NFL Mock Draft Part III Picks 22-32

Here at 7poundbag, we love the draft. We love arguing picks, we love the wish-lists, and we love looking back and bragging on how we did. The hardest two parts of any draft predictions, are: 1) the trades, and 2) all it takes is one idiot to blow it up. I’d put good money on if Clowney blows an ACL on the flight to Radio City, every single Mock draft on the Internet is shot.


The Rules: So for this one we split up the NFL with Earl (EJ), Zach, and David each taking 2 divisions and a few teams. We go at the draft (For example, Earl (EJ) is a Jets fan, so he got both East divisions, but David and Zach split the NFC South since they are fans of the Panthers and Bucs, respectively. We declared no trades, you have to pick where you are. We also added a bit where the two non-GMs will pull a Kiper on the pick before moving on. (For the record, Zach was drinking Grape Haterade for the first 12 picks, then switched to Fruit Punch).

Part One (1-10)
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phi-eagles-Helmet22. Philadelphia Eagles

EJ: The Eagles got rid of DeSean Jackson and now they draft his replacement. Cooks has 4.3 speed and good hands. He’ll stretch the field for Nick Foles.

Brandin Cooks, WR,Oregon State.


David: Might be perfect for the Eagles, he can’t block and he’s not a huge guy, but he’s quick. The Eagles are down with Quick more than anything.

Zach: After the world was shocked when the Eagles released Desean Jackson, I think Cooks fills a void that Philly desperately needs. I think, in light of recent events, is a must.

kc-chiefs-Helmet23. Kansas City Chiefs 

David: The Chefs need some weapons in the improved AFC West, and Beckham falling this far will cause even Andy Reid to drop a plate to grab the phone. KC has picked a lot of Tigers in the past few years- some way too high, but the last Tiger WR, Dwayne Bowe worked out pretty well.

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

Zach: It’s evident KC needs some help in the pass game. If he falls this far, KC would be lucky to have him. Case closed.

EJ: I like Beckham. If I didn’t take Dennard for the Jets back at #18, I would have taken Beckham. With that said I’d be stunned if Odell falls this far on draft night. Kid has great hands, great speed, and great return ability.

cin-bengals-helmet24. Cincinnati Bengals

Zach: Cincy has some viable (older) assets at running back. Hyde will be able to come in and produce as a strong, power back to compliment Benjarvus Green-Ellis until his decline is imminent. I don’t think Hyde will ever really be another Stephen Jackson, he will be  SOLID role player for Cincy.

Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State


EJ: Hyde is the best running back in this draft, but I don’t see the fit in Cincinnati. The team is pretty high on Gio Bernard, and if I’m not mistaken Benjarvus Green-Ellis a.k.a. the Law firm is still on the roster. I really like Hyde, just not so sure he’s right for Cincy.

David: Bernard? I’d look for a run-stuffer here. Missing Atkins showed a TON of weaknesses on that front seven. I can understand wanting that one-two at running back, but there are more pressing needs here.

sd-chargers-helmet25. San Diego Chargers

David: The Chargers secondary needs some serious help, and for that I’m taking a guy that can play CB if need be, but may end up at FS one day

Kyle Fuller, CB/S, Virginia Tech


Zach:I can’t agree with this pick any more. Good plan for the ‘Bolts to charge up their secondary.
Earl (EJ): Great fit. Can play corner, can play safety, he’s got a little physical nature in his game. Could play in any coverage system, and Chargers do need help in the secondary.

cle-browns-helmet26. Cleveland Browns 

Zach: Hopefully, the Browns can solve their quarterback problem since their pre-Tim Couch days. I like Bridgewater’s attitude, motivation, and his work ethic. If not for his talent, pick him because he’s probably the best leader in this draft.

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville


Earl (EJ): I’m clueless as to why Teddy is falling in this draft. Yes, his pro day was a disappointment, but his tape at Louisville shows a smart QB, an accurate QB, and one who is prepared to play from Day One in the NFL. The Browns need a QB and they might not find a better one than Bridgewater.

David: I might be the biggest Teddy Ballgame fan on this entire site. So I’m perfectly fine here. This is without a doubt the best case scenario for the Browns

no-saints-helmet27. New Orleans Saints

David: I’m still working for my secondary, and I want a guy to pair with Vaccaro for the next decade. So I’m down to Roby or Verrett, and even though Verrett is closer, taller, and might end up the better corner I have some questions on him I just don’t have on Roby.

Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

Zach: Other than a good, workhorse like Roby is going to the Saints, I have no issue with this pick. He’ll make a good fit. As for his “off-field” stuff, New Orleans has a way of controlling those issues, post-bounty scandal. I think it’s a wise choice, on and off the field.

EJ: Risky pick. Roby has gotten himself in trouble during this draft process, and he had some issues at Ohio State. He’s a talent, but with that off the field risk, this pick might come back to haunt the Saints in a season or two.

car-panthers-helmet28. Carolina Panthers

David: I need a OT, but all of them are gone that can step in and play on game one. I’d also like a defensive back, but most of the ones good here are gone as well, and I’m not sold that I want Roby. So let me reach into the ACC and take Kelvin Benjamin. He’s 6-5, and has 4.6 speed. He also jumped up and played well in big games. The only question marks are his weight and his maturity. If only the Panthers had a WR on the roster that could mold him.

Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State


Earl (EJ): Let’s face it: Cam Newton needs receivers so why not get him a big receiver that can run some. He’s a plug and play kind of guy. He might not be as good as the guys who went earlier, but he’ll put up numbers because he’ll get plenty of field time.

Zach: Yes, if only Carolina had a dominant receiver to mold the young grasshopper. Benjamin should be just fine with Cam Newton and company. This is a good pick, no doubt in my mind.

ne-patriots-helmet29. New England Patriots

EJ: Thought about giving the Pats Jace Amaro here. Since the Pats love tight ends, and are one short with Aaron Hernandez being the guest of the State of Massachusetts. However, I’ll give Hageman to the Pats because the Pats need to get some youth into their defensive line. Hageman is a big boy at 6’6″ and 320 pounds and should learn from one of the best in Vince Wilfork.

Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, University of Minnesota


David: Really can’t argue this pick. There are not a ton of DTs out there that can start day one in this draft, but the Pats have one. Cold Weather guy in a Cold Weather Town.

Zach: I don’t think this is a bad pick, at all. Thank god they decided to pass up Amaro. He will still be available in round two. I originally had Hageman going higher, but he will fit in fine in New England.

sf-49ers-helmet30. San Francisco 49ers

EJ: The 49’ers have been looking for a receiver forever, and they’ll keep looking with Adams. These Niners remind me of what the Lions were under Matt Millen, taking receivers until they hit. With that said I like Adams. He may be a product of a spread offense, but he has the measurables that should translate to the next level.

Davonte Adams, WR, Fresno State


David: I’m . . . ok with this pick? He’s not a burner, and if the Niners still played in the mud, I’d love this pick. I don’t think he’s going to be a great pick, but the kind of guy (at Best) that puts up normal Steve Smith numbers in Carolina, without the takeover aspects and the fire.

Zach: I like Allen Robinson better, but hey. Adams will be a good fit and will be able to fit nicely in the pros, compared to the fast-paced offense he ran down south. Good overall pick to add some depth in the Bay.

den-broncos-Helmet31. Denver Broncos

David: I would be looking at Richburg, but I just gave Ramirez a contract extension. So lets look at WR. Latimer gives me a very good WR and I am in a win-now position. He does have a problem with top-end speed, but I need an underneath guy.

Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

Zach:  I would’ve even taken Jordan Matthews over Latimer. I think there were more areas of concern for Denver than wide receiver, but that’s just me. I give the pick a D-.

EJ: Good pick, but the offensive line would have been a better place for the Broncos to turn to.

sea-seahawks-helmet32. Seattle Seahawks

EJ: The Seahawks have few needs and there is nothing wrong with adding another pass rusher. The defense is the strength of their team, so why not bolster it further?

Dee Ford, DE, Auburn


David: Hard to argue here, I could see a running back to take some of the workload, but lets be honest; they could add me to that defense and be ok next year.

Zach: I think a wide receiver to help out Russell Wilson or a running back to mentor with Marshawn Lynch would’ve been more suitable, but I guess Dee Ford can help cope with the replacement of Clinton McDonald. This works, here.


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