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There are 5 Rules in MLB that I think should be changed.MLBlogo

1. I always liked to watch Brett Butler play. He was a master a butting for a hit or making a sacrifice to advance a runner. Unlike the sacrifice bunt, a fly ball that scores a run shouldn’t be considered a sacrifice, for a couple reasons, sacrificing is an art form and not everyone can do it properly, also because the batter at the plate is there to get a hit, therefore his intent wasn’t to sacrifice an out.

2. Striking out when the catcher drops the ball should be nothing but an out. Why reward the player for making an out, now if its a wild pitch (yes players do swing at wild pitches) the player on base can run at their own risk, but the batter is out, just like the infield fly rule, even if the fielder drops the ball the batter is still out.

3.How they decide errors. If its a routine double play and the player juggles the ball and they only get one out because of it then that should be an error. Why can’t I assume a double play? There are times when a player reaches first on a slow grounder or a ball that isn’t hit directly at the fielder and he muffs it they give the batter a hit, isn’t that an assumption on their part that he would have been save anyway?

4. Getting the win. For some reason MLB thinks that you have to account for wins. I say no. Most of the time the right person is credited with win, my beef is when a relief pitcher, whether its a “closer” or not should not get a win after blowing the save.

5.Unbalanced Schedule. This is one that I really don’t like. I don’t agree with the premise that you have to be able to beat the teams in your division, why is that? I mean if a team wins the division what difference does it make if they have a losing record against the division. Playing 19 games against just 4 teams is ridiculous. I want to play against the Nat, Braves, Cardinals, etc the same as I play teams in a division. I’d like to go back to the days when everyone played each team 7/8 times.

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  1. 1. Not always is a fly ball an attempt at getting a base hit. There are times when a bunt or infield placed hit will not score a runner. You need to be able to hit a fly ball to the outfield to successfully sacrifice for a run.

    2. Why not punish a team for being able to do an essential part of the game? Catching the ball. The IF fly rule is in place to protect runners from fielders dropping the ball intentionally. The dropped ball rule is only in affect if 1st is open. I like it the way it is. It opens the game up for more of a chance at something happening. A wild throw to first for instance.

    3. You cant assume transfers or relays. If the player juggled but still got it out in time for one out you cant peanilze him if the other players makes a wild throw/misses the throw. It’s fine as is. Although each ballpark having their own scorer and multiple scorers can be head scratching at times. But thats the beauty of baseball. The human element. GET REPLAY OUT OF BASEBALL.

    4. Agree.

    5. It’s the best way to determine best teams. To go to your way they should get rid of divisions and just go back to league play. And get rid of stupid interleague play, except for maybe a rivalry week or something. The bulk of your games should be against the teams you are directly competing for a playoff spot with.

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