WTF… May 7, 2014


1) Every day I read about crazy ass insane and sometimes very depressing and sad stuff in my newspapers and on the net… and… it can sometimes be very depressing… the depravity that some peeps can sometimes wreak upon other peeps. The saving grace… or should I say… the one thing that keeps me sane about all this is that I once read that while it seems the news is always terrible, and, the news sources seem to center on the terrible stuff and don’t print nearly enough “good” stuff someone once said the reason all that bad shit (my word) is news is because it is stuff that is extra-ordinary… or not normal and an aberration. And, I do believe that… but… damn it sure do seem there is a lot of aberration going on in the world today.

Richmond scene
Richmond scene

On Friday (5/2), I open my NYDN and I instantly come upon this aberration which touches upon a few things that grabs me by my balls of indignation and what the fuck-edness… “Boy, 9, killed while trying to defend sister, 11, from sex assault in backyard of Richmond, Virginia, home.” 

This little kid… all of 8… and his 12-year-old sister (the original info was in error) were playing in their back yard area near railroad tracks, when this other kid… a 16-year-old… comes along the tracks and decides to impose his self-centered sick will upon the girl and begins to sexually attack her.

The boy’s survival instincts, and his devotion to someone he loves, kicks in and he tries to fight off the asshole but he’s a little kid and the other puke is a bigger and stronger… a teenager. The older boy beats off the kid and hits the younger boy in the head with a brick and leaveshim laying there senseless… then… I am assuming this… finished what he started, and… this is not an assumption it happened… threatens the girl with further bodily harm and/or harm to her family if she even thinks about telling anybody about who did this evil.

The girl… now naked, bleeding and bruised… ran away from the hell that was just sown. Neighbor folks saw and called for emergency help… cops and EMTS. EMTS arrived took her and her brother to the hospital for treatment. Too late for the 8-year-old… no one, yet, knows if it will ever be soon enough for the girl.

When cops asked her who did it… she gave a false description… fear of her attacker… deadly fear and dread for what else could happen… because, at that point, the only reality she knew was she was laying there beat up and raped and her bro was dead.

Martin's neighbors
Martin’s neighbors

Outraged neighbors came out and helped the police piece together enough info so the cops got what they needed and tracked down the puke who did the evil. A 16-year-old suspect is now charged with murder and strangulation in the death of 8-year-old Martin Cobb who was savagely murdered while defending his sister from being raped.

A relative told a local news station… “This is surprising for any neighborhood…This is crazy.”

Yes, it damn well is crazy…


A neighbor said… “He was his sister’s keeper till his death.”

Sadly… amen, to that… and, if there be a God above then keep that brave true soul near your side and forever protected.

Murdered were a life and a future… her future… unless she can summon the will and the courage and get the assistance she needs to recover and be as strong and beautiful person as she can be.

And, who knows who else, near and dear to her, will suffer… the peripheral damage that is done that  few ever see or understand.

There are never guarantees but there is always the chance to be something wonderful and beautiful… that chance was greatly diminished by one person’s selfish and depraved actions.

And, murdered was someone who was gonna be a hell of a man when he grew up… He was a hell of a man the moment he stepped in hell’s way to protect his beloved sister.

2) In the aftermath of the idiocy that surrounds the NBA and Donald Sterling and the so-called fight against racism… there was/is this one truism that was made by more than a few folks… including myself and others connected with 7Pound… and, that is that there is a historical trail of racism that is prevalent throughout sports as well as society as a whole and that while we as a society and sports as an institution has made advances in correcting the injustice of racism, the fact is racism and racist people exist and continue to exist. Just because Sterling was outed as being a bigoted peep, with not a scintilla of remorse for his thinking and words, the fact is, he is not alone, and, there are others ranging from other owners, to front office peeps, to players, as well as, we the peeps that are racist or bigoted on one level or another.

One of the points that some may have missed but is a telling comment about us as a society is when Sterling says that it’s not him who’s racist, but rather society and that people like him and Stiviano “have to live within that culture.” He is correct about that. The fact remains he is wrong and he is a racist and bigoted uncaring creep who thinks his money can buy him whatever he wants but he is indeed right when he says those words.

Society is still racist as long as there is even a whisper of it still alive in some fools mind.

To emphasize this reality I took the newspaper and a website that I read every day… the New York Daily News and the Huffington Post… and found these storylines in the Sunday (5/4) news stories… remember, this is just one days worth of news…

  • More than 20 crude messages such as ‘Fuck you Jews’ and ‘Jews ain’t shit’ were scrawled throughoutanti Jewish graffiti Borough Park, which has a large orthodox Jewish community, on Saturday night. It has not been revealed if the bald-headed man caught in a surveillance video writing the hate-filled messages and the ex-cop, who previously worked for in the 69th Precinct, are the same person.” NYDN
  • “In the minutes after he won a unanimous decision against Carlos Molina on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight on Saturday, (Adrien) Broner just couldn’t help himself, entering into the realm of the absurd. Speaking to Showtime’s Jim Gray in the ring, Broner told Gray “I’ve beaten Africans and I just beat the fuck out of a Mexican,” a reference to Molina, who is Argentinean and of Mexican descent and was born in Commerce, California. The crowd showered him with boos. Broner smiled. The interviewer, Showtime’s Jim Gray, took issue with Broner’s words, reprimanding him and causing Broner to wipe the smirk off his face.” NYDN
  • P.K. Subban, of the Montreal Canadiens, scores an OT goal to beat the Boston Bruins some of the Boston fans go on various social media and attack Subban with racist and bigoted taunts. The Bruins owners and the team front office “ ‘… condemn fans’ racist tweets (as) racist, classless views expressed by an ignorant group of individuals following Thursday’s game via digital media are in no way a reflection of anyone associated with the Bruins organization.’ It’s not big news that minorities have a relatively insubstantial presence in the NHL… in the stands, on the ice and in the front offices. But the abuse that black players endure on social media is something relatively new, and truly disgusting. When Wayne Simmonds was creating problems for the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, a torrent of racist tweets hit the web. A small, unfortunate sampling: ‘Porch monkey Simmonds is gonna learn’… “Go back to the jungle Simmonds you monkey’ … ‘Simmonds such a cheap nigger’.” NYDN 
  • “Top college basketball and football programs continue to recruit and then exploit black athletes without proper academic counseling. And while a small minority of these players will make a great living in the NBA or NFL, the majority eventually will need to find a different profession… without a college degree. This was never more obvious than at the recent NCAA tournament. The teams that advanced furthest were often the guiltiest. ‘The worst news to report is that at the 2014 Sweet 16 the achievement gap between white and African-American basketball student-athletes is even worse than when all the tournament teams were examined,” said Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. The graduation rate overall among white male players from these 16 teams was 98%, while it was 55% for blacks, a gap of 43% that had grown from 27% a year earlier.” NYDN
  • “Most recently, Barcelona’s Dani Alves tried to defuse matters by picking up a banana thrown at him by aDani-Alves-Eats-Banana Villarreal fan (who was arrested), peeling it and eating it before he took a corner kick. The Brazilian star Neymar then posted a photo of himself and his son on Instagram in support of his teammate Alves, eating bananas. “We are all monkeys,” he wrote. Once, that was true. Unfortunately, some fans and sports owners haven’t evolved much at all.” NYDN
  • “… Jeremy Clarkson, star of BBC’s ‘Top Gear’, used the N-word while reciting the children’s rhyme, ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ on camera. He now says he did ‘everything in his power to not use that word.’ What? Don’t worry about Jeremy. He was vindicated by none other than Britain’s education secretary, who declared that Clarkson should not lose his job. What kind of nursery rhymes are they teaching over there?” HuffPo

(Writers comment: Sad to say… one that I was taught as a young child so many years ago by my peers.)

  • President Barack Obama taught everyone a little lesson about racist Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy during the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Obama was touting the success of Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who was in attendance at the dinner, saying he hadn’t ‘seen someone pull a 180 that fast until Rand Paul disinvited that Nevada rancher from this dinner. As a general rule, things don’t end well if the sentence starts with, ‘Let me tell you something about the Negro…You don’t really need to know the rest of it, just a tip for you.’” HuffPo

So, what the Donald Sterling controversy tells us is that personal and institutional racism is still alive and unfortunately a thriving thought process for way too many “people” in this way too fragile old world. And… that if you are a little too different then you too can be the object of somebody’s derisive words.

And… once more… this is just from one day’s worth of news… so… how far have we gotten? Still a long ways to go, huh?

3) I’m watching the Mets game on Monday night (5/5) and its moving along kinda… the announcers aren’t too wordy and the game is okay… only, okay, because my fantasy league pitcher is pitching against the Mets and he has already given up twoMets announcers dingers in the first inning. But, he’s settled down and striking the Metsies out… a lot… that’s points for me…woo hoo!

Any way, it’s about the 4th inning and the announcers do something that always pisses me off… in the middle of the game they go to this roving reporter who conducts either interviews, or, makes commentary about something not even remotely relevant to the game being played.

I’m gonna say this as nicely as I can… there is a freaking game going on so show the damn freaking game. Ya’ll wanna do an interview then get a damn talk show… after the damn game.

Yes, that was as nice as I could put it.

Roving reporter guy
Roving reporter guy

Now, on this occasion this jamoke is conducting an interview with the pitcher who had pitched the day before… in the Mets clubhouse. The cameras show the interviewer and the player and bare clubhouse walls. No game at all. And, he’s doing a full scale interview… he asks about four… maybe five questions… before the damn TV folks figure… maybe we ought to go to a split screen so peeps can see what the hell is going on in the game? Makes sense right?

Of course, it freaking does… it should have been done from the onset of the damn interview… better yet no freaking damn interview should even be going on.

Ya figure its damn close to being over now… right?

Not even close, he keeps asking his damn questions… he‘s up to at least ten and anyone watching the game… like me… has now missed almost an entire full half of an inning by now.

Listen up buckaroos… I’m old and I’m set in my ways and when it comes to watching baseball, or any sport for that matter, I want to watch the game… I don’t care about the announcers’ opinions… I don’t care why they think they know what the player thinks in a given situation… I don’t care that they went out last night; had dinner with their wife and someone farted at the table… and, frankly to be totally honest I want as little talk from the announcers as possible. Just announce the game and let me watch the damn game.

Mel Allen
Mel Allen

Back in the day, it was just Mel or Red or Phil and they let you know the basics.. once in awhile they might throw in a “Mickey and Whitey story” or some such thing… but, just a quick snippet… one liner or two… and, back to “… ball one.. count is two balls two strikes… men on second and third…   pitcher winds throws… runners are going… batter swings… strike three.”

Yeah, let me know who is at bat and set the scene every once in awhile… men on base… the count… what inning… some peripheral talk  and, if, someone is warming in the bullpen or a pinch hitter comes into the on deck circle… ya’ll can say that stuff. But otherwise… its freaking TV!

Just talk as little as possible and let me watch the game… and STFU! STFU! And, no more damn interviews during the game.

Oh… and the Mets wound up losing the game. So, while my pitcher didn’t get the win, which would have meant 8 plus fantasy points for me; he also didn’t get the loss or neg 5 points… but with everything else considered… strikeouts, innings pitched, etc… I wound up with 13 points to the plus side. That, I liked… a lot.

4) Don’t know how many, who read WTF, remember the piece that was written about the Texas kid who killed four people in a drunken-driving wreck and left a boy paralyzed. The case drew big time notice because his attorneys argued that his very well off parents spoiled the boy, who was then 16-years-of -age, into being totally irresponsible… translation… your wealth and influence can take care of anything… don’t worry; be happy. Or, as a psychologist witness labeled it… he was a victim of “affluenza.”

Any hoo.. the kid was given 10 years of probation and ordered to a rehab facility. And, yeah, I railed agin it. Royally.

Well, now… just saw in today’s paper (5/7) the kid’s family has agreed to pay more than $2 million to the family of the kid who

Affluenza victim Molina
Affluenza victim Molina

was paralyzed in the accident. This is but the first revelation of many more to come in all likelihood, of a court approved settlement of the ongoing cases against the family because of the kid driving DWI.

Just putting the proof to the fact that money all too often solves too many problems for too many fools that happen to have access to it… And, in reality it’s the parent’s liability who is agreeing to make the payments… $1 million in cash and the rest in annuities to a trust established for Sergio E. Molina, the paralyzed kid.

Molina is one of 12 people injured in the wreck that happened last year… so… figure, in varying amounts and conditions… there will be 11 more of these blood money payments.

Now, not for a nanosecond, do I believe these folks, who had their lives so tragically rearranged by a dumbass who drank and drove, don’t deserve some type of money for what they suffered and are still suffering… but, wouldn’t it make sense for a court to order the kid to go get a job… and then make regular payments to the victims? In addition to the liability insurance payments? Even, if, they be token payments… just something on a regular basis… just to make him take some real responsibility?

Or, is that simply just too logical? Huh?

5)  On Tuesday (5/6) I spied this piece about a New Mexico man charged with murdering his 9-year-old stepson, who was found beaten to death months after the child had placed a desperate 911 call.

Here are the details according to the news reports and local station KOAT… “The child, Omaree Varela, called 911 from his911 Albuquerque home six months before his death, hoping to alert authorities to what investigators are now saying were drug-addicted, abusive parents…The call, placed in June 2013, was made available in February by police. In the chilling audio, Varela’s mother, Synthia Varela-Casaus, and the boy’s stepfather, Steve Casaus, can be heard hurling verbal abuse at the child, unaware that a 911 dispatcher is listening in.”

These are just some of the words recorded…

“I swear, I’m going to have a nervous fucking breakdown… Mainly because of this little shit head right here.”

“You make everybody sick around you, Omaree…Everybody!”

Other words follow… and among them… Omaree’s parents can be heard telling the boy to stop crying over his bruises.

“You just want attention, right?” his mother shouts. “Right?”

The boy is threatened with a beating and the father says that the child’s own brother can’t stand him.

“And you want me to be your dad? Fuck you… I ain’t gonna be shit to you. Don’t you even fucking look at me as your dad.”

A child is heard crying for it all to stop… it is presumably Omaree.

The dispatcher, who listened, traced the call… and sent two officers to respond to the scene.

Why all this shit on one little kid? Supposedly, Omaree spilled food.

Word? Kids spill food… its part of what they do… they’re kids.

Now… before I detail anything else… 8 months prior to this 911 call, a teacher had notified the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) of possible abuse of Omaree because of cuts and bruises on his body.

No one was arrested, and, as far as any records show, nothing of any import happened.

Now… two cops responded to the Omaree’s “home”… and in video taken from a lapel camera worn by an officer, the “parents” are heard telling the cops the dispatcher must have meant their neighbors because they are always “drunk and loud”.

Piece of pertinent info: the dispatcher specifically tells the two cops… listen to the recorded 911 call … neither cop did that… so, in effect, they have no freaking idea what they are really doing at Omaree’s living place.

Now… the official police logs report the cops were there questioning the “parents” for 2 hours… the lapel camera shows 15 minutes.

In fact, one cop is heard on the tape saying… “You guys seem like a good family… a decent family. Just be careful what you guys say when you say stuff like that. I am going to overlook it right now.”

OmareeSix months later… December 2013… Omaree is dead… stomped and beaten to death. An autopsy says he lost 25% of his blood due to internal bleeding

The sad excuse for a “mom”, after getting busted for child abuse, said she was only trying to discipline him when she “kicked him the wrong way.”

Youkicked your child!? Forget about kicking the wrong way.. .YOU KICKED YOUR CHILD????

I don’t know how to say this but sometimes I honestly think there should be a test for peeps who have kids… like a drivers test or test to get any sort of license or like a bar exam… something. Because, you can have coitus and make babies but that doesn’t mean you know shit about raising children…

Omaree’s case is proof positive.

Need more proof… try this on for size… Last Wednesday (4/30), the sad sack “father” was busted during a police undercover action… seems he and his 22-year-old daughter, were trying to cop and they brought the daughters 3-year-old kid along.

I guess they subscribe to the policy that the family that cops and preys together maybe might get high together… maybe… if they don’t rip off and/or beat up each other in the process they will.

This time the 3-year-old child was taken by CYFD. Maybe, just maybe… that kid won’t die before she has a chance to see her next birthday.

In February 2014, one cop was fired… fucking good! But, the other cop was suspended for 56 hours.

Excuse me? Both need their asses shitcanned and then they need to be prosecuted for the minimum… dereliction of duty.

Finally, the DA down New Mexico way is charging the “dad” with six counts of child abuse leading to the death of his stepson. If convicted, he could face life in prison. Not near enough time to make up for Omaree’s pain, suffering an death.. but.. there are limitations of what mortal folks can do, I guess.

The DA said, “I think this case is real important to the community because a little boy that was vulnerable and unable to help himself was killed and we need to see that that doesn’t happen again as best as we can.”

Damn right, mutherfucker… it damn mighty skippy of ya’ll.

There are just too many Omarees in this world… we need less of them… because even one more story that comes over the news wire is one too many.

And, those are the ones we hear about… how about all those that never see the light of day? Because they are out there… more than you think. A lot more than you think.

6) Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber was heading to dinner at about 5 p.m. when he saw a woman laying on the ground apparently passed out. He told his driver to stop; he told his security detail to call for EMTs and then went to aid the woman. The woman was not breathing and Kitzhaber started CPR.

Kitzhaber used to be an emergency room doc so he was right in his element… thank you very much.

Oregon governor
Oregon governor

Alan Ferschweiler, a paramedic and president of the Portland Firefighters Association, said when they arrived at the scene they went “whoa… nelly” (I have no idea; just using some poetic license here)…

Ferschweiler did say, “He was surprisingly calm, and you could see he went right back to the days where he was an emergency room doctor… to go and assist the governor and take over this patient from him is pretty surprising.”

After EMTs took over they took the woman to a hospital and she was expected to live and be well.

Just goes to show not all politicians are incompetent boobs who can’t even get out of their own way… who’d a thunk it and go figure.

7) Did ya’ll hear about the Tea Party dude and Oregon primary candidate who kinda, sorta lost his temper at a reporter? Wanna know about what? Because the dude wrote “blah blah blah” in his notes about a certain candidate… who was not the Tea Party guy… who was going on and on and on about something and not really saying anything or addressing the point at hand. 

Seems, Mark Callahan, the Tea Party pick in the elephant primary, blasted reporter Nigel Jaquiss for his note taking during a Willamette Week newspaper meet where all the candidates got up to seek an endorsement from the rag.

Callahan blew a fuse after observing Jaquiss’ so-called dismissive notes when candidate, Jo-Rae Perkins, delivered a run-on

Callahn lecturing Jaquiss
Callahn lecturing Jaquiss

answer via conference call.

Callahan pontificated… “You want to talk about disrespect; I see what you’re writing down there. You just wrote down ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’ for everything that Jo-Rae said. Why are you not respecting her by writing ‘blah, blah, blah, blah’ on your notepad?”

And? First off… Jaquiss can write whatever he chooses to write about anyone… the notes are his notes… and if that gets across what a person is making him think about their answer to a certain topic… then, so be it and amen to that, brother. They are freaking notes… Jaquiss’ notes. And, frankly, not anyone else’s business.

But, it don’t end there… Callahan’s fury grows until the powers that be ordered him out of the room for being disruptive.

Jaquiss, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005, said, “When Ms. Perkins… insisted on answering a question about the Affordable Care Act, I found her answer nonresponsive… she veered off into advocating for the dissolution of the Bureaus of Land Management and the Interior and the Forest Service… and repetitive, and I did write ‘blah, blah, blah.’’’

Callahan said, “I developed my moral and ethical foundation from my involvement in Boy Scouts when I was younger, and being an Eagle Scout myself.”

And? WTF has that got to do with anything? One more time… a reporter’s notes are just that… notes… and not any of anyone else’s damn business. And, if someone chooses to write something how the hell do you presume you know what their notes mean in so far as “respect” or “disrespect”.

Damn and tarnation, I didn’t know you had the power of omniscience. But, hey, I just be a mere mortal here making a mere observation. Not a godlike creature like Mr. Callahan… what the hell do I know… eh?

Mus be tough being all godlike among us mere mortals. I just hope Mr.Callahn be real damn careful when he be hurlign them there thunderbolts around though…

8) A film crew for an animal film company was off the coast of South Africa in early April shooting stuff about certain creaturs of the sea… among them were great white sharks … when it got a personal visit by the predator.

The shark is filmed by an underwater camera moving towards the crew’s boat and then pops his head out of the water and immediately bites down on vessel several times. Now that’s bad enough… a great white munching on something you be riding in… one small, yet very serious, issue… it’s an inflatable boat.shark-attacks-inflatable-boat

The boat, as would be expected is decidedly not shark-proof as the crew said a pontoon on the boat popped and started to sink.

A video is currently making the rounds on the net that shows the entire scene… a caption with the video reads… “Why does a rubber inflatable boat sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a Chunk out of it! Is the scariest part when the Shark eyes our folks on the boat? Ah Yeah.”

In the comments section of the video, the company assured viewers there were no injuries.

Not for nuttin’… what dumbass thought it would be advisable to go out in waters that are known to have sharks… including great whites? Just saying…duh!

9) Wanna know why Jessica Alba doesn’t do nude scenes?

“I don’t want my grandparents to see my boobs. That’s it…”


“It would be weird at Christmas. And, I mean, really, if you look at the movies I have done, getting naked would never ‘elevate’ the picture.”

Okay… but could it hurt to do one movie where it would elevate the picture? Maybe?

10) So… what the heyyyy… for the gratuitous pics of the week… Jessica….

Jessica_Alba13alba maxim03301-jessica-alba-167056882-jessica-alba
























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  1. I’m no fan of Adrien Broner, but I have to admit he made me laugh when he said that. I’ll argue that what he said was vulgar, it was stupid, but I’d stop short of calling it racist though. The guy is far more style than substance, but I don’t know if he deserves all of the outrage he’s received since Saturday night.

    Good blog as usual.

  2. Your first report reminded me of the movie “A Time To Kill.”

    I’m beginning to think that people feel they no longer have any control over what happens in their lives and are returning to an era when US v THEM meant being racist and bigoted. It’s going to be a long, hot summer with more and more racial violence to come

    Kids with rich parents will always have their bills paid by mommy and daddy. No surprise there. Little entitled shithead should have gone to jail…..even if it was for only a weekend.

    The Massachusetts town of Fitchburg had a case similar to Omaree’s. A 5-year old named Jeremiah Oliver was reported missing in December of 2013 by his mother and her boyfriend. Turned out he’d been missing since September but they never reported it. Whenever the biological father wanted to visit, they put him off. Mom and her boyfriend were arrested but the cops could never get any information out of them. Well, a body was found near the side of a highway wrapped in a blanket–well wrapped–just a few weeks ago. DNA proved it was Jeremiah. The head of the Massachusetts DCF lost her job because even though they investigated the family and found evidence of abuse, the child was never removed from the mother. His biological father spoke at the funeral and blamed himself for not being able to do more to protect his son. The two abusers are still not talking and will probably never get out of prison. They are both still awaiting trial but with the exposure of this case, good luck finding a jury.

    Kudos to that Governor for not thinking with his ass.

    A pontoon boat in shark infested waters. They don’t even do that on Shark Week. Bunch of maroons.

    Good reading. I always enjoy your blogs!

  3. Yup. The story goes Bugs was supposed to be saying ‘morons’ but seeing as how Mel Blanc had given him a Brooklyn accent, he went with how they said it in Brooklyn at the time…..maroon.

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