NFL Mock Draft 11-21

Here at 7poundbag, we love the draft. We love arguing picks, we love the wish-lists, and we love looking back and bragging on how we did. The hardest two parts of any draft predictions, are: 1) the trades, and 2) all it takes is one idiot to blow it up. I’d put good money on if Clowney blows an ACL on the flight to Radio City, every single Mock draft on the Internet is shot.

The Rules: So for this one we split up the NFL with Earl (EJ), Zach, and David each taking 2 divisions and a few teams. We go at the draft (For example, Earl (EJ) is a Jets fan, so he got both East divisions, but David and Zach split the NFC South since they are fans of the Panthers and Bucs, respectively. We declared no trades, you have to pick where you are. We also added a bit where the two non-GMs will pull a Kiper on the pick before moving on. (For the record, Zach was drinking Grape Haterade for the first 12 picks, then switched to Fruit Punch).


For those who missed it, here is Part One.


ten-titans-helmet11. Tennessee Titans

David: Since I’m not sure what I have in Jake Locker, Teddy Ballgame is a definite possibility here. I’m looking for a DE here, I have struck out time and time again here, only Jerrell Casey is worth a poo in my front seven. Like the Jaguars, I need someone that can play multiple positions and be a standout.

Anthony Barr, DE/OLB, UCLA

Zach: Barr was definitely part of a three-headed linebacking monster between Mosely, Mack, and Barr. I, honestly, don’t think either pick will be a wrong one. From here on out, it’s all about what they do to develop Barr into the playmaker they desperately need. Forgoing picking a quarterback with this pick, though, is a huge plus.

EJ: I like Anthony Barr, but he’s still pretty new to the linebacker position, and he might need some time to adjust to playing the position at the NFL level. The Titans get a good player here, but he might take a season or two to get comfortable.

ny-giants-Helmet12. New York Giants

EJ: Ebron would have been perfect here and I gave some thought to placing Aaron Donald or Zach Martin here but I’ll give Evans to the Giants. Eli needs a big receiver and a big end zone target. Evans can pick up the slack now that Nicks is an Indianapolis Colt.

Mike Evans WR Texas A&M


David: I’m not sure if WR is the best spot the Giants need to be going after, the Giants need massive help on the offensive line. There is hardly a solid spot there. WR might be second on the list though, and with Evans might have been to hard to passup.

Zach: Losing Mario Manningham last year and Hakeem Nicks this year was definitely a loss beyond words. Together, those two were the main reason New York won their Super Bowl in 2012. It’s unclear if Evans will be “the man” for the Giants, as he severely lacks downfield speed and really is more of an endzone target (unlike the aforementioned), but it was probably the best pick for this spot. I’ll give it my blessing. I’m sure Eli won’t mind, either.

stl-rams-helmet13. St. Louis Rams

David: The Rams need OL help, and even though Martin is still on the board, I need to spend my next pick on defense. I need a defensive backfield upgrade in the worst way. So is there anyone from Alabama coming out? Oh yeah, just the best safety in the draft.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama


Zach: I would’ve gotten a lineman, but Dix solves a problem. Did I mention I would’ve gotten a lineman? Probably should’ve gotten a lineman. Bradford needs to be protected a lot more to have a successful nucleus.

EJ: I hate the fact that he is going by his nickname of Ha Ha, instead of his given name of Ha’Sean but the kid can play. He’s a good cover safety and you’re going to need that guy in a division with some good receivers. The Rams make the smart play here.

chi-bears-helmet14. Chicago Bears

Zach: It’s no secret that Cutler is going to be around a while. With the new extension he’s currently locked up in, the Bears need to protect their investment and get the much-needed protection up front. Martin is a little slower than some would like, but I think he’ll fit in just nicely in Chicago.

Zack Martin, OT/G, Notre Dame


EJ: I really like Martin. Solid, versatile player. He’ll keep Jay Cutler upright.

David: As the resident ND fan, I don’t see him playing tackle in the NFL unless he’s got a good right guard to go with him. As a left guard, he could be around forever. It’s kind of scary that a 305 guy might be too small in today’s NFL.  He will have problems with speed rushers, so thats why I think he’s better off at guard.

pit-steelers-helmet15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Zach: For those who were paying attention, Pittsburgh likes taking Ohio State players. Shazier fits into what the Steelers are all about: tough, physical defense. Shazier is a fast and steady player who will be able to contribute immediately to an aging linebacking core.

Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State


EJ: You can’t teach fast and Shazier has that. Also, as a Michigan fan I am happy as hell to see him heading to the pros.

David: The Steelers got old and old FAST. Shazier is a good rebuilding piece that is needed, a good brick instead of the band-aids the Steel City is putting in the wall.

dls-cowboys-Helmet16. Dallas Cowboys

EJ: Dallas needs help especially after letting Ware go. They really need help at defensive end but it would be hard to pass up the disruptive player that is Donald. Donald can be a pass rusher from the tackle spot, or because he’s a small DT he can shift out and play DE.

Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh.


Zach: I’m okay with this pick. The Cowboy defense couldn’t even perform under the greatest defensive coordinator of all time, Monte Kiffen. That, to me, is reason to scrap the defense and start over. By Dallas going to the map and saying: let’s start with Donald since Clinton-Dix is off the board is a good place to start. No objections, your honor.

David: The issue is where do you put him? He might be too small to play DT, and his speed might be wasted at DE if he bulks too much. If he was going to a team with a rock-solid DC, I’d say it would be great, but Dallas doesn’t exactly have the best coaching. Hell, he might end up playing Strong Safety with this team.

blt-ravens-helmet17. Baltimore Ravens

Zach: Baltimore got mixed up in part of a giant “Eff you, Carolina” from Steve Smith. Regardless, Smith won’t be around forever and Lee would be a good target for Flacco. Having options is never a bad thing. Helping out Dennis Pitta and Torrey  Smith definitely doesn’t hurt.

Marquis Lee, WR, USC


EJ: I like Marquise Lee. While he may not be as fast as some of the other top receivers in this draft, Lee plays a complete game. He’d look good lining opposite of Torrey Smith with the Ravens.

David: I’m not sure WR was the position to go after. Smith and Smith are there, and the Ravens allowed 48 sacks. Might have something to do with Flacco’s numbers last year.

ny-jets-Helmet18. New York Jets

EJ: Many a mock draft have the Jets drafting a receiver but I’d argue that cornerback is the team’s biggest need after letting Cromartie go and not getting involved in the Revis sweepstakes. The depth chart has Dee Milliner (who didn’t have a good rookie year), Dmitri Patterson (an injury prone signing from the Dolphins), and Kyle Wilson (a draft bust that’s barely holding on). In order for the Jets defense to work they need a physical corner and that guy is Dennard.

Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State


Zach: I’m fine with this pick. Plus, the Dennard brothers in the same division make for some pretty sweet headlines. New York’s pass defense obviously needs some help since losing Revis two years ago. Let’s start with Dennard.

David: I’m with you there, EJ. A defensive back in a division with Brady is never a bad thing, and there just isn’t that stud Pass-Rusher out there here. If you are going to let EJ and Ryan get comfy, might as well have the guys back there to make picks.

mia-dolphins-helmet19. Miami Dolphins

EJ: The Dolphins need to keep Ryan Tannehil upright. While I wish Martin would have fell to 19, and Moses might be a reach here, I’ll still select him for the Dolphins. Moses is versatile and can play tackle or guard.

Morgan Moses, OT Virginia


David: I’m not that sold on Moses as the guy they need, but adding O–Linemen in the first 3 picks wouldn’t be bad at this point no matter who they are. I’ve seen ACC teams with better lines than the Dolphins put out last year. Not a fan of the pick, but love the position.

Zach: I’m curious to see if we’re talking bust or no in five years on Moses. Could be a quality pick. Then again…

For now, I’m ok with the Dolphins drafting an offensive lineman. I’m just not sold on Moses.

Arizona Cardinals20. Arizona Cardinals 

Earl: The Cardinals almost made the playoffs last season, and they don’t really have too many needs so they can use their first round pick in order to draft Carson Palmer’s successor. Palmer had a fine year last season but the fact is he is 34 and entering his last few seasons. Might as well draft a kid that has enough arm strength to thrive in head coach Bruce Arians vertical passing system.

Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State


Zach: Why not groom Carr with a standout like Carson Palmer? It’s not like Arizona tried that with Leinhart, right? We’ll see how this goes, but for now I’m skeptical about this pick. I think ‘Zona needed more help with their front four, or with some added targets for Carson.

David: The Cardinals are in a fish or cut bait position. I don’t think they were as good as their record, and Palmer is a band-aid. I’m not sure Carr is that much better than his brother, and I hate the comparison. I wonder if Johnny Football might have been a better look in that Dome.

Packers_Helmet21. Green Bay Packers

Zach: Green Bay is hurting in the secondary. Calvin Pryor’s size, ability, and awareness make him a perfect fit for the Pack. With rising start Micah Hyde in the secondary already, having a good safety addition like Pryor should only make things easier for Green Bay in the process.

Calvin Pryor FS, Louisville


EJ: I like the pick. The Packers need to focus on their secondary especially when they have to deal with Jay Cutler, and Matthew Stafford 4 times a season.

David: Heaven help the Packers if the Vikings get a tough QB, and this could be top to bottom the best QB division in the NFL. Without a good secondary, the Pack are toast. Time to rebuild when you get the same number of picks from your safeties that EJ and I had.


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