other son?

EJ: A little. Cersei and Margaery have little love for each other, but both of them know how to play the game. Cersei is likely feeling her out as an ally, or someone she can control, and Margaery is trying to find out just how vulnerable Cersei is. Last night felt like another move in the long chess match that these two women have been playing against each other. It’s far from over with these two.
David: Who else is left for him to marry? Plus the Crown needs their money, better the enemy you know, I guess. Cersei isn’t scared of anyone, but she knows that she has to keep a kid on the throne, and Margarey is better than most, and willing to do anything to get the Queenship, she may even think Margarey (or her family) had something to do with it.

Question 3: Bigger shock: Lysa Arryn killing her husband, or Littlefinger taking it to her on the wedding night. Lord Baelish

EJ: Although I’m not a book reader, I have to admit I already knew about Lysa Arryn and the fact that her and Littlefinger are the ones who basically put the motives behind this whole show in action (I happen to have read a spoiler full review after the first week of episode one, season one). Lysa always loved herself some Littlefinger and she’s gullible enough to do what he commands. She’s a crazy bitch. Such a crazy bitch that I wasn’t surprised by her porn star on level 10 moaning. That part didn’t surprise me at all.
David: Littlefinger taking it to her. I was wondering if maybe he uh, was asexual? I could see Littlefinger not willing to have kids- not only because women weaken the legs, but if he had a kid and fell in love with it, then someone would have a MAJOR chip on him. I would almost think that Littlefingers first sexual experience would be a lap dance the day he was crowned on the Iron Throne. Gotta tell you, I’m waiting for him to boot that little kid out the Moon Door

Question 4. Was Sansa faking her breakdown?

EJ: Absolutely. I think Sansa has fully come to grips with the fact that everyone around her is wicked and playing the game for themselves. She can either be honest, and get killed (like her father, brother, and mother) or she can play the game herself. Sansa may not have slept with Tyrion, and she likely hasn’t picked up on Littlefinger’s sexual attraction to her, but she had to keep crazy Aunt Lysa away, and crying did just that.
David: I have never had a woman fake anything with me, so I’ll look to EJ for that. But I think she has figured out that the only thing she can control is her persona, and the weaker and less of a threat she can be, the better off she is. The one time she tried to be forceful, the Hound came out of nowhere and grabbed her, she’s not forgotten that lesson. I think she might have an actual breakdown the next time she sees the Hound.

Question 5: Scale of 1-10, how sure were you that Cersei was going to try and bribe the Prince to make sure Tyrion dies.Oberyn Martell

EJ: Zero for Prince Oberyn has already been bribed. By serving as a judge in Tyrion’s trial, he’s already guaranteed himself a spot on the Small Council. That little nugget offered by Tywin, was enough to put aside his dislike for the Lannister clan for whatever role they had to play in his sister Elia’s death. With that said, I didn’t think he needed anything from Cersei, but in playing up her motherly love for Myrcella, Cersei may have done enough to ensure a guilty verdict for Tyrion (for Oberyn was the only wild card since Tywin Lannister and Mace Tyrell were going to vote guilty) and ensuring that Lannister legacy her and her father spoke about early in the episode.
David: 6. Cersei may have known that Oberyn was bought already, but Cersei’s biggest flaw is she doesn’t cover all her bases. Oberyn might vote innocent just to screw with Tywin, and Tywin may regret it. He might vote anyone guilty to to make sure he sees a Lannister dead- and that is always a good day. Think on it- you have Tywin, who’s old, Jamie, who’s cripples, Tyrion, a dwarf. Thats all the males in that house, then you have Cersei- and you have her daughter in your lands- plus Tywins brother- thats the whole family. Only Tyrion has a wife of Birthing age- and she’s gone, and Oberyn can help kill him.

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